December 2015, Update


Green Tree Frogs

As 2015 draws to a close it feels like there has been lots to learn over the past 12 months and many opportunities and possibilities have been presented and are ahead of us (if we choose to engage them).



We officially moved to Queensland on 18th December in what felt like a whirlwind of packing, cleaning and arranging accommodation. Pete traveled up, down and up again in two days.


Green tree frog family

We are grateful to those who helped us with cleaning, organising, packing and transporting our worldly possessions from Kentucky to our new residence in Queensland, Thank you, it helped us so much and we appreciate your time and efforts.

For the last couple of weeks we have been unpacking, settling in and enjoying a lot of much needed rest, at what feels like the beach not at the beach (Queensland weather is like a perpetual ‘beach’ holiday).

A few things we are particularly enjoying about living in Queensland, so far are:

  • Spending more time with each other and the kids, having time and being able choices because we want to rather than feeling that we ‘have to’ do certain things
  • The company of beautiful friends, making plans, ideas and learning new things
  • Having the opportunity to carry out our desires and experiment with various ideas that we have been ‘thinking’ about for some years. We want our lives to become about doing everything towards our passions and desires which is new for us, and really exciting.
  • Sleep in’s and naps
  • Green tree frogs found in all kinds of interesting places – a family of 5 flushed out of the washing machine overflow. One found randomly hopping on the carpet all fluffy with carpet hair.
  • Beetles that ‘talk to you’ through a hissing sound, have grippy legs and chew you if you hold them
  • Washing that dries in hours rather than days – I really like it!

It feels like we have a fresh new start and we are enjoying it.

20150319 Front drive

Front drive of Kyabra Station

We would like to thank those of you who have made donations and given gifts of time and resources over the past years in order to contribute to our dream of a Learning Centre based on Principles of God’s Truth. We are grateful to those who gave their time and efforts to the projects we ran down at the Kentucky Learning Centre also.

We are grateful to Jesus and Mary for all their time, expertise, spiritual and practical guidance and overseeing projects we did down at the Kentucky Learning Centre. We are really grateful for their feedback to us personally.

In having the opportunity to engage and learn through the projects we conducted, we have learned a few things that we can take and put into practice in our new ventures. More on this to come when some of our plans are more finalised.

We wish you all a wonderful beginning to an exciting ‘new year’ and look forward to engaging more in the near future!



‘hissing’ beetle

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