Information Sharing Project: Introduction


We’d like to introduce you to a God’s Way Information Sharing Project. God’s Way directors and members will be publishing regular updates on this website to share what is happening behind the scenes, information on the Branches, Programmes and Projects that are currently occurring or general information to do with God’s Way Ltd.

This is an opportunity for the members to begin sharing and becoming more public about their roles, responsibilities, the Branches, Programmes and Projects they are involved in; for you to get to know the God’s Way Team and keep up to date with all the interesting things that are happening within the organisation.

Articles by members will be published under the author “God’s Way Team”. Some articles will have details of the author and some will be general and attributed to the team.

God’s Way members have been given a broad scope to write about and can submit anything related to God’s Way. Thus over the coming months there will be articles from, but not limited to, the Construction Branch, Environment Branch, directors decisions, members experiences and reflections on all manner of subjects.

Some members also volunteer for Divine Truth organisation. They get excited about the activities and tasks they do for both organisations so you will hear about all kinds of subjects and goings on within both Divine Truth and God’s Way.

Jesus & Mary and Divine Truth organisation share what they know and are learning about God, God’s Truth & Love with the world free of charge. Divine Truth organisation is  the source of the information that God’s Way Ltd wants to practically apply and scientifically prove. God’s Way Ltd would like to get to the point where it supports Divine Truth organisation by providing facilities, volunteers and teams of people who can do all aspects of the production process to continue to gift God’s Truth to the world free of charge and if all goes to plan in perpetuity.

All the Best,

Eloisa and the God’s Way Team

20180219-GW-AGM-Week Away Group Photo

God’s Way members from left to right, back row: Jesus (AJ) & Corny (David), front row: Lena, Eloisa, Barb, Mary, Catherine, Kate & Tristan





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