November Update: Sold up and Moving on


November 2015 Kids biking down front drive

We are excited to share with you that Kyabra Station is officially sold as of yesterday afternoon!

We have been really busy the last few months and it looks like we will continue to be so as we begin to plan and organise aspects of our future, as well as, pack up and sort out all the residue that is part of finalising the property sale, closing accounts and shutting down twenty years of business.

Pete and I are learning that doing things in harmony with Principles of God’s Truth, Love and God’s Laws makes life smoother and more simple. Dealing with past actions that we have taken and ‘tidying’ up family matters and company dealings that originated out of addictions and unloving desires has at times, been confronting, emotionally and physically painful and time consuming.

It is great to be getting everything sorted out, and beginning to find the emotional causes within us for the issues being there in the first place (even coming to the intellectual recognition of what we have created is helping). I feel this is very important for future business dealings. So though we have found aspects of this process challenging, there are many lessons of love to learn*, if we are open and willing to feel them.


20151117 overlooking tree lanes from Trig Hill, Kyabra Station, Kentucky, NSW, Australia

Where to now?

For the next few weeks we will be staying on at Kyabra Station in Kentucky, NSW, to help out with the transition of the property to the new owners, this also allows the kids time to finish up their school year neatly. This is a gift to all of us as it means we don’t have to rush to pack up and leave immediately and gives us the opportunity to fully sort out a few issues that still need to be tidied up about the place. It also gives the new people coming in a bit of extra time to find a new manager.

Once we leave we are looking forward to having a rest and beginning/furthering plans for some exciting future projects (more to come on this at )

It will be the first time that there is not ‘something to do’ ALL the time and we look forward to creating a lifestyle that gives ourselves an environment that totally supports us feeling and growing our relationship with God and our own soul. I feel pretty in awe that this opportunity is being presented to us. A year ago I didn’t even realise this was something we could actually do for real. How cool is GOD!!!

Please note that the Kyabra Learning Centre blog will no longer be continued. From now on this will be our official blog for all our project based and discovery based learning sharing.

Our contact details are as follows:

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20151117 ‘Yabby Creek’, Kyabra Station, Kentucky, NSW, Australia

We are noticing that in times of stress, reminding ourselves of God’s Truth* on any given matter is super helpful and that when we keep feeling, that things are much smoother and feel better, even when initially they may have felt like a catastrophe. When we are resistant and don’t feel, the issues seem to get even bigger.

For more information on how to do this in relationships check out:


20151117 Trig Hill, Kyabra Station, Kentucky, NSW, Australia

Some paddock grass is so tall that the sheep are getting ‘lost’. We saw sheep hiding, avoiding being mustered.

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