Member Experience: DT & GW Production Report Winter 2018

Welcome to the First Divine Truth Studio Production Report.

This is Lena here. In these production reports I will be sharing about topics and presentations that were delivered at the Divine Truth studio, personal experiences and reflections about those presentations, as well as the lessons learnt during the training and volunteering for the Divine Truth production team.

This post shares of the activities we got up to in June, July & August at the Divine Truth studio. You will read some details about the activities of the Divine Truth Production Team, including some of the training God’s Way Ltd members are receiving in all aspects of video and audio production.

I volunteer at the Divine Truth (DT) studio as the video and audio editor and live video switch operator. I am also a member of God’s Way organisation. I work closely with another volunteer Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins, and together we assist Jesus & Mary with recording Divine Truth material.

June, July & August were productive and full of activities at the DT studio. We completed several types of training, recorded multiple themed discussions, three mediumship sessions and started a new feedback session. If we were to add up the length of the video footage from these presentations it would equal 26 hours, plus 1.5 hours for God’s Way Ltd material.

Some Ways that Divine Truth Pty Ltd & God’s Way Ltd are Related

Within the Divine Truth organisation, Alan John Miller & Mary Luck (Jesus & Mary) spend a lot of their personal & work time sharing God’s Truth with the world. They design programmes and deliver presentations about many subjects including but not limited to; having a personal relationship with God, God’s Love & Truth, how we can live our lives in harmony with God’s Way, and ultimately be happy living a productive, satisfying life following our soul based passions. Divine Truth organisation provides the material and teachings about God’s Truth that God’s Way Ltd is endeavouring to put into practical application. All Divine Truth teachings provide source principles on which God’s Way Ltd directors and members base experiments, services and projects.

Members of God’s Way Ltd are passionate about understanding God’s Principles and practically applying them in their personal lives, as well as upholding and following them in business dealings and in any programmes and projects created by the organisation. God’s Way Ltd members aspire to find solutions to all situations and problems based upon Principles of God’s Truth. In the organisation every decision, project, experiment, and outcomes of experiments conducted, are documented. God’s Way Ltd then shares the documentation with the world.

Some of the members of God’s Way Ltd also volunteer for Divine Truth organisation. I am one of those people.

At the moment, there are many ways that the two organisations can work together to meet their individual aims. For example, Divine Truth Pty Ltd and God’s Way Ltd share many of the same training needs. The training that volunteers in the Divine Truth production receive includes but is not limited to: learning how to organise a public event/seminar, how to work together in harmony with God’s Laws and a lot of highly technical and specific training in equipment and procedures used to record and produce video and audio data that can be shared with the world. Since this same knowledge and experience is also needed to perform the similar tasks in God’s Way organisation branches, programmes and projects, it makes sense that Divine Truth Pty Ltd shares its procedures, some technical equipment and provides training to God’s Way Ltd members and volunteers. Since many God’s Way Ltd members are also volunteers in Divine Truth Pty Ltd this process is made relatively easy.

So while my update focuses on many Divine Truth activities in June, July and August, much of what we did also had benefits to God’s Way Ltd and provided many opportunities for God’s Way members to receive valuable experience and training. I’ll try to highlight these as I explain everything that we did.

Writing a Full Update

In my updates, I would love to include all of the activities that occur at the Divine Truth studio, but often it is impossible to keep track of everything that everybody is doing. For example, in addition to what I’ve written about below, Jesus & Mary constantly perform technical and administrative tasks that improve the team’s work environment or refine a particular workflow. These have the positive flow on effect of improving efficiency and day to day operations of both organisations. There are many meetings and discussions that take place at the studio each work week that address spiritual, emotional and technical problems, outline new plans, and solutions are constantly being researched in order to remedy issues that arise. I haven’t included any of those activities or details today. I’ve included things to give you a taste of some of the things we did and hopefully pique your interest in some of the new videos that will be appearing on the Divine Truth YouTube channel {hyperlink} very soon.

