Volunteer Experience: Amaia Ruiz Lopez


My name is Amaia Ruiz Lopez and I am from a small village named Bera, situated in the north of Spain.

I completed the God’s Way Volunteer Selection Project in March 2018.

When I decided to go to one of the God’s Way Ltd Volunteer Selection Projects, I had only known about the teachings of Divine Truth for about five months. It was thanks to some friends of mine and for the theme of soul-mates that I started to see and hear the Divine Truth videos. I really do not know how it happened, but after seeing some Divine Truth videos I could not stop wanting to know more and more. After two months of watching Divine Truth videos, I found out that there was an opportunity to participate in the God’s Way Ltd Volunteer Selection Project and I did not hesitate to take this opportunity. Thanks to my desire to be there and my faith in God I could confront my fears with my limited English, travelling alone to another continent and with many other things. I could feel that I was doing the correct thing for my happiness in my life.


For me going to Australia and completing the Volunteer Selection Project was a very positive experience. I want to thank Eloisa, Tristan, Jesus, Mary and every person who has helped create the Volunteer Selection Project. It has been an opportunity to get to know myself in many aspects and I think this is great because only by knowing myself and my condition that I change it and I can grow. It has been also an opportunity to know and see what it means and really is to live in God’s Way (give without expecting anything).

It was a very good opportunity to feel my resistance to truth and my resistance to my real condition in love. I think every person, really inside of us, wants to feel that we are good and that we don’t have many things to change. But reality the is that, for many different reasons, we have many errors inside of us. The Volunteer Selection Project is a great opportunity to start seeing and feeling these errors.


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I encourage all people who have a desire to have a relationship with God, and who want to help with Divine Truth or God’s Way organisations, to apply to participate in the Volunteer Selection Project. I have always felt that practice has more value than theory, as it is in practice that a person can really learn. The Selection Project is a unique opportunity to really learn about yourself (from God’s perspective), about truth (from God’s perspective) and about love (from God’s perspective).

I also want to encourage anyone who does not have a very good level of English and has a desire to participate. I am Spanish and my English level is very, very basic. I’m used to using the Google Translator always, even for this piece of writing, and when I was volunteering I always carried a small dictionary with me just in case. But it has not been a problem for me, as Eloisa, Tristan and everyone there were very nice and careful with me, and it has been an opportunity to confront my fears in this aspect.


Now I can tell you that I have been selected as a volunteer for God’s Way Ltd and that I am very happy. I feel that my next step is to learn English well and maybe help with translations, as there is very little information of Divine Truth in Spanish and I think it is very important that all this knowledge reaches as many people as possible. Because my desire to know more about the truth of God and the truth of myself is growing, I decided that if it were possible I would spend a year in Australia learning and helping in God’s Way Ltd, and thank God, a few weeks ago I was granted a visa to be able to be in Australia for 12 months. So my next plan is to return to Australia in the end of October.



Well, I hope that the information I have given you will help you to know a little bit more about the Volunteer Selection Project, and help you to know me a little more.

Thank you,


Amaia Ruiz Lopez
Amaia Ruiz Lopez

Title: Volunteer Experience: Amaia Ruiz Lopez
Author: Amaia Ruiz Lopez
Date of Submission: 7 July 2018
Date of Event: March to May 2018
Branch: Volunteer & Member Management
Branch Auditor: AJ Miller (Jesus) & Mary Luck (Mary Magdalene)
Branch Manager: Mary Luck
Programme: Volunteer Selection & Training
Project: Volunteer Selection Project
Contributors: God’s Way Ltd Directors & Members
Location: Bera, Spain
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