‘Kyabra Life’ YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel is called ‘Kyabra Life’ and can be found at the following address:

Either click here Kyabra Life Channel or go to to the following URL address. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc3HpSoS743CoZ0WcS67IHw

It is a place we can share video with you on what is currently happening at the Learning Centre, answer commonly asked questions and show you ‘how to’ for various projects. Also so you can get to know us a little better and hopefully feel you can apply some of what you see to your own lives if you are interested and desire to do so.

At the moment there are three play lists on our YouTube channel (this will grow as we do):

Environment – about projects we are currently running, experiments we are involved in and  to demonstrate that by taking logical, loving actions and by growing the soul (receiving Divine Love) it can transform the environment and ourselves in the process until we are at-one-with God and we hope that God’s Garden will be demonstrated on Earth.

Soul Experiments – These include environmental projects and experiments we are running, with the focus on how our souls are directly impacting the environment we live it. This playlist includes law of attraction events that are happening and the errors/injuries/false beliefs/fears etc that are being exposed in our souls by these events for us to heal. They are often to do with external events but will include interviews and other footage about our feelings and where we are at if relevant.

Mediumship – This page is the video and audio recordings of Peter Lytton-Hitchins, Fabio Tolli, Paul Simmons & others mediumship sessions. These three guys have a desire to share God’s Truth with people including those who have died and are now in the spirit world. Pete, Paul & Fab work alongside their Celestial guides and spirit friends speaking to spirits who are attracted to us about God, the Great Experiment, how the spirit world is based upon love and how to progress so each soul can feel more joy, happiness and love in their life (on earth or in the spirit world). The spirits often share their own experiences of their own lives. (This playlist on YouTube may be slow as longer videos are not uploading very well at the moment. But you can find the audio files on the ‘Mediumship’ page on this blog – see details below)

hope you enjoy watching the video clips

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