God’s Way & Divine Truth Organisations Approach to Training

At the moment some of the members and new volunteers of God’s Way Ltd are learning various technical and non technical tasks which are all essential tasks for members of a production team. These include:

  • cleaning of the working environment
  • understanding studio and audio and video recording equipment
  • understanding technological requirements for a live event
  • performing a full stock take of all Divine Truth equipment and documenting it into a database
  • learning software for video & audio production, data copying and the backup
  • learning about equipment that is directly responsible for data storage
  • learning about equipment used for the recording of live presentations

In both God’s Way and Divine Truth organisations the approach is taken that no job is ‘beneath’ or ‘beyond’ anybody. So everyone (all God’s Way members and Divine Truth volunteers) has been trained and completed a thorough clean of the studio and/or office. It also means that most team members are trained and proficient in more than one technical task.

Everyone is trained in the loving approach to a work environment, work in a team, and towards specific technical tasks. And everybody is given education about the entire process of creating a video or audio recording, starting from having a clean and suitable environment, using the correct equipment right the way through to fine tuning the audio and performing colour correction of the completed videos before making them public.

Not everyone completes all of these tasks, although Jesus can perform and oversees every single one, but everyone is educated as to why it is loving to consider the entire process. Jesus has taught us to not only complete our tasks in the production process with care but also to consider the person who completes the step before yours and the one after you. This means not leaving things for others to fix further down the line. Spending a little more time and taking care to be thorough in the first instance with tasks such as file naming, sound testing for example, is very important. Fixing these things at a later stage often takes other people in the team far more time and effort.

Technical Training in June

In June we held the first official training for post production editing with Eloisa, a God’s Way Ltd director, & Tristan, God’s Way member, who are passionate about getting the information produced by God’s Way Ltd released to the world. I shared introductory knowledge and important workflow procedures and principles which I have learnt from Jesus over years of volunteering in the Divine Truth production team. This training and the experience the volunteers are receiving is assisting Eloisa with understanding and skills necessary for live video switching. We hope that Eloisa trains and becomes the second video and audio editor for both Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations.

Eloisa Editing at DT Studio

Eloisa Editing at DT Studio

During the live video switching and editing software training, God’s Way Ltd volunteers were given some of the first audio and video files that have already been recorded by members of God’s Way Ltd’s Information Sharing Branch. The video and audio files were used so that those being trained could practice and improve their editing skills. After editing, these completed videos will be utilised internally for training or other purposes.

Live Recordings & Teasers

The core purpose of the Divine Truth studio is to record and produce Divine Truth material and share it with the world. The DT studio is permanently set up and geared to save Jesus, Mary and the production team time during our work weeks. Without having to set-up or pack-up we can spend all of our time focused on the recording and editing the new content presented by Jesus and Mary each week.

June Recordings & Video Editing

The first thing we did in June didn’t involve a live recording. The production team edited & produced a presentation that was delivered by Jesus in February 2018, at the God’s Way Ltd Annual General Meeting.

God's Way Ltd Annual General Meeting Video Front Plate

God’s Way Ltd Annual General Meeting Video Front Plate

Jesus Presenting at God's Way Ltd Annual General Meeting

Jesus Presenting at God’s Way Ltd Annual General Meeting

The presentation is titled “Heartfelt Passion for God’s Way”. In this presentation Jesus discusses the importance of having a heartfelt passion for living God’s Way, coming to an emotional state of enjoying constant change and soul growth, and how by developing these qualities in themselves members and volunteers will enable God’s Way Ltd to grow and thrive.

I personally found this presentation very moving and helpful for my own understanding of the importance of personal change in order for God’s Way to become known around the world. Jesus lovingly highlighted that God’s Way Ltd’s current and future members have an attitude shift to make in order to embrace living God’s Way.

Participants at God's Way Ltd Annual General Meeting

Participants at God’s Way Ltd Annual General Meeting

Jesus Presenting at God's Way Ltd Annual General Meeting

Jesus Presenting at God’s Way Ltd Annual General Meeting

During the first week of June, Jesus & Mary delivered one of my favourite presentations & a wonderful conclusion to the Repentance & Forgiveness series.

Divine Truth Forgiveness & Repentance Discussion Video Front Plate

Divine Truth Forgiveness & Repentance Discussion Video Front Plate

Jesus & Mary in DT Studio

Jesus & Mary in DT Studio

In session 15 (the last session of the Repentance and Forgiveness Series) Jesus & Mary brought it home, so to speak, discussing the most important issue for us to resolve, our emotional impediments to God. In this session they discussed many subjects including, but not limited to:

  • God as an Emotional Being
  • God’s Feelings for all of humanity
  • God’s emotions about collective human choices
  • how God feels about humans individually
  • how God feels when we sin & when we choose to repent or forgive
  • how God feels about our addictions, sin, human disease and sickness

This session also included a thorough discussion, about the parable of the prodigal son, Luke 15v11–32 (parable of the lost son). I found myself relating to all of the characters in the parable due to my conflicting injuries about love, respect, entitlement & forgiveness.

