Volunteer Selection Project: Day 10 & 11, Benefiting the World Assignment, Presentations

Welcome to this weeks Volunteer Selection Project Update.

In this post you will find details on the Benefiting the World assignment, including:

  • Introduction to Benefiting the World Assignment
  • Opportunities for Participants
  • Assignment Task Details (brief outline)
  • Conclusion



Participants before they began their presentations

Introduction to Benefiting the World Assignment

During the Volunteer Selection Project participants have an assignment titled “Benefiting the World”. It involves coming up with an idea that deals with causes to worldwide issues and benefits the world in some way (further details are listed below). Participants are required to hand in a written document and give a 15 minute presentation to an invited audience during the project.

The assignment is designed to encourage participants to think of ways to practically apply principles of God’s Love and Truth to global issues.

Opportunities for Participants

The Benefiting the World Assignment is designed to give participants the opportunity to:

  • Consider issues that affect other people and act on a scale that includes local, national, and global communities
  • Move beyond talking about ideas and concepts and take action on a project that provides benefits to the world
  • Ponder and experiment with what God wants and desires for the world
  • Consider what would bring happiness and positive change to all of humanity and not just a select few
  • Connect to their true soul’s passions and learn more about themselves and their soulmate
  • Develop or grow a desire to love rather than remain in addictive interactions with others
  • Learn about how their soul and the collective soul condition in the world affects others and the natural environment
  • Challenge and work through personal emotional issues that are exposed during all stages of the project
  • To gain experience in project planning and implementation
  • To gain experience giving a verbal presentation

Benefiting the World Assignment Task Details (in brief)

To complete the assignments participants are required to identify and choose a global problem that they feel passionate about changing or that they desire to be changed. A global problem is one that affects worldwide communities and the environment.

Participants design and begin to implement a project which aims to resolve causes, or educate others about the causes rather than the effects of the global problem.

Participants research their chosen problem and investigate ways to change, improve and provide solutions to the issues that affect worldwide communities. They then outline how they will address the causes of the global problem they choose.

Participants may do one or more of the following:

  • Implement a strategy in harmony with God’s Way to address and eliminate a global problem
  • Experiment with using principles of God’s Way in an attempt to address a global problem
  • Teach the world about God’s Truth in relation to a global problem

The project must positively benefit many, preferably all of humanity and the environment, not only a few people. In order to do this a participant’s project must:

  • Give gifts to the world that deal with causes of global problems
  • Gift and share truthful information and ethical and moral solutions with the world for free
  • Create results that can be replicated by others

Participants are to take action to implement their project design before giving their presentation during the selection project.

The project can take any form as long as it provides a loving benefit and is able to be shared with anybody in the world for free.


We really enjoy the Benefiting the World presentation days, hearing the ideas and actions that participants have taken so far or intend to take to address the causes of global problems.

Not every idea that is presented benefits the world. This assignment is helpful to identify if we truly desire to give gifts, or highlight where we still have addictions and selfish motivations that benefit us rather than all humanity.

The key is to ask:

  • What does God want for the world?
  • How in harmony with God’s Way is my desire and the project I desire to create?
  • Is this project just meeting my addictions and selfish motivations? If so what do I need to do to bring the project into harmony with God’s Way and to give gifts to the world?

Ideas always have potential, it is the actions we take once we have had the idea that count the most, and have the potential to change the world in a loving direction.

We wish participants well in taking action and bringing their ideas to address causes to global problems into reality.

Until next time,

Eloisa and the Volunteer Selection Project Team


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