Thank You Jesus & Mary

Hi Everyone,

We would like to acknowledge the time, effort and resources that Jesus is gifting to God’s Way and those involved personally in setting up all aspects of the God’s Way company.

Recently Jesus has been spending a lot of time on the technical aspects of God’s Way, such as setting up servers, back up systems, email addresses, accounts and everything that goes with these. Including training setup & implementing the background tasks and setup work so God’s Way can share easily with the world.


Image from Mary’s blog:

Jesus has spent weeks preparing these gifts and then training us to use them.

The amount that Jesus does is extraordinary!

My observation is that Jesus and Mary are very understated about the gifts they generously and freely give to the world and often because they just get on and do, rather than talk about what they do, people have no idea how much time, resources, energy and expertise goes into the production and day to day running of their core business – Sharing God’s Truth.

I have been reflecting on gifts and how a true gift is a very precious thing in this world.

Jesus and Mary abundantly give gifts to the world in all manner of ways. I notice that we take the gifts we are given by our brothers and sisters for granted rather than seeing how precious they actually are.


Image from Mary’s blog:

Jesus is constantly researching and finding better, more efficient ways to do things, he is modifying and upgrading technology & systems so that Divine Truth material is as easy as possible for people to access & use, and that is just the technical side. On the personal level I have experienced both Jesus and Mary give time, Love & Truth to many, many people without any personal gain. They are patient, loving and truthful even with those who do not behave in the same manner. Jesus and Mary always think of others and put much love and consideration into all that they do & share.

We just click on a youtube video and don’t often consider everything that went into planning, creating, producing & outputting it.

I have had the opportunity in the last year to see first hand a snippet of what this soul gets up to and I can assure you the amount Jesus & Mary do every day is huge.

Thank you to Jesus & Mary for mentoring us & all the gifts you give, in particular to God’s Way & us personally to ensure that God’s Way runs as intended.

We would like to acknowledge and thank Jesus for all that he shares & has done and continues to do for God’s Way, as the majority of work done to get the company to where it currently is at, is due to his personal efforts, resources, time and expertise.

Bye For Now,

Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins

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