God’s Way Ltd – An Introduction

***20161218 Updated

We are really excited to announce that God’s Way Ltd has been set up and incorporated.

We would like to introduce you to the current Members and Directors of God’s Way Ltd

Current Directors:

Catherine Spence, Tristan Miller, Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins

(Responsible for the day to day running of the God’s Way Ltd & Education Centre):

Founding Members:

Jesus & Mary Magdalene (photo can be seen bottom left in images below)

(Oversee & uphold the core principles, objectives & values. Have the final say in all matters to do with the company and are gifting their time in mentoring & educating a team of people in how to live God’s Way, as well as freely educating & sharing large amounts of information with the worldwide community on the benefits and how to have a personal relationship with God among other projects):

Original Members:

Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins (photo bottom right),  Catherine Spence (photo top left).

(Aspiring and growing soul condition to do what the Founding Members are currently doing)

Succession Members:

Tristan Miller (photo top right)

(Aspiring and growing soul condition to do what the Founding Members are currently doing)

A little about God’s Way Ltd:

God’s Way Ltd is an Australian Public Company limited by Guarantee which means that it has Members rather than shareholders. It has been set up this way as to ensure the longevity and existence of the company in perpetuity. This is so no matter what happens that the company has the potential to continue to share God’s Truth with the world. Everything God’s Way Ltd does is a gift given free of charge because everyone involved in the organisation believes God’s Truth should be accessible to everyone and given freely.

God’s Way Ltd has been set up to provide a vehicle to demonstrate Principle’s of God’s Truth in action being practically applied on Earth and to scientifically document the process and experiments involved with doing this, so they can be shared with the world.

A goal of God’s Way Ltd is to set up a corporation that could become a government. It’s purpose is to be a mini to medium scale illustration of how God governs, demonstrated on a small location on Earth. So when visitors come to that location they can see an example of God’s government in action that can be scaled from micro to universal.

For example from a household – an individual, a couple, a family; to a corporation involving a collective group, right through to demonstrating the potential of how countries and world wide government systems could operate God’s Way by engaging the same Principles and scaling up or down.

In order to reach this goal there is much that needs to be learned at a soul level by the individuals involved and those who desire to be involved. A few of these include (there are quite a number, so just mentioning a few):

  • Desiring and understanding God’s Love
  • Desiring and understanding God’s Truth
  • Understanding how God’s Love and Truth impact upon governing and order (and many other principles. See Assistance Group 3 presented by Jesus & Mary when it is published on the following website divinetruth.com )
  • Apply Principle’s of God’s Truth in our own life – this will bring us closer to God in the process
  • Apply Principle’s of God’s Truth on larger scales
  • Emotionally understand the Principles
  • Learning how God runs the universe so that we can run our little universe (family & own self) the way God runs his universe. When we do this we can apply it to larger scale projects.

God’s Way Ltd is a company that is to be completely funded by donation and gifts from people who sincerely desire to give them. Which means that  God’s Way Ltd will only be doing projects that it has the funds, energy, resources and time to do. God’s Way Ltd will share its desires and intentions for projects it desires to undertake, but the projects will not go ahead until they are researched, immaculately planned and the necessary funds and potential volunteers time and skilled labour, if needed are available to complete the project/s being undertaken.

The intention is to record and document every project that is undertaken and the company will own all Intellectual Property that is generated so that it is freely available to all of humanity in perpetuity rather than being ‘lost’ or ‘controlled’ by individuals who may not share our intentions on this matter.

God’s Way Ltd is in the process of purchasing some land to set up an Education Centre that demonstrates Principles of God’s Truth on Earth and aspires to govern as God does.

The Education Centre is an experiment and intended to be a mini example of how the world could be run if it was based on Principles of God’s Truth  (the success of the experiment is based upon those involved and how desirous and truthfully they apply Principle’s of God’s Truth in their personal lives, we will see how it unfolds!)

The intention of having an Learning/Education Centre is so that there is a vehicle to experiment, educate ourselves and others who sincerely desire to live God’s Way to come and learn the skills and knowledge and possibly experience first hand what living God’s Way means in a real sense for a short period of time and then go and share that with the world.

