Update: February 2018

Hi Everyone!

This is a brief update of what has been happening with God’s Way over the past months.

Thank you

We would like to thank you for the donations that have been gifted over the last financial year. God’s Way runs entirely on gifts and donations, this includes finances, time, personal effort and resources. We are grateful to everyone who donates and has faith in the vision of God’s Way, particularly as it becomes established.

We would like to thank Jesus (AJ Miller) who has spent many hours tirelessly setting up all aspects of God’s Way organisation since before its incorporation. He does so much work behind the scenes and his contributions and training are invaluable in regards to all aspects of God’s Way.

Mary became the managing director for God’s Way this year and along side Jesus is mentoring and training fellow directors and members. Thank you both!

Jesus & Mary

New members & volunteers

We would like to welcome new members to the organisation. We look forward to getting to know you all more and working together towards the common goal of serving and sharing gifts with the world.

We also welcome our first volunteers who passed the October intake of the Volunteer Selection Project. We are looking forward to a year working with you to develop a training programme for future volunteers.

God’s Way AGM

God’s Way held its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 14th February 2018. This was a new experience for most of the members and directors.

Mary wrote and presented the annual report which will be uploaded to the website in the near future. She spent a lot of time preparing the document and it is worth reading to find out more about God’s Way (watch this space).

We would like to thank our guest speaker, Jesus (AJ Miller), who spoke about the importance of having God’s Way vision and constitution in our hearts. God’s Way Ltd is different to most companies as the constitution requires members to live God’s Way as outlined in the constitution. Jesus spoke about soul growth becoming the number one priority and how when it is, other aspects of life naturally grow as well. Members left inspired about achieving the vision and goals of God’s Way organisation.

Thanks to Lena, Tris and Eloisa who organised the audio and video recording for the AGM.

AGM venue set up, photo above.

Lena checking sound, photo below.

This year there have been some changes to the directorship and office bearers roles.

Tristan Miller resigned as a director to focus on becoming manager for the Human life Branch and to work on construction projects with David Walsh (Cornelius) over the coming year. Thanks to Tristan for his time as director over the last 17 months.

The annual report will be published shortly and the financial report can be found under Donations > God’s Way financial records. (or click on the link).

Directors for 2018:

Mary Luck (managing director & chairperson)

Catherine Spence (director & treasurer)

Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins (director & secretary)

God’s Way website updates

The 2016-2017 financial statements have been uploaded

The donations page has been updated and will be undergoing more modifications in the following months to make it easier to use.

Charity application paused

Some of you may have read on Mary’s December update that God’s Way was applying for charity status. The directors have chosen to pause the application for the time being while they get thousands of photos and hundreds of pages of documentation organised and further weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a charity.

Thank you to everyone who submitted documentation and information and to Mary for all the feedback, organising and training!!

Volunteer Selection Project (Oct) Working Bee at Environment Centre

Volunteer Selection Project Eloisa and Tristan handing out progress reports to participants

Volunteer Selection Project

This project’s purpose is to find individuals who desire to volunteer for Divine Truth and God’s Way organisation, who are passionate about God’s Truth and desire to give gifts to the world.

The Selection Project is a rapid way to assess the attitude of people who desire to volunteer for Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations. The project is designed to quickly find out where each participant is currently at in terms of desire to give gifts to the world and to be of service.

Tristan and Eloisa are currently preparing for the second intake of the Selection Project which begins March 15th, 2018. We are looking forward to meeting and getting to know the participants who have signed up and feel it will be a beneficial project to find new volunteers for God’s Way. It also is an opportunity to learn and grow for all involved.

We will be welcoming some overseas participants in March who are already helping us iron out procedures for international participants and potential volunteers.

God’s Way plans to run two Selection Projects each year. When dates are confirmed for the next project we will publish the details on this website.

Some benefits of the Selection Project

  • New volunteers for Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations. Volunteers can apply to become members of God’s Way organisation after they have volunteered for six months.
  • An opportunity for soul growth and learning for participants
  • An opportunity to experience what volunteering for Divine Truth and God’s Way is like for 9 weeks
  • Opportunity to put principles of God’s Truth into action

To register your interest for future Selection Project’s go to the following Eventbrite page where you can register your interest to participate, click on the link.

Volunteer Selection Project, Tris and Eloisa give feedback to participants during the cleaning activity

October intake of the Volunteer Selection Project

God’s Way Learning Centre

God’s Way is currently in the process of purchasing a second property to set up as the first Learning Centre (proper). It is intended to be set up with infrastructure in the future, including a function centre with seminar and studio space, volunteer accommodation etc. It may also be used for food production and environmental recovery projects among other things.

Jesus has come up with plans and ideas for buildings and infrastructure and is working with & training volunteers about construction and intends to test and refine these ideas. We are excited about this new venture!

The property previously referred to as the Cushnie Learning Centre is to become an Environmental Centre.

More information will be shared on this project after settlement of the property in April.

Environment Centre, tank moving terracing site

Environment Centre Terracing site

Environment Centre terracing site with excavator

Environmental Project on the Environment Centre (Cushnie)

The shed rehabilitation site at the Environment Centre has been completed and is looking amazing. It was unrecognisable once the terracing had been completed and the area covered with woodchip.

Phase two will be fencing the area off and planting a variety of grasses, legumes, native flowering shrubs, bushes and fruit and nut trees.

The area is already serving its purpose and holding water.

Working bee at the Environment Centre shed site before terracing and woodchip spreading

Environment Centre Terracing site cleared and ready for excavator

Environment Centre terracing site part way through

Environment Centre terraced banks covered in woodchip

Volunteer Selection Project participants check out the Environment Centre terraces with woodchip. The black patches are where water is held after rain

We wish you all the best from,

The God’s Way Team

*Thanks Lena for most of the photos in this post.

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