Organisation Background: God’s Way Ltd & Divine Truth Pty Ltd

Visitors to this site may be aware of the Divine Truth Pty Ltd organisation, and this post will describe how God’s Way Ltd and Divine Truth Pty Ltd are related, and how the two organisations differ.

Divine Truth Pty Ltd is an Australian based, privately owned company originally incorporated in 2002 by AJ Miller (Jesus), with Jesus as the only shareholder and director. The company was created for the purpose of maintaining the costs and expenses associated with setting up a website (, and travelling around the world for the purpose of gathering together people who are interested in practicing the principles of Divine Truth in their personal lives, and for the distribution of Divine Truth materials. The Divine Truth Pty Ltd organisation is the legal vehicle for Mary Luck (Mary Magdalene) and Jesus to accomplish their goals to share what they have discovered with the world, and as such, will remain a private company owned and operated by Mary and Jesus.

Source: Divine Truth Ptd Ltd accessed 20/08/2018

God’s Way Ltd is an Australian based, non-profit organisation that was established in 2016. God’s Way Ltd is governed by members and run by a member elected board of directors. As founding members, Jesus & Mary have provided crucial input in the establishment of a clear vision and operational structure for God’s Way Ltd. They continue to assist all members, directors and volunteers in the development of leadership qualities in harmony with love, truth, and morality. Jesus and Mary hold Manager and Auditor roles within several God’s Way Ltd Branches and Mary is currently Managing Director, however unlike Divine Truth Pty Ltd, Jesus & Mary do not draw any funds from God’s Way to cover their living costs.

The principles and values of Divine Truth (God’s Truth) form the foundation of both organisations. While Divine Truth Pty Ltd is focussed on sharing the principles of Divine Truth freely worldwide, God’s Way Ltd intends to practically apply and demonstrate Divine Truth in action, in relation to all areas of human interest and endeavour, and all matters imaginable. In future, the company structure of the Australian based God’s Way organisation may be replicated in a number of other countries, to facilitate activities of the God’s Way organisation in various regions worldwide.

The Divine Truth organisation is now well established and has been assisting God’s Way Ltd to get up and running through the sharing of Divine Truth Pty Ltd volunteers, skills and infrastructure. God’s Way Ltd has the opportunity to take on the systems, processes and procedures that have been developed, tested and refined within the Divine Truth organisation over many years. So far, Divine Truth Pty Ltd has heavily supported the growth of God’s Way Ltd, however in future God’s Way Ltd aims to have the capacity to provide services to support and further the Divine Truth organisation in its purpose.

Presently, most people find out about God’s Way Ltd via events and information shared by Divine Truth Pty Ltd. However this may not always be the case, particularly in future when God’s Way Ltd has developed many resources to share freely with the general public via events, presentations, publications and the internet.

Both organisations believe that all people are equal, that truth should be available to anyone who desires it and that there should be no barriers to accessing information about God and God’s Truth. Because of this all information and services provided by both Divine Truth Ltd and God’s Way Ltd are given free of charge. As such, the income sources for the organisations are gifts, donations and in the case of God’s Way Ltd, membership fees.

Comparison of Divine Truth Pty Ltd and God’s Way Ltd

Divine Truth Pty Ltd God’s Way Ltd
Established 2002 2016
Non-Profit No Yes
Directors 1 – AJ Miller At least 3 – Elected annually by members
Members No Yes
Volunteers Yes Yes
Shareholders 1 – AJ Miller No
Jesus (AJ Miller)
Jesus (AJ Miller)
God’s Way Visionary & Founding Member
Divine Truth Pty Ltd Founder
Jesus continues to mentor all God’s Way members and volunteers regarding how to implement and develop projects in harmony with God’s Principles. He provides the vision and design for all current God’s Way initiatives and audits all projects to ensure that they meet with the requirements laid out in the God’s Way Company Constitution.
Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck)
Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck)
Managing Director
Information Sharing Auditor & Editor
Mary is mentoring God’s Way Ltd members in how to write and present information. She spends many hours reading and editing the posts that are published on God’s Way Ltd’s website to ensure they are a truthful, accurate representation of what is happening in the organisation.
Kate Eckersall
Kate Eckersall
Date of submission: 27 July 2018
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