God’s Way Fundamentals: Vision

In my last post I promised to share more about the core principles that guide God’s Way Ltd. operations. In this, the “Fundamentals” series of posts, I’ll use excerpts from the God’s Way Ltd. business plan to explain the Vision, Fundamental Facts, Principles and Values of the organisation.

The God’s Way Company Constitution and God’s Way selection processes for members and volunteers, ensures that every individual within the organisation shares a common vision and values.

Vision Statement

In harmony with the Fundamental Truths, Principles and Values contained within the company constitution (which will also be defined in future posts within this series), the vision of God’s Way Ltd is to provide systems, products, services and information that:

  • promote an environment of love, peace and equality worldwide
  • provide practical, scientifically proven solutions to the physical, emotional and spiritual problems faced by humankind
  • improve the quality of life for all humans
  • support and restore the natural environment
  • expand the collective awareness of humankind as to the potentials for human experience
  • share new discoveries pertaining to the potentials for human experience
  • assist people and societies to achieve states of joy and fulfillment that they do not currently conceive to be possible

God’s Way Ltd does this through the development and gifting of systems, services and concepts that are effective, efficient, equitable, innovative and sustainable and which serve not only the needs of humans but also support all other aspects and elements of God’s established natural system.

These solutions and systems are developed within various branches of the organisation. Each branch focuses upon a specific field of human endeavour, enquiry or experience.

All branches within God’s Way Ltd continually seek to scientifically prove:

  • that God’s Truth is universal and benefits all of humanity,
  • that God’s Love is a real substance that can be obtained by any person who desires it, and,
  • to show that systems and creations designed and implemented in harmony with both God’s Love & Truth are not only sustainable but automatically lead to more peace, harmony and joy in all living creatures.

God’s Way Ltd believes that all people are equal, and that truth should be available to anyone who desires it. Because of this all information and services are provided for free. As such, the income sources of God’s Way Ltd are gifts, donations and membership fees.

God’s Way Ltd is not aligned or affiliated with any one specific religious organisation or religious faith. Receipt of services is not dependent on beneficiaries sharing the specific belief systems of God’s Way Ltd.

I felt moved and inspired when writing the business plan. Guided by this vision, God’s Way Ltd, creates vast opportunities for each of us involved, and for those external to the organisation, to grow, give, discover and change in so many ways.

In my next post I’ll describe the Fundamental Facts which underpin God’s Way’s vision.

Mary Luck
Mary Luck
Managing Director

Title: God’s Way Fundamentals: Vision
Author: Mary Luck
Date of Submission: 27 July 2018
Date of Event: Ongoing
Subject: Governance
Contributors: God’s Way Ltd Directors & Members
Location: Wilkesdale, Queensland, Australia

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