20170124 Update & God’s Way Ltd News

Hi Everyone!

Eloisa here with an update on what has been happening since the last post in November 2016.

It has been a busy time for us with lots of different things going on.

God’s Way Property Purchase:

With the generous donations from a couple of people, God’s Way Ltd was able to purchase a property in the Cushnie Shire in Queensland which we are beginning to discuss and create plans for in regards to various projects for the future. For those local to the area, the property purchased has been known as the ‘Cushnie Learning Centre’.

God’s Way Director Update:

Peter has been asked to step down as a director of God’s Way Ltd while he works through some issues that are hindering him being in harmony with the constitution.

He is currently on probation in a volunteer role and we wish him all the best in growing a desire to work through the various issues.

Tristan, Catherine & Eloisa are learning to be effective directors.


God’s Way Ltd directors at the LC

Thank you for the donations to God’s Way Ltd:

We would like to particularly thank a few people who have donated to God’s Way Ltd, we are really grateful for the contributions that you have made and really appreciate the gifts! So far they have enabled us to purchase the property in Cushnie which means we can begin planning and experimenting!

We wanted to thank various people, businesses and organisations for non-monetary gifts and donations that are just as valuable, such as greenwaste, cardboard, hay etc that help to create soil. For volunteered time that helps  to complete various jobs that needed doing, and other physical gifts that contribute to the running of the company and projects. We appreciate the effort of your time, resources & decomposable waste!

November Assistance Groups – Understanding God’s Loving Laws:

Jesus and Mary shared, presented and gave the gift & opportunity to participate in another Assistance Group in November.

It was a huge effort and from their own admission only a mere stroking of the surface of the subject matter.

It was an opportunity to see love in action and I now have an opportunity to experiment, investigate and apply the information and see what happens next.

Thank you to Jesus & Mary for the gift of the groups and opportunity to learn new things. And to Lena and Igor for your time, instruction and training in regards to filming, recording and set up and dismantling equipment during the group.

Thank you for the Donations:

Thank you to all of you who donated towards my time during the days that I helped out with the filming in the first Assistance Group. I am so grateful for your donations and they covered most of my accommodation costs for the group.

It is such a gift to have the opportunity to learn new skills in filming while listening to God’s Truth (snippets between concentration) and to receive donations for doing something that I really enjoy!

Overseas Guests & Training:

After the Assistance Group we had some overseas guests stay at the Learning Centre late November to late January, who were involved in some education and training with Jesus & Mary.

The visitors helped us in discovering how things are currently working at the Learning Centre (such as solar, privacy or lack of it) and what things need to be added in order for it to run more smoothly.

Jesus and Mary offer so many learning opportunities. Including the experiences provided at the Assistance Groups and over the last months. Thanks J&M & also to Lena for directing us and sharing knowledge in regards to the post production process.

I have a far greater appreciation for Jesus’s efforts and skills and how much time he spends in creating all of the information and material he gifts and shares freely with the world!

Editing Audio alone is time consuming and needs much practice and skill. There are so many processes and so much that goes into each video.

Current things happening @ the Centre:

Tristan will be moving to the Centre in the next few weeks (early February 2017) and we have plans to create permanent accommodation for Tristan & Catherine to live there in the next couple of years. Tristan and Catherine will be the caretakers of the property for the duration of their residence until we find permanent Managers for the Centre.

We are grateful to the local produce stores in Kingaroy for their green waste & cardboard bales which is currently going into the swales at the Centre to create soil and food for all the intelligent life in & on the land.

We would like to thank the local produce stores for the gift of these donations as these are our main source of matter for soil creation.  We are always on the look out for donated matter that is easily broken down.

It is quite extraordinary what ‘scraps’ can do in a relatively short amount of time. The amount of insect life is multiplying. The hungry creatures due to it being so dry get some extra food and the plants also enjoy the moisture and decomposing scraps. We can’t get enough of it and it would be great to be able to do this on a huge scale!

People Staying on the Centre:

We have had various inquiries about others staying and living at the Centre and we want to be clear about the intention and the purpose of the Learning Centre.

  • It is not a community.
  • It is not a camping facility.
  • People staying there will be invited and residing there for a specific purpose.

There has been a lot of damage done to the land at the Centre over many years and we would like to limit further damage as much as possible. We feel that both physical actions, attitudes and emotions affect the environment and take all of these things into consideration for people staying at the Centre.

In the future we would like to have specific accommodations nearby so that people can visit, engage in projects and learning on the Centre for periods of time and then they can go and share what they learn with the world. Currently we do NOT have this option available. It is an aspiration and will be dependent on desire and donations in the coming years.

This means that if you are coming to any programmes or helping out with projects in the near future that you will need to arrange your own accommodation off site


The Centre is a place of Education and Learning.

We aspire for it to be a place that is an example of Principle’s of God’s Truth Demonstrated on Earth.

Projects & experiments that are undertaken are scientifically validated and cover every imaginable subject matter, which are then documented and can be shared with the world.

A library of physical and electronic data and information collated from all the experiments done on site and around the world to be shared with all humanity.

A library of spiritual and scientific information including experiments done demonstrating God’s Truths.

Our intention is to use some smaller properties to begin various experiments on and when they are tried and tested take them to the Learning Centre.

It is a place that in future people may temporarily stay at in order to learn spiritually, physically, emotionally, and have an experience of living God’s Way. But there is work to be done for each of those involved to do this personally before it will be able to be demonstrated consistently and properly.

Our future aspiration is to attract permanent Managers/Caretakers for the Centre, a team of people to document and record projects, many teams of people involved in various areas such as environmental projects, education projects, the Example school project, scientific validators and many others. Not all of the people involved in these projects will live on the Centre, but our desire is to have various forms of accommodation available off site for short or longer term stays.

We are looking for volunteers with the right attitude who desire to serve & share God’s Truth with the world and do things in harmony with God’s Way on a permanent basis. There is a Volunteers Induction Programme anticipated to begin in 2017 (more info can be found at the following link) which will be the first step in becoming a Volunteer. (Due to a lot of other commitments the planning is taking a little longer than anticipated).

God’s Way of Education Project:

In early January 2017, Tristan and I did an introductory presentation to a small group of people who had expressed some interest in the project.

We want to thank those who helped us out:

Jesus – for training in audio and video production and how to give a presentation

Lena – for audio and general set up advice

Nicky – for being on Audience camera

Courtney & David – for being our mic runners

Pete – for cleaning and helping to organise the venue

Participants for coming along and creating an audience

There is so much information to for the God’s Way of Education Project just in the introduction and overview that Tris and I have decided to do some filmed recordings to break it all down and go into more detail.

These will commence later in February and we look forward to using some new editing skills (Thanks Jesus & Lena!) to get these up onto YouTube so you can hear our ideas, aspirations and discoveries so far for the overall Project, including the Example School, Adult/Parenting Education Programme & Existing School Consulting programme.

It was a learning experience and quite fun to do the presentation. On reflection we had too much information for the four hour time period. We learned a lot including how much organization, planning, time and thought goes into a presentations and the skills needed for trouble shooting (live) that are needed. We have a whole new appreciation for those who run these events regularly and for the post production side of things also!

So there has been quite a bit going on and that is only the external events. There is a heap going on for each of us personally but this can wait for another post on our personal blog sites!

Until next time, all the best


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