Questions & the Beginnings of an Experiment: A Personal Relationship With God

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I have been wondering about God.

As I explore stuff about myself I am noticing I have a lot of questions about God and for God about all kinds of things and I don’t have many answers that I feel certain about inside of myself yet. I have heard that God know everything about everything and there is an answer to every single question you can think up, or that hasn’t even been thought up yet – how cool is that? God already knows everything!

I have heard some really cool stuff intellectually from friends who are passionate about God, and the material that Jesus & Mary Magdalene have shared and I get pretty excited about it at times. But I notice that it is not in my own soul yet and so I have to ‘remind’ myself about a lot of the Truth about God, and to be honest I will have to do so until I actually go through an emotional experience to change this and accept God’s Truth about God into my Heart/Soul.

I love reading or listening to the material Jesus has shared about God’s nature and attributes*, but I haven’t had many of my own experiences with feeling God yet and I feel this is something that is in need of being rectified and experimented with more vigorously. I am observing God’s creations and the laws I know about and that gives me some information, but I am beginning to feel dissatisfied with that and feel that I need to feel about God more rather than just think about God.

Recently I was wondering about my Will and wanting to feel about how it works rather than only intellectually hearing the concept. As I pondered my own Will, I began wondering about God’s Will.

What is God’s Will? 

How does God use His will?

How do I find out what God’s will is on any given matter?

There is the saying in the Bible in the Lord’s Prayer: “Thy will (God’s) be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” – what does that exactly mean?

I also thought about:

How does God want us to use our Will?

What does it actually mean to have Free Will?  for example, it seems to me that I have more free will when I am loving than when I am unloving.

Where am I using my will in direct opposition to God’s Will?**

See lots of questions, not many answers – yet, smile, but these will come…

I am experimenting with Prayer and longing to know how God feels and due to not feeling very accurately, I am closely observing the Law of Attraction (much of which I feel I am still misunderstanding). I observe where I am not feeling and where I am shutting down or where I am opening up and what happens when I do.

It is a very interesting experiment.

I don’t have many answers at this time and I feel this might be an ‘on-going experiment’, but pondering the questions I am finding to be fun, and at times frustrating because sometimes I just want someone to tell me, or God to tell me, and then I realise I am frustrated because I am blocking God out and it comes back to me needing to feel.

The problem with being told stuff by someone else is that it is only the first step, and I then I only ‘know’ it in my head – which seems to leak and lose the really important information – and unless I feel about what has been told to me it doesn’t go into my soul and then I have to keep going back to my notes or I find I keep asking the same question over and over again which indicates that I still don’t know God’s Truth or feelings on the matter.

So here’s to the beginning of an investigation and discovery about God!

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The following links and letters are really helpful to begin investigating if you are interested in finding out more about God!

1. * The following takes you to a page search on all material on God that is up on the Divine Truth YouTube Channel. It has HEAPS of video material on God, connecting to God, using your will to connect to God and so forth (thanks Jesus and Mary):

2. This link takes to you the Downloads page on the Divine Truth website which you can scroll through in order to find information about God:

3. This link takes you to a Forum recently set up by Nicky which has a category about ‘The Nature of God’. I found the following response from Tristan which I thought was great, (Thanks Tris for sharing):

Tristan’s reply about God


Re: Learning the Truth about God’s Nature

Postby TristanM » Wed Sep 02, 2015 6:51 am

Hey M_____,
I do love getting to know god’s creations and learning about god through his/her treatment of these creations, including myself. But I want more.

I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness until I was 18.The take on God while in that religious organization is very bible based. So the message is not “god is love” but “fear god”.
I remember being very confused at the stories in the bible that showed a god that to me could be very unloving in action.

When I started hearing Divine Truth the thing that stuck with me the most was that god wishes for a personal relationship with everyone he has created. I wanted to know what true relationship and love from god may be like, since I already knew the bible did not give a logical view of either.

The second thing that stuck with me was that I can take in god’s divine love and I could feel doing so. Plus I cut off this divine love automatically when I decide to act or think or emote out of harmony with god’s truth and love.

This means I can use this as a Dowsing Rod for learning god’s nature.

I ask for Divine Love and get it: this means I am doing things in harmony with god’s nature and therefore can learn more about god in this process.

I ask for Divine Love and fail to receive it: this means I am doing things out of harmony with god’s nature and therefore also learn what god is not in this process.

This is how I can have “conversations” with god. All it takes is me being very humble and honest with myself about if I am receiving god’s love of not.

The first step for me was to experiment and receive some of god’s divine love to tell the difference between when i am connected to god and when I am not.

The next was to experiment with how I felt about the world and its laws while asking for Divine Love. 

This took faith and logic, that if “god is loving” and “wants a relationship with me based on truth and love” then there must always be a way for me to connect with god and when I am not connecting to god fully I must be missing the mark in something, either in action, thought, deed or any combination of all three.

This has been invaluable so far and the basis for anytime I want to know more.

Hope this helps.


So in closing, if you have the desire to know more about God, I wish you all the best in your explorations!!

Note: I am really grateful to Jesus and Mary, Tristan, and a number of other friends for sharing with me their experiences about God because otherwise I wouldn’t even have a starting point, or even a concept that a loving relationship with God is possible. I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to know each of you and that you have been so open with me in sharing what you have learnt and experienced.

** Other Questions I have been pondering about God:

How does God Feel about this (insert what you want to know about)?

How does God create?

How does God Love? What does that feel like? What in me is preventing me receiving God’s Love? Do I want to love God? If not why not? If yes how do I Love God? Do I want to use my Will to Love?

What is God’s Truth on the matter? Where am I out of harmony with God’s Truth? What Truths (if any) are in my soul? What Truth’s do I have yet to learn and accept in my soul? Where am I being hypocritical? Where am I using my Will out of harmony with God’s Truth?

How would God do this (insert whatever it is you are wanting to do or are doing)?

How would God view this opportunity?

Insect house It's house is totally made out of carefully cut/chewed off pieces of gum leaf, perfectly arranged to blend into the tree. When I went back to look for it the second time I got such a shock as it had moved house and all. I thought it was so cool and wondered what it would be like to live in such a beautifully crafted work of art and perfection.

Insect house It’s house is totally made out of carefully cut/chewed off pieces of gum leaf, perfectly arranged to blend into the tree. When I went back to look for it the second time I got such a shock as it had moved house and all. I thought it was so cool and wondered what it would be like to live in such a beautifully crafted work of art and perfection.

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