About God’s Way

God’s Way is a non-profit organisation established in 2016. Our vision is to provide practical, scientifically proven solutions to the physical, emotional and spiritual problems faced by humankind. We do this through the development and gifting of systems, services and concepts that are effective, efficient, equitable, innovative and sustainable and which serve not only the needs of humans but also support all other aspects of God’s established natural system…


The organisation is made up of a variety of Branches, each focused upon a particular field of human endeavour, enquiry or experience.

Programmes within each Branch break down the field of interest into more specific topics.

Projects are the practical tasks and activities carried out within each Programme…


All the information on this site is a gift for free. We believe that anyone who wants to learn and find out about new ways of doing things, and anyone who would like to find out about the principles of God’s Truth ought to have that opportunity free of charge.

We would like to thank you for your donations! There are a number of ways to donate to God’s Way Ltd…


The Structure of God’s Way Limited

This post will explain the structure of the God’s Way organisation and introduce a new way of using the website to find out about activities and projects that are underway.

Information Sharing Project: Introduction

Hello! This post is to introduce you to a God’s Way Information Sharing Project. God’s Way directors and members will be publishing regular updates on this website to share what is happening behind the scenes, information on the Branches, Programmes…

Update: June 2018

Welcome! This update is an overview of what has been happening in God’s Way organisation over the past months. This year the directors want to share more regularly about all aspects of the organisation and the projects we are planning and/or have underway as there are many exciting things happening. In this post you will […]