Volunteer Selection Project: March Project Conclusion

Welcome to the final update from the March intake of the Volunteer Selection Project!

In this post you will find:

  • Introduction
  • How volunteers can be involved after the Volunteer Selection Project
  • Gratitude
  • Brief overview of Volunteer Selection Project days, 12, 13 & 14
  • Brief details about future Volunteer Selection Projects
  • Photos of various projects (throughout the post)


The March intake of the Volunteer Selection Project has come to its conclusion. Divine Truth & God’s Way Ltd welcomes five new volunteers to the organisation and looks forward to working with them in the future.

Once participants complete the Volunteer Selection Project they may partake in Divine Truth and God’s Way organisation projects and tasks on a casual or more frequent basis, it is up to their desire and availability as to what they will be involved in.

Members of God’s Way organisation have different obligations and expectations than volunteers. Members are required by the God’s Way Ltd Constitution to bring their lives into harmony and live God’s Way (read the God’s Way Ltd Constitution for detailed information).


May 2018 Environment Learning Centre swales

How volunteers can be involved after the Volunteer Selection Project

This is a very brief description of a few ways that volunteers can be involved in Divine Truth and God’s Way Ltd projects.

There are ongoing projects and tasks Divine Truth & God’s Way Ltd members and volunteers can be involved in once they complete the Volunteer Selection Project.

There are some tasks which are open to all members and volunteers.

There are other tasks that only specific members and volunteers are invited to be involved in at this time. When people are invited or delegated specific tasks this is because:

  1. the person has previously demonstrated an interest and personal motivation to learn and be involved in this area/task, and
  2. the person is open to training in this area/task or has already completed training, and
  3. the person is available to work with us in this area/task on an ongoing basis that suits the Divine Truth or God’s Way Ltd schedule


Some tasks and projects that members and volunteers can be involved in, include but are not limited to:

  • Mother of Millions control project (contact Catherine for more information)
  • Cleaning project (volunteers have the opportunity to serve others by cleaning Divine Truth studio, office space and God’s Way meeting venues)
  • God’s Way Ltd working bees (including working bees at God’s Way Learning Centres)
  • Documentation (ongoing)
  • Environmental projects
  • Building materials research & experimentation
  • There are many more programmes and projects, this is just a taste of what is available

Below are images of the swale project currently underway at the God’s Way Environment Learning Centre in Cushnie, QLD, Australia (thanks to Lena for the photographs).


May 2018 Envrionment Learning Centre swale project.


May 2018 Envrionment Learning Centre swale project


Tristan and I would like to thank the people who were involved in the March Intake of the Volunteer Selection Project. The project is a team effort and we are grateful for everyone who donated time, resources and expertise during the nine weeks of the project.


Thank you to:

  • The Mentors of the project, Jesus and Mary, for their generosity of time, resources including tools and equipment, documentation advice and correction, audio & video recording, their expertise and feedback to ourselves and the participants during the project. Jesus and Mary spend many hours helping others and much of what they do goes unseen
  • The participants for their desire to engage the Volunteer Selection Project
  • To those of you who donated to God’s Way Ltd and the facilitators during the Volunteer Selection Project. Your donations were very much appreciated, thank you
  • God’s Way Ltd members and volunteers:
    • Lena for audio & video recording on some of the project days & Kelly for assisting in the filming
    • Catherine,  Lena, David & Kelly for taking photographs during the project
    • Lena for the drone photographs we love so much!
    • David & Courtney for setting up and packing up equipment on project days
    • David for tools and equipment
    • Catherine, Kelly, Shula for providing meals for facilitators at times during the project
  • Other volunteers:
    • Peter for loaning tools and equipment & helping prepare the site for the Environment Learning Centre working bees
20180511 VSP Jesus Tris Elo 2

Jesus and facilitators answer questions Day 14 Volunteer Selection Project

Brief overview of Volunteer Selection Project days, 12, 13 & 14

Day 12, Environment Learning Centre working bee

Day 12 participants completed the swale area at the Environment Learning Centre so they are ready to be filled with Duboisia.

The photos below were taken on day 12 (working bee day) and on the 24th May 2018. The photos show the preparation of the swales by participants during the project and what they look like after having 60 loads of Duboisia added to them. At least another 40 loads of Duboisia is needed to complete the project and there will be another working bee for Divine Truth & God’s Way Ltd members and volunteers to shape the Duboisia so that it retains the maximum amount of water after a heavy rainfall.

The Duboisia needed to complete the swale project as been purchased with donations and gifts given to God’s Way Ltd, thank you!


Day 12 Environment Learning Centre working bee misty morning


Laying cardboard & wood flat and covering with hay


wood and cardboard laid flat in preparation for duboisia


Day 12 wood laid flat in swales


Preparing swales with cardboard, wood and hay



May 2018 Environment Learning Centre Working Bee Part 3



Participants among the swales


Duboisia being dumped at the end of a swale


Duboisia at the end of a swale


Duboisia spread over a swale

Comparison of the swale with cardboard before and after the first layer of duboisia

Day 13, Cleaning & venue pack up: free thinking activities

Day 13 is spent cleaning the venue and packing up the tools and equipment used during the  project. There is a noticeable difference in how participants engaged the cleaning task and the amount of time they took to complete it in comparison to at the beginning of the project. Participants understood the cleaning workflow and completed the task more rapidly and thoroughly.


Day 13 Cleaning mediums

The second part of day 13 participants spent engaged in what we have called free thinking activities.

This is an opportunity for participants to brainstorm and come up with as many ideas as possible in short periods of time. There are loose parameters, for example:

  • Design a living space (pod) 8 x 8 meters that you would like to live in
  • Design a 1 acre block of land with a house that is 100% self sufficient, including supplying it’s own food, water, power and disposing of all household waste including grey water, black water (human manure), green waste (food & garden matter), plastics, metal, glass and all types of other waste that a household uses.
  • Design a Volunteer Selection Project Day

It is interesting how challenged participants feel by this activity. It brings up all kinds of feelings and addictions.

Day 14, Participant group & individual feedback, debrief & shared lunch

Day 14 is the final day of the project. There is a debrief about the project itself and participants were given the gift of receiving feedback on the emotional issues they currently have emotional resistance to experiencing and releasing, that are preventing both their relationship with God and becoming great volunteers.

Jesus, Mary & the facilitators explained and answered questions that participants had about the feedback and the project itself.

After the formal part of the day was completed mentors, facilitators and participants enjoyed a shared lunch, getting to know each other better and hearing truth shared by Jesus and Mary on a variety of subjects.

20180511 VSP Jesus Tris Elo

Jesus answers participants questions

20180511 VSP Participants 1

Participants receive feedback and ask questions about the Volunteer Selection Project

Once again thank you to all those who made this project possible.

Tristan and I look forward to the next intake of the Volunteer Selection Project. We both learn so much and are grateful for the opportunity and experience of being involved in the project and getting to know the participants.

Brief details about future Volunteer Selection Projects

God’s Way Ltd anticipates running the next Volunteer Selection Project in 2019.

Dates and details  for the next Volunteer Selection Project intake will be confirmed on this website once they are finalised.

The next Volunteer Selection Project will not go ahead until there is a minimum of 20 participants who desire to attend the project, we feel it is more economical and time efficient to have full groups than running many small projects.

You can register your interest to participant in a Volunteer Selection Project via the following link.

Until next time, all the best,

Eloisa & The Volunteer Selection Project Team





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