God’s Way Ltd anticipates that this Learning/Education Centre will be one of many and that all the ‘mistakes’ (learning experiences) and successes will be documented so that in the future others desiring to set up Education Centres based on the same Principles will be able to do so with ease and in a standardised manner so that there are many Education Centres worldwide all sharing God’s Truth and how to Love & truly live God’s Way.

It is the intention of those behind the Company to gather data and a library of information on experiments with Principle’s of God’s Truth on every subject you can possibly think of and on subjects that humankind has not yet discovered; To produce Intellectual Property and information that is freely shared with the entire world on how to live in harmony with Principles of God’s Truth and the practical application of these Principles.

God’s Way Ltd would like to thank Jesus & Mary for sharing their knowledge, passion and long term goals with us which have been instrumental in igniting a desire to create and run with this project.

Those involved with God’s Way Ltd would not have conceived of the scope of this idea or what it really means to have an Education Centre if it was not for them sharing God’s Truth with the world and their direction and guidance. They are one inspiring couple!! Those involved in the organisation are grateful for the personal & general feedback and information they share so freely as without this we would not have had such opportunity for growth, discovery and seeing the potential & benefits of God’s Way!

Thanks to Jesus in particular for his time, efforts and expertise in setting up this company, sharing his knowledge and the way Love would do things which has been quite different at time to what we would have normally done in our current soul condition (there is so much exciting learning to do!). The Constitution, Deeds and Documents were written and refined by Jesus and initially took many months to write and then the refining process took many more months to get them so good.

Jesus spent time explaining the concepts and reasons behind what is contained in the constitution, legal jargon & basics like grammar and formatting, among other things, to those of us who didn’t understand these things. He has fitted this in along with all of the other commitments and gifts he has been generating and sharing with the world. So a massive thank you!!

Areas as volunteers we are currently focusing on:

  • For those involved with this project, we need to gain a lot of personal education so we have the skills – spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally required to run the company as we aspire to run it
  • We need education in many areas, including how to set up an independent website for God’s Way Ltd that will have all information and access to everything that we do in one place. Currently this blog is the vehicle to share information until we get that up and running.
  • Research and Planning for projects and ways of doing things on the Education Centre God’s Way. Sincerely work through emotional issues as to why we don’t do this already.
  • Finding people who can join the team long term, who have the right attitude, desire, passion for God, God’s Truth, desire to love and share with the world (among other things) so that we can do all the things we desire to do on the scale we desire to do it.

Those involved in God’s Way organisation will be engaging projects personally while working on growing & refining our soul condition in a loving positive direction; Growing a personal relationship with God, and learning as much as possible in the areas each person involved in God’s Way Ltd currently lack education, which is vital for personal growth.

In the long term God’s Way Ltd hopes to attract like minded, passionate, desirous people with the right attitude to help carry out all the expanding plans we have. It is amazing what one person can do, imagine what a team of like minded people with a heartfelt desire to love, with a passionate desire for God’s Truth, all aspiring and working towards the same goals could achieve…


There are many exciting possibilities and potentials and I just wanted to introduce you to the company and a snippet of what is currently going on.

In the mean time we suggest reading the constitution if you are interested as this will give you a very good insight into the objectives and principles of the company.

Link to the God’s Way Ltd constitution

This document is the guiding document for everything done with God’s Way Ltd. The individuals involved in God’s Way Ltd are constantly re visiting the constitution in order to find out how to proceed when they are uncertain, and find out the places they still need to understand it’s contents in their soul’s rather than their minds.

If you would like to contact God’s Way Ltd, please do so at:


or through the contact us page which can be found in the menu bar at the top of this blog

If you do desire to donate to God’s Way Ltd you will need to read, sign and have witnessed a Gift Deed and either a Statutory Gift Declaration (for gifts over $1000.00 AUD) or a Gift Declaration (for gifts below $1000.00 AUD).


The Directors (God’s Way Ltd)

*** Update 20161218

The change to this post is that Peter has been removed as a director of God’s Way Ltd. We wish him all the best working through some personal issues that are in disharmony with the God’s Way Ltd constitution at this time.

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