Update: June 2018


This update is an overview of what has been happening in God’s Way organisation over the past months.

This year the directors want to share more regularly about all aspects of the organisation and the projects God’s Way is planning and/or has underway as there are many exciting things happening.

In this post you will find:

  • Gratitude to those who gift and donate to God’s Way
  • God’s Way directors 2018-2019
  • God’s Way annual report (link)
  • God’s Way website updates
  • What’s been happening in God’s Way organisation
  • Divine Truth & God’s Way technical systems & hardware setup
  • Teaser for Divine Truth presentations
  • God’s Way templates creation
  • God’s Way Youtube videos
  • Divine Truth & God’s Way member training programmes
  • Property purchases
  • Heavy earth moving machinery proposed purchase
  • Construction Project info
  • Volunteer Selection Project update
  • God’s Way Learning Centre working bees


God’s Way Ltd thanks those of you who donate to and give gifts to the organisation! Thank you for gifts and donations of time, money and resources!

God’s Way is gifted large quantities of time from members of the organisation and volunteers. The time, energy and effort that is gifted to the organisation are of great value!

God’s Way is grateful to those who give regular financial donations, these contribute to paying the day to day running expenses of the organisation. Thank you to those who have gifted substantial funds and resources over the last financial year, these funds have enabled God’s Way to purchase new properties and equipment that will support the organisation and the programmes and projects that are being created and run.

God’s Way has received resource donations including a large Duboisia donation which will contribute to completing the Environment Centre swale project and the loan of equipment and resources from private individuals.

God’s Way Ltd runs entirely on gifts and donations from individuals who believe in the organisation’s vision and constitution. We are grateful for all donations and gifts that are  received and appreciate your support.


Spider web early morning at Environment Learning Centre

God’s Way Directors

We would like to introduce you to God’s Way Ltd’s directors for 2018-2019:

  • Mary Luck (Managing Director)
  • Catherine Spence (Treasurer)
  • Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins (Secretary)

The previous directors of God’s Way from September 2016 to February 2018 were:

  • Catherine Spence
  • Tristan Miller
  • Mary Luck
  • Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins

At God’s Way Ltd AGM (annual general meeting) in February Tristan stepped down from his role as director to focus on becoming the manager of the Human Life Branch and working with the Construction Branch. Thank you to Tris for his time as director of God’s Way!

God’s Way Ltd directors Sept 2016-Feb 2018. (Left to right) Catherine Spence, Mary Luck, Tristan Miller & Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins

God’s Way annual report

God’s Way Ltd had it’s first AGM (annual general meeting) in February 2018. The annual report and 2016-2017 financial statement for God’s Way Ltd can be found under the Company Reports and Documents tab in the menu bar, or by pressing this link

Thank you to Mary for creating the annual report and Jesus for his contributions.

The annual report includes God’s Way Ltd’s vision, fundamentals and values and includes information about the history and structure of the organisation. It is suggested reading for anyone who desires to know more about God’s Way Ltd.

God’s Way website update

God’s Way has new url’s for the website and Youtube channel. The links are listed below and make the website and Youtube site easier to access via internet searches. Thank you to Jesus for setting up these up!

Website: www.godsway.net

Youtube Channel: Youtube.godsway.net

Ongoing changes to God’s Way website

God’s Way website is undergoing a transformation. Modifications are being made to make it easier to find, read and access information. Further updates to the website will be made over the coming months.

Thank you to Kate for her time and expertise in updating the website under Mary’s direction.

God's Way blog

God’s Way website front page

What’s been happening in God’s Way organisation

There are many projects currently underway. Some of the projects, activities and tasks are behind the scenes and some are more visible.

Divine Truth & God’s Way technical systems & hardware setup

Jesus is still working hard on setting up the technical aspects of Divine Truth & God’s Way including servers and data storage hardware and computer systems. This has taken months of Jesus time in order to physically set up the equipment, test, program and ensure it all links together and functions properly. It is incredible how much time, thought and precision goes into everything Jesus does. Jesus gives so many gifts to God’s Way organisation and the world, most of what he does involves specialized skills and goes unnoticed.

Mary wrote a post some months ago about the technical components and data storage systems Jesus has been involved in setting up.

More information can be found at the following links:



As Mary said:

Jesus has taken an extreme amount of care to find systems and a structure that will suit Divine Truth and God’s Way not just now but in the long term. We would like to thank him for his exception attention to detail as we know it will ensure we have a great system for years to come.

Jesus spends a lot of time on God’s Way technical tasks above and beyond what is mentioned in this post. He spends hours researching hardware, software, creating, testing and modifying, processes and procedures to be as streamlined, efficient, economical and loving as possible. Once the set up happens there is maintenance and other ongoing tasks that need to be done.

Currently Jesus is head of the Technical Systems Team (he is the team) for both Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations which takes a lot of time and energy. This is an area that God’s Way needs to remedy so that all team members become proficient at maintaining and carrying out the ongoing tasks so the majority of the workload does not continue to fall on one person (Jesus).

