Recently at the Cushnie Learning Centre…

The Director’s of God’s Way met with Jesus & Mary and other Members & Friends, for a couple of walkovers on the Cushnie Learning Centre (images below). The purpose of these walkovers was to gain an overview of what needs doing and create a prioritized plan for projects at the Cushnie Learning Centre.

There is much planning to do and we have found we are need of education in many areas.

Thank you

The directors would like to thank Jesus and Mary for their time in mentoring us & others in order to run God’s Way company, beginning to plan projects, and helping us to prioritize the areas we need to up-skill in emotionally, physically & intellectually.

We would also like to thank our volunteers, Members, friends and those who donate to God’s Way for your desire, time, resources and finances. We really appreciate your support, enthusiasm and generosity.

Shed for Removal

There is a shed that we need removed from the Cushnie Learning Centre. We had this up for Tender, but feel that if anyone would like it for free you can have it if you personally remove it.

If you know of anyone who is willing to remove it and would like the materials please contact us at the following email address:

For more information phone Eloisa on 04 3411 2585

Description of what needs to be removed:

Measurements & Details:

  • 15x8m shed with skillion roof and concrete floor
  • Skillion walls falls 4m to 3.6m
  • 75x75mm galvanised steel post construction embedded into concrete
  • 2x 70x35mm steel roof beams on top of each other, welded, lower painted and upper galvanised
  • 125mm roof Z purlin, 11 runs @ 15m, bolted fixing method
  • 100x 50mm hardwood wall purlins, 4 rows around shed, bolted fixing method
  • 25x25mm painted steel bracing
  • 125mm zincalume quad gutters
  • Air-cell insulation 120m²
  • Rear and side wall cladding in corrugated Colorbond (Deep Ocean) 2nd’s sheets
  • Roof clad in corrugated Colorbond (Deep Ocean) 2nd’s sheets
  • Front wall clad in Weathertex painted weather boards with 140mm cover, 3m high, nailed through the face of the boards
  • Upper front wall clad in trimdek profile, clear, poly carbonate sheeting 15m wide 1.3m high
  • Powder coated aluminium windows to front of shed in possibly Cream Colorbond colour, all sliders
  • Sizes: 1680Hx2450mm* x1, 1000Hx1260mm x3, Sliding door 2100Hx1500mm x1
  • Powder coated aluminium windows to rear of shed in Deep Ocean Colobond colour, all sliders
  • Sizes: 2100Hx1200mm* x2           *indicates that windows have a fixed glass section at the bottom and slider section above
  • L shaped kitchen 3000mm long x 1900 with breakfast bar.  Includes sink and flick mixer.  Cupboards in Antique White, bench top in mottled bluish colour.  Long section 600mm wide.  Breakfast bar section 900mm wide.  Pantry 2100H x 600 x 600mm in white with single door and shelves.
  • Carport: Rafters are 200×75 galv. C purlins, 3@5m.  Beams are 150x50mm galv. C purlins, 2@4m. Purlins are 75 x 38 hardwood, 6@3.9m & 6@4.5m. Posts are 100x50mm galv. C purlins 3@3.4m embedded in concrete. Gutter is 125mm zincalume quad gutter @ 8m.
  • Wood fire box, small capacity with single flue. Lower guard section available but not attached.

(Thanks to Corny for these details and the photographs of the shed)


Last week there was rain. The roads become rivers when it rains at the Cushnie Learning Centre. One of the projects we are planning is to fix up all the roads, aiming to keep as much water on the property as we can and stop as much erosion as possible.

Images below: Dams on the Cushnie Learning Centre before and during the rain.

The images (below) on the left are of the same place before the rain. It became a torrent of water. It is a spot that needs some fixing up erosion wise

Bush track before & during the rain

God’s Way of Education Project

A couple of weeks ago Tris & the kids school day consisted of a working bee picking out plastic and returning cardboard to pits on the Cushnie Learning Centre.


Tris met a line of Caterpillars (bag moth species) that followed each other in a line to new destinations.


Until next time,


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