On the 6th of June, Jesus & Mary engaged a mediumship session with Sebastian, a spirit who you may have already met via a previous recording back in May 2018. Sebastian was a resident of the 6th sphere for some time before he spoke with Jesus about his feelings of dissatisfaction relating to not having a relationship with God. In this follow up mediumship session, Sebastian came back to share about his transition from the 6th to the 7th sphere and described some of the highlights of his journey so far, which included, meeting his soulmate and the emotions that meeting brought up. He also shared the feelings he was confronted with and the emotions that followed after connecting with God for the first time.

I thought this mediumship was a powerful conclusion to the series on forgiveness & repentance. I feel grateful for the gift from Jesus, Mary & Sebastian to make a presentation that highlights the goodness of God. The key message for me from the entire Repentance & Forgiveness series was, God is good and I can trust the processes God created for me and for everyone. And if I do, I will be happier.

In the second half of June, Jesus & Mary started a new feedback series based on an email from a Divine Truth listener Sandra Tsai. Sandra has sent around 150 emails into the Divine Truth FAQ email account on the subject of repentance & forgiveness, injustice in the world, and issues with trusting God. In these emails Sandra & spirits creatively asked many questions and gave multiple examples & situations. However it was just one of these emails which Jesus & Mary used as a great way to give practical feedback directly relating to the principles they discussed in the Repentance & Forgiveness series. In these feedback recordings Jesus & Mary go into potent issues for every one of us to honestly reflect about. They address many common false beliefs regarding forgiveness, repentance, love, obligation, harm and abuse. In this presentation Jesus & Mary cut through the facade many of us have about believing we are loving people or that we are always willing to love, as under many circumstances this is not the case.

I found it challenging to listen to the facts, truth & principles involved in harming others or being harmed by others, as I myself resist the forgiveness or repentance processes. I am yet to understand what my forgiveness can offer to the world as I have a lot of similar injuries to Sandra, including justifications for fear and anger at others, and I cultivate excuses that help me get away from facing the truth about when and how I do not love other people.

During the last of the recording days in June, Jesus & Mary again engaged in mediumship. This time, the mediumship session was approached in a slightly different way to what the technical support team had encountered before. To give you an example, normally Jesus & Mary know who will be coming to speak with them, but the support team only finds out as the spirit/s start speaking through Mary and they introduce themselves and ask their questions. This time though Jesus & Mary had worked with some spirits ahead of time and created an outline with the names of the guests (spirits) and their questions. Seeing what was in store, we were very excited prior to recording.

In this mediumship session Jesus & Mary did a marathon of channellings with various spirits by the names of: Mauricio, Christina, Ferdinand & Tarny. Each spirit shared a story, their question/s relating to what happened to them, how they could move forward in the spirit life, and how they could repent or forgive.

I found the information shared by these spirits and by Jesus, applied to me personally, and perhaps this is normal for each of us. While we all have a unique journey with individual experiences, the information Jesus & Mary highlight in their presentations is applicable to all of us because it is based on God’s Principles and Laws that apply to everyone’s story and situation.

Divine Truth Video Front Plate

Divine Truth Spirit Assistance Video Front Plate

Jesus & Mary in the DT Studio

Jesus & Mary in DT Studio

July Recordings

In July, between many meetings, training sessions and activities run by God’s Way and Divine Truth organisations, Jesus and Mary recorded another mediumship session.

Mary channelled Stuart a spirit who has visited us in the studio and been recorded more than five times now. Stuart came back this time to share about his discovery of the benefits of a relationship with God, his own experiences of this relationship and the differences between progression in natural love and receiving God’s Love.

Stuart has already come to talk to Jesus and Mary on 3 prior occasions (6th March 2018, 20th March 2018 and 3rd April 2018). He began studying Jesus when Jesus was just 8 years old and was part of a small team of scientists who observed Jesus over a 48 year period. In these mediumship sessions Stuart has often explained that Jesus’ behaviour and how it was reflected in his spirit body was considered an anomaly and piqued curiosity of many scientists in the spirit world. Stuart was only able to understand the scientific reasons for Jesus’ behaviours after he embraced his own relationship with God. This has changed his reasoning, logic and the approach he now takes when conducting scientific research.