If you have ever interacted with Jesus’ creations you may not be aware of what was involved in setting them up or maintaining them but you benefit from the loving way they have been created (websites, youtube channels, audio recordings, and much more). God’s Way aspires to create in the same way so that what is produced and shared with the world is easily accessible and freely available to all humanity.

I want to acknowledge everyone who is involved in the “background” tasks which are vital to keep God’s Way organisation functioning. Particularly I would like to thank Jesus and Mary for their leadership and all that they do that goes unseen.

You will notice that Divine Truth organisation is mentioned throughout God’s Way updates. This is because the teachings that Divine Truth shares with the world God’s Way wants to practically apply, collect data about and share that data with the world.

Note: Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations are two separate organisations with different business structures and different purposes. Divine Truth and God’s Way organisation work together at this time. In future the directors would like to see God’s Way supporting Divine Truth organisation rather than vise versa.

Jesus and Mary run all aspects of Divine Truth and are currently involved in all aspects of God’s Way organisation. Jesus and Mary are currently leading and mentoring directors in God’s Way organisation with the intention that the directors and members will take over and God’s Way will become self sufficient and not rely on them in the near future.

Teaser: Divine Truth presentations

While I am mentioning Divine Truth organisation, I am excited to share that Jesus and Mary have completed the Repentance and Forgiveness video series and done some mediumship that will be up on the Divine Truth Youtube channel  once they are edited.

The latest videos are about how God feels about us (humanity, His Children) in general and God’s Emotions towards us when we choose to engage the forgiveness and repentance process. This was a very powerful presentation for me personally.

In the mediumship presentation Jesus speaks with spirits who are making transitions between states and spheres. It has been interesting to meet spirits and have follow up mediumship presentations with them. I felt like I was getting to know the people who came to share their experiences and personally find the changes they are making inspiring.

If you are interested the videos will be up on the Divine Truth Youtube channel in the next few months.

God’s Way Templates

Jesus, Mary & Kate are working on templates for God’s Way’s documentation. This is an amazing gift, it takes a lot of time and consideration to create templates that will be lasting and useful across many areas of the organisation. Having templates makes producing material faster and more standardized and will be an ongoing gift to everyone who uses them.

God’s Way Youtube videos

Jesus gave a presentation at the God’s Way Ltd AGM which Lena kindly edited for the organisation. It will be posted on the Youtube channel in the next few months. Members are undergoing audio and video editing & production training and it is anticipated that more video and audio presentations will be shared publicly over the coming year, this is dependent on members getting up to speed with the editing and production processes.

Jesus and Lena have created front and end plates for God’s Way video presentations. Front and end plates are the information at the beginning and end of videos. They are looking very professional and will be able to be viewed on God’s Way videos.

Divine Truth & God’s Way training programmes

Jesus and Mary have provided years of training and feedback to Divine Truth and God’s Way organisation members and volunteers. Members are in the process of gaining more skills and training and sharing the information they have been gifted with other members in the organisation.

Divine Truth (Jesus and Mary) have many skills, procedures and processes that they are generously gifting to and training members of God’s Way organisation to understand and follow. The intention is that a team of people understand all aspects of the organisations and there are multiple people to complete tasks. Once a group of people have been trained they become responsible for the tasks and for training other members and volunteers.

Currently the majority of the workload falls on Jesus and then Mary. In order for God’s Way Ltd to be a sustainable organisation it needs a team of dedicated people to share the workload and work cooperatively towards a common goal. This is the aim of the members in the coming year, to up skill and work through emotional impediments that keep them reliant on others rather than being self responsible persons all working as a team towards a common goal to share God’s Truth with the world.

God’s Way wants all it’s members to understand and be skilled in all aspect of the organisation and to work cooperatively as a team.

Currently a team is being trained in technical and production skills.

The team is learning:

  • basics of technical equipment that Divine Truth uses to produce data and run Assistance Groups and seminars
  • studio recording set up
  • venue selection and creating a venue portfolio for future events
  • audio & video editing and production
  • audio & video processes including recording to sharing information with the world (backing up, uploading & maintaining data in the public domain)

Lena trains God’s Way members in what to consider when choosing a venue


Initial sketch and measurements of part of a potential venue

Property Purchases

God’s Way Function Centre and caretakers residence

Recently God’s Way purchased two properties adjacent to each other in the Cushnie area. These properties are to become the God’s Way Function Centre and Function Centre caretakers residence.


God’s Way Function Centre

One property was purchased with gifts received from two private individuals who are very excited about the potentials of God’s Way and creating a Function Centre.

The caretakers residence was purchased by a private individual who gifted God’s Way the opportunity to be joint owner with her in the property. Thank you so much for the gifts that have made these purchases possible!


God’s Way Function Learning Centre


God’s Way Function Centre paddocks


God’s Way Function Centre dam

There is much work to be done on the properties by the Environmental and Construction Branches.

