God’s Way of Education Introduction

My Name is Tristan Miller,

I wish to give an impression of who I am, why I really want to be a part of this God’s Way of Education and why people should trust God’s Way of Love to create such a framework to teach and engage children and families.

This is the biggest subject I care about, which I know can be addressed with much more love than it currently is:

At the moment education for our youngsters is missing something. They are not actively learning how to actually treat themselves or others lovingly, nor how to be emotionally responsible for how they feel. There are no current widely recognised lessons for this, no state or federal framework for this sort of education.

It seems to actually be something that families are expected to provide when, at best, parents are often trying to learn about these things in their own lives, at the time.

So when it comes to emotional upheavals and issues of care of ourselves and one another it’s no surprise I’ve personally heard a larger portion of local educational staff and local families tell me that they are confused, fearful and often distraught when they are trying to help a young person who is showing a huge lack in the ability to even be nice to themselves or others in their actions, let alone in their words, thoughts and feelings.

However, I feel sure that this NOT just a local problem.

We need to start teaching not only children but everyone how to communicate honestly, how to create without destroying, how to learn from mistakes and not fear mistakes, and how to lead people with a genuine empathy not how to manipulate.

We need to start teaching how to connect with the loving soul based passions everyone has, how to create an industry on those desires, and then how to lead people in those industries to create services and goods that benefit everybody and harms as little as we can.

But even more pressing we need to teach everyone how to be responsible and caring, especially in heightened or emotionally charged situations or even just why a person benefits when they decide to be responsible or caring.

Humanity needed this framework of education a while ago.

The issue is that it will need at least one of us who has had the passion for it, the drive to do it, and the goal to disseminate it worldwide. It would be even better with a team. It would even be better as a worldwide educational goal.

The catch is that person or group will also need to know all about this kind of love to be able teach it effectively.

Those of us who want to do this, know for a fact that we do not currently have the knowledge to make this a success. We don’t know all about love, not in our hearts.

However, we do feel and wish to show recorded proof that we can learn all about this love by having an emotionally based relationship with God. Like a child has with their parent.

We feel that in this kind of relationship God would be able to teach us.

This is based on faith and logic that if God is real and is the creator of the universe then, like how we try and teach our children, God wishes to teach us. This is something that all those who are involved in creating or implementing this framework and these projects will first need to experiment with themselves.

To iterate: this is not a religious order or church we are creating. We have come to see that everyone can have a PERSONAL relationship with god, and those of us who wish to create this type of education feel it is absolutely necessary to grow this relationship with everything we have and hopefully we will have solid recorded proof that shows real and quantifiable results that this relationship works the way we think it will.

If anyone who reads this wishes to investigate this kind of relationship with God, then I suggest checking out www.divinetruth.com

It is a choice that can only be made by an individual and it will also be a choice all parents and children who get involved have the opportunity to make.

If a family or child wishes to just learn about their own personal love and emotional responsibility and the benefits of these instead then we will teach them that.

So this is why it will be called God’s Way of Education.

This is not only our ideal, but the main push for us to create an education framework based on teaching people about love.

What we wish to do is implement three projects:

  • We wish to create example schools around the world that teach love and emotional responsibility in all parts of a growing person’s life.

Our plan is to create a space where Children learn the academic information that they would usually learn but with an emphasis on how to be emotionally responsible for themselves, emotionally responsible with others and how to lead others in an emotionally responsible way. Part of this will be lessons on how to connect to their soul passion’s, then planning and creating projects based on these passions. The process of creating such a school will be documented and recorded. We plan to teach the option of an education directly from God or the option of an education based on loving principles.

  • We wish to create a program plan for Parent’s to teach and create a more loving and emotionally responsible space at home for themselves and their children.

We plan to show both the emotional and academic benefits of implementing a loving education at home. We plan to create step-by-step assistance and video seminars for Parents. We also will be creating documentation and recordings to show how these have worked with other families who wished to experiment with this process themselves.

  • We wish to create a program plan for Schools which wish to duplicate the results that happen at the example school we create.

We plan to consult with schools who wish to implement the God’s Way of Education framework that will be shown in the first two projects.

This is going to take time, energy, and a whole lot of experimentation.

Those involved directly so far are not perfect in the love I have already described and that includes myself. We wish to take action and grow that knowledge. We are going to be asking for guidance and personal feedback from the current two teachers of Divine Truth on this planet, Alan John Miller and Mary Luck, as much as we possibly can.

I am not saying they will always endorse us or that we have their seal of approval. We will make mistakes ourselves but are going to uphold correcting ourselves at any opportune moment.

We will be under the same constitution as God’s Way of Love organisation. This constitution is a set of legal requirement for how these organisations will be run, and are very specific about how all those involved will be required to correct ourselves in love, with love. These documents will be shown publicly soon. This is to ensure that all those taking part will be applying the principles in the constitution, rectifying any issue that they have with the principles or  not being a part of the creation.

If none of us adhere to the constitution then we will not go forward and this will be an experiment that others with more passion, love, truth and education may take up at a later time.

God’s Way of Love will be only accepting donations, for those like myself who wish to put all our time in the organizations growth it will probably be our only income, we will not be taking out loans, nor will we be getting any income or products through advertising deals. These donations will be used in furthering these projects and others that the organisation choose to implement under the constitution.

We will be very honest about what we are trying to accomplish, with the general public, any and all people involved in these projects, and local councils.

We will not have all the answers at the start and these projects may drastically change over the coming years. A part of the experimentation is finding out what works, what needs to be fine-tuned and what needs to be abandoned. As we work on our own personal relationships with God we hope to show that this process can happen with ease and with speed.

This is something I really want to see started in this world and so I thought, “why not at least start the process”. I had actually planned to just work part time so I had time to start an initial planning phase.

But Eloisa and Pete have been instrumental in providing a starting point for me, where I can now do this full time, so I can put more energy into this and removing my own blocks to a personal relationship with God and I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity they are giving me. That they wish to work with me in creating this is just amazing and I am flummoxed by the support shown.

I also cannot stress enough how beneficial AJ and Mary’s input has been so far. Not only for this but for my life. The fact that they are planning on putting time aside for continued personal help is such a big gift.


I am working with Eloisa, Pete and their three children on the start-up school, currently being run out of a home they are generously letting me use privately as well.

I am working with Eloisa and Pete on a framework for initial interviews with parents and then children, so that the school and the family can assess which issues of love that will need to be worked through. One of our big goals is to have a series of lessons for each and every emotional issue that may plague a family, so that families who are watching may choose to experiment and implement in their own lives.

Lastly I am working on a plan detailing what the example school staffing and goals may look like at this time.

This will be published on the internet.

To Contact us about God’s Way of Education please use the following email address:


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