God’s Way Fundamentals: Introducing our Way of doing “business”

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As the current Managing Director for God’s Way Ltd I have been writing a business plan for the organisation. God’s Way Ltd’s approach to “business” is unique in that the board of directors, all members and all volunteers are bound by the Constitution to uphold God’s Principles in everything that they do.

A few of the ways that make operations vastly different to most other organisations on Earth relate to:


God’s Way Ltd’s constitution binds us to self-responsibility.

Every member, director, manager and volunteer within God’s Way Ltd is held personally and collectively responsible for practicing God’s Principles not only in their work within the organisation but also in their personal life and all dealings with others.

This means that God’s Way Ltd operations and projects are completely dependent on each person’s level of self-responsibility. If there are issues relating to Love and Truth that need to be addressed by individuals or within teams then work stops until those matters are resolved.

Self-Responsibility is the law based requirement of self-awareness, to seek truth, love and understanding of all principles of Love and law, and the loving ownership and expression of ones will, desire, passion, emotion, attitudes, intentions, thoughts and actions in harmony with God’s Principles and laws.

Source:  Divine Truth  Accessed 18/08/2018

Demonstration of God’s Way in action

One of God’s Way Ltd’s aims is to demonstrate God’s Way in action in relation to every matter you could possibly imagine.

To demonstrate God’s Way it must first be discovered. So, as an organisation, when approaching any new problem to be solved or aspiration to be achieved, the first step is to engage in processes of experimentation and practical implementation of methods which are in harmony with God’s Principles.

Once discoveries are made and methods perfected, and/or new products and designs are created then the organisation will share these in great detail so that they can be repeated by as many people as possible in order to benefit the world.

In order for all of this to happen, members and volunteers must actively desire to identify and put aside personal bias, give up addictive emotional attachments, admit mistakes and embrace a state of constant change. This state of humility within individuals is what brings about the potential of the organisation to discover, learn and share more about God’s Way of operating and God’s Truth in a variety of fields and endeavours.

Current God’s Way Ltd projects are seeking to discover and perfect God’s Way in relation to various construction methods, parenting, education, and environmental recovery to name a few.

Equal Access

God’s Way Ltd upholds the principle that everyone should have equal access to God’s Truth.

This means never erecting barriers between people and their access to information about God and God’s Truth. In fact, God’s Way Ltd aims to make this kind of information freely and easily available to all people regardless of their age, background, social situation, race etc.

God’s Way Ltd will never create or uphold structures such as hierarchies or ‘special relationships’ which would either create preferential treatment or prevent or limit any person from accessing Truth about God, the purpose of human existence or any other information relating to living in harmony with the Way that God designed for every person to be happy and fulfilled.


God’s Way Ltd practices transparency in its finances, operations, procedures, products and decisions.

This means that God’s Way Ltd will share a lot, not just about new discoveries and current projects, but also about the way teams work together, the methods used, and tested procedures and practices.

No marketing or manipulation

God’s Way Ltd will never exploit or manipulate the emotional injuries of others in order to receive donations or get jobs done.

The organisation will support people to love themselves and their environment and to offer everyone the opportunity to learn about the possibility of a personal relationship with God. In all responses and dealings with others, God’s Way Ltd and its representatives must uphold love for God, ourselves, for the individuals and groups involved and for the world.

God’s Way Ltd views love for God, ourselves and others as the highest priorities. So, even if someone outside of the organisation insists that they don’t mind sacrificing love of themselves, their time, resources or environment, God’s Way Ltd won’t accept their assistance.

God’s Way Ltd won’t ever play on feelings of guilt or obligation in people. Instead, if these injuries are motivating a person to give or act we will oppose their actions and refuse their “gift”. By contrast, almost all organisations, businesses and even charities in the world today, commonly use manipulation of people’s emotions to garner business or donations.

20180219-GW-AGM-Week Away Group Photo

God’s Way Members – March 2018

These are just a few of the ways that God’s Way Ltd aims to demonstrate the teachings of Divine Truth in action. There are many other important factors that guide the organisations operations and in the next post I will introduce some of the core principles, called the “Fundamentals”, that guide God’s Way Ltd.

Mary Luck
Mary Luck
Managing Director

Title: God’s Way Fundamentals: Introducing our Way of doing “business”
Author: Mary Luck
Date of Submission: 7 July 2018
Date of Event: Ongoing
Subject: Governance
Contributors: God’s Way Ltd Directors & Members
Location: Wilkesdale, Queensland, Australia

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