God’s Way Fundamentals: Principles

By nature of the God’s Way constitution and the selection processes for members and volunteers, every individual within the organisation shares a common vision and values. Fundamental Facts, Principles and Values guide God’s Way Ltd and determine the model and methods for business operations.

So far in the “Fundamentals” series, I’ve explained God’s Way Ltd’s Vision, and Fundamental Facts. Today I’ll outline the Fundamental Principles.

There are a number of key principles that guide God’s Way Ltd’s vision. These direct the organisation in the planning and development of research and provision of services.

All members of God’s Way Ltd live a life in harmony with God’s Way

This is essential for God’s Way Ltd to meet its vision and objectives. The aspirations and desires within members and volunteers determine the potential for what God’s Way Ltd can share with the world. When all members and volunteers develop a soul condition in harmony with the Fundamental Facts, Principles and Values, then God’s Way Ltd. can begin to achieve its Vision.

Every member and volunteer practically demonstrates their desire to live in harmony with God’s Way. By their lived example, it is the members of the organisation who will provide the major scientific evidence of the benefits and power of living God’s Way.

The very first priority for God’s Way Ltd is always to ensure that the people directly associated with the organisation are required and assisted to live in harmony with the Fundamental Facts, Principles and Values of the organisation.

Scientific causes

Gods’ Way Ltd seeks to scientifically prove the specific factors that give rise to any action, phenomenon, or condition that exists. By identifying and proving the source, or cause, of any problem and then removing that cause directly, it is ensured that the same problem will never reoccur.

Gods’ Way Ltd engages research to provide truthful, demonstrable reasons as to why a certain problem is occurring. The organisation will identify the cause and then prove that this cause had the effects that it had. Systems and services that focus on helping to remove the causes of humankind’s problems will then be created and provided.

Many charitable organisations focus on minimising the effects of seemingly insurmountable or extremely complex social, political and interpersonal problems that create immense suffering for humans and damage the natural environment. While their work is, in many cases, admirable and well-meaning, unless solutions are found to the primary issues that create these problems, their work will never be sustainable or ultimately effective.

Once a solution is found and applied, such problems no longer arise in future at all.

Gods’ Way Ltd services and systems will never aim to minimise the effects or damage created as a result of humankind’s condition and desires. Rather, Gods’ Way Ltd seeks to identify and correct conditions and desires within humans that cause damage, in order for the problematic effects to disappear. This is the most loving and economical way to provide gifts to others.

Replacement of existing ideas, systems and methods

By scientifically proving the conditions that cause the dysfunction that nations, communities and individuals currently experience on Earth, God’s Way Ltd will be able to devise effective and lasting solutions to these problems. Any system, without love as its basis, will continue to create human disease, suffering and environmental damage.

Loving solutions can then be implemented to replace current systems, processes and relationships that do not have love as their basis.

According to the foundational values of Gods’ Way Ltd, this implementation can only be led by the desire of nations, communities and individuals themselves and would never be forced by God’s Way Ltd.

Discovery and demonstration of new systems, methods and abilities

What the world currently accepts as an optimal standard of achievement in every field of human experience, falls well below what is possible for all humans. This includes perceptions of what is possible in relation to quality of human life and relationships, systems of education and healthcare, and in the functioning of the natural environment.

Gods’ Way Ltd focuses on identifying causes of problems and the replacement of existing human systems with improved versions, and work on the discovery of new systems, methods and abilities that are available to all humans. These discoveries enable sharing of systems, services and concepts that demonstrate individuals and societies can achieve levels of peace and happiness, and experience positive abilities, that have never occurred on Earth before.

I really enjoyed composing the Fundamental Principles. I have a deep passion for each of these and found this part of the business plan easier to write than many others.

In the next post in this series I will detail the Fundamental Values that direct God’s Way Ltd.

Mary Luck
Mary Luck
Managing Director

Author: Mary Luck
Date of Submission: 27 July 2018
Subject: Governance
Location: Wilkesdale, Queensland, Australia
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