Future environment work at God’s Way Learning Centres

The newly purchased land has undergone severe environmental damage in a very short period of time. It will take time and effort to correct the damage. God’s Way plans to document and share the Environmental Projects it does and bring awareness to what is involved in correcting generations of damage created to farmland the world over.

It is easy and relatively inexpensive to destroy the environment. It is far harder and more expensive (money, time, resources), to correct the damage and regenerate a damaged environment.

Jesus has been designing environmental projects and coming up with innovative ideas about how best to shape the land to retain water so that it can be seeded and potentially used to grow plants and food.

There will be working bees on the properties in the future to clean up rubbish and implement the environmental and building projects.

Below are some images that show the damage to the new Function Centre. Thank you to google maps for these images it is good to have documented images.

August 2006

Function Centre August 2006 before clearing (thanks to google maps archives)

July 2010

Function Centre July 2010  Freshly cleared land (thanks to google maps archives)

October 2015.PNG

Function Centre October 2015 the sparse regrowth and erosion in the cleared area (thanks to google maps archives)

Heavy earth moving machinery

The directors have approved a decision to purchase a 20 tonne excavator, a large bulldozer and a water truck to undertake the massive regeneration projects on the Environment Centre, Function Centre and Function Centre Caretakers Residence.

Research is underway and God’s Way organisation expects to purchase the machinery in the next financial year.

God’s Way has decided to purchase earth moving equipment rather than hire equipment and drivers as there is approximately 2000 hours of work to do for the bulldozer and 2000 hours of work for the excavator. It works out more economical to purchase the equipment than hire it.

Purchasing earth moving machinery requires expert drivers, which opens up the opportunity for members and volunteers to be trained to become competent heavy machinery operators, learn about environmental rehabilitation.

There are diverse opportunities within the organisation to gain new skills and have many new experiences.

Excavator trench digging. This is not God’s Way excavator, but there will be a photo as soon as one is purchased!

Construction Branch information

The Construction Branch is currently involved in a project experimenting with various materials to build with. Members and volunteers are researching and experimenting with creating new building & construction materials and using existing construction materials in new ways.

The project is in the testing and experimentation phase with the hope that the experiments will yield positive results and the materials can be used in building projects including the construction of infrastructure on the Function Centre.

Jesus is leading the Construction Branch with David (Corny) managing the project. I haven’t got any photographs to put in this update, but you will be hearing more about the construction project in the coming months.

Volunteer Selection Project Update

The second intake of the Volunteer Selection Project is complete.

I love Volunteer Selection Projects. We get to meet new people and participants have the opportunity to engage a hands on learning experience. Participants get a first hand taste of what volunteering for Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations involves and they are more aware of their current attitudes and feelings towards living God’s Way and volunteering in general. We welcome five new volunteers to Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations.

The mentors and facilitators of the Selection Project wish the participants all the best in their future endeavors, whether that be volunteering for Divine Truth or God’s Way organisations, working through the issues that prevent them currently being volunteers or engaging other pursuits.

There are a series of posts that have been written about different days of the March intake of the Volunteer Selection Project that can be found on this website at the following link godsway.net . The purpose of the posts is to share some of the activities participants were involved in during the project and give you an idea about what is involved if you wish to be a participant at some time in the future. The posts can be found under the Blog tab on the God’s Way website menu bar.

To read posts that have been written during the project or to find out more about the Volunteer Selection Project go to the following links:

  1. Volunteer Selection Project Information can be found under the Get Involved tab in the menu bar
  2. Volunteer Selection Project activity day posts

If you are interested in being a participant in the next Volunteer Selection Project you can register on the God’s Way Eventbrite page. More details can be found by pressing on the following Link.

The next Volunteer Selection Project is tentatively booked begin in late March or early April 2019.


May 2018 Environment Learning Centre swales


God’s Way Environment Centre working bees

Divine Truth and God’s Way members, volunteers and participants in the Volunteer Selection Project have been involved in a number of working bees at the Environment Learning Centre over the last few months.

The working bees involved road maintenance and preparing a set of five swales (large trenches along the contour of the land that hold water) to be filled with matter (Duboisia, a local plant used for medicinal purposes. The waste product is an excellent mulch material for environmental projects). The swale preparation is now complete and has been filled with 60 loads of Duboisia. Another 40 loads will be added to the swales in the coming months.

More information on the details of the working bees can be found at the following links:

Learning Centre Working bee


May 2018 Environment Learning Centre Working Bee Part 3. Swale before cardboard, hay and wood piles have been flattened


May 2018 Environment Learning Centre Working Bee Part 3. Swale being prepared for mulch


May 2018 Environment Learning Centre Working Bee Part 3. Dismantlement woodpile


May 2018 Environment Learning Centre Working Bee Part 3. Hay covering cardboard and wood


Duboisia waiting to be spread over swales

As you can read in this post God’s Way has many projects on the go, and this is just some of what has been going on (there is more that was not included in this update). You will be hearing more about what is happening in God’s Way via general updates and through specific posts to do with specific projects over the coming months.

Until the next time, all the best,

From Eloisa and the God’s Way Team

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