August Production

Because June & July were busy months of recording and team training, we spent all of August catching up and finishing the production of presentations we recorded in June and July.

I thought to give some details on the time it takes us to edit different types of presentations and the technical or workflow procedures that effect that time.

Different types of recordings have different workflows for editing and production in order for them to become the final video and audio files shared by Divine Truth. For example, when a recording is made outside of the Divine Truth studio, such as in the case of the God’s Way Ltd Annual General Meeting presentation by Jesus, the live video switcher cannot usually be on site. Therefore we record using multiple video cameras, external digital video recorders (Ninja’s) and additional separate equipment to capture the audio. When it comes to editing and producing this footage after the event, the video and audio streams must be joined together and the video angles switched in the post-production phase. This is how all of Divine Truth material recorded before 2013 was recorded, edited and produced.

Since 2013, when possible, a live video switcher has been used to save time in post-production. This enables all of the video streams from the individual video cameras to be joined into one stream during the live event. Introducing the live switching equipment has by now saved Jesus and the production team many thousands of hours that would have been spent editing video and audio after the event.

However, at present, most of God’s Way Ltd presentations are recorded using the original DT workflow. That is, the audio and multiple video streams are all switched in the post-production stage. Currently it is estimated that we spend over 4 hours in editing for each 1 hour footage collected in God’s Way Ltd. This is compared to the approximately 2 hours editing for each 1 hour of footage captured for Divine Truth Pty Ltd in the DT studio. These times do not include preparation and the many hours of work Jesus & Mary and the technical team spend on other aspects of the production process.

These days Jesus and Mary spend time prior to presentations creating a detailed outline. Each outline creates a definite structure for the material presented during the recordings. Having a structured outline with specially marked headings has multiple flow on benefits to the production and transcription teams. Using special software and computer programmes the headings, sub headings and notes within each outlines can be used to assist in the creation of chapter markers and scripts for video front plates, searchable key words and metadata for video sharing platforms, heading creation in transcripts and many more aspects of the Divine Truth information sharing process.

Creating the detailed outline usually takes Jesus and Mary several days. While on many occasions it may be quicker for them to simply sit down and have a spontaneous discussion on recording days, the time they take in preparation of outlines has saved the production and transcriptions teams a great deal of time. This is an example of how Jesus and Mary consider everyone’s time as equally important. They continually consider how to implement processes and workflow strategies that take into account and place equal value on personal resources (such as time and energy) of everyone who takes in the production process.

In terms of technical and production team preparations there are many processes involved in preparing for live recording, which we will talk about at a later date.

And while the outline preparation mentioned above forms the important basis for our standard workflow, things change substantially for the mediumship presentations. Mediumship presentations do not require days of preparation and often happen spontaneously. This means that all of the processes of content creation and outlines happen in the post-production (editing) stage, rather than before recording. Mediumship sessions often take 2-4 times longer to edit in post production then a pre-planned presentation does.


Session 15 of of the Repentance & Forgiveness Series, the mediumship & the feedback sessions on the subject of God’s Principles and Laws of Forgiveness and Repentance can be found by following this link:

Session 15 Repentance & Forgiveness

Until next time,


Jesus (AJ Miller)
Jesus (AJ Miller)
God’s Way Visionary & Founding Member
Information Sharing Designer, Manager & Auditor

Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck)
Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck)
Managing Director
Information Sharing Auditor & Editor
Mary is mentoring God’s Way Ltd members in how to write and present information. She spends many hours reading and editing the posts that are published on God’s Way Ltd’s website to ensure they are a truthful, accurate representation of what is happening in the organisation.

Elena Shakhanova
Elena Shakhanova

Author: Elena Shakhanova
Date of submission: 6 August 2018
Date event occurred: February – August 2018
Branch: Information Sharing
Auditor: Alan John Miller
Manager: Alan John Miller & Mary Luck
Programme: Media Production
Project: Image, Video, Audio
Attendees: God’s Way Ltd Members, Volunteers & Guests
Project Contributors: Elena Shakanova & Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins
Location: Wilkesdale, Queensland, Australia