God’s Way Fundamentals: Values

This is the final part in the “Fundamentals” series of posts explaining the Vision and Fundamental Facts, Principles and Values of the God’s Way Ltd organisation.

By nature of the organisation’s constitution and selection processes for members and volunteers, every individual within the organisation shares a common vision and values.

Fundamental Facts, Principles and Values guide the vision of God’s Way Ltd and also determine the model and methods for business operations.

Due to the nature of these “Fundamentals”, every system within the organisation will operate in a way that is unique to other organisations. To understand the way that the organisation operates and makes decisions it is essential to understand the “Fundamentals”.

There are a number of key values that guide God’s Way Ltd’s vision.

God’s Way

God’s Way was first discovered by Jesus 2000 years ago. He found that the fastest way to learn about any subject was to connect to God and learn truth directly from his Creator.

He knew and taught that anything done in harmony with God’s Love and Laws, that is, anything done God’s Way, always brought about ultimate happiness for the individuals who engaged the Way, and brought benefits to all people (whether they realised it or not), and their environment.

For the purposes of the organisation, God’s Way is defined as any approach or method that is implemented in harmony with love, truth, humility, faith and all of God’s Laws that govern the universe. God’s Way is the way that God designed for each human to live happily. Doing things God’s Way benefits every person, all elements of the natural world and the universe as a whole.

Through personal connection to God and practical experimentation, the organisation discovers and scientifically proves the single best way, God’s Way, in relation to all fields of enquiry, experience and endeavour available to humans. God’s Way Ltd branches represent the fields of endeavour in which the organisation is currently implementing experiments in order to establish God’s Way in relation to this field.

God’s Love

God’s Love is the single most transformative substance available to all people. It has the power to change the individual and the world.

God’s Love may only be received through the sincere, heartfelt longing (prayer) for that Love on the part of the individual. Sincere prayer requires development in faith and humility.

The individuals within God’s Way Ltd strive to receive God’s Love as this longing automatically brings the individual into more harmony with God’s Truth and God’s Way.

God’s Truth

God’s Truth exists, and is the absolute Truth in relation to all things.

God’s Truth is not a religious concept or doctrine but rather verifiable fact, obtainable to any human with the sincere desire and humility to know it.

Love & Morality

Humans have the capacity to love God, themselves, others and the world. God’s Way Ltd encourages all people to desire to love.

Morality is defined as a personal emotional condition which reflects a desire to love others and oneself as God loves all people. It is the desire of a person to take actions in their life to uphold this standard of love in all dealings, relationships and creations.

God’s Way Ltd expects all people within the organisation to desire and take action to love and be moral. The organisation does this through the upholding of values, adherence to Fundamental Facts and in the way that every decision and action is approached as individuals and an organisation.


God’s Way Ltd seeks absolute truth; but knows that while absolute truth exists on every subject, since God’s Truth is infinite there is always more to learn. God’s Way Ltd believes truth is available freely to all people.

Once a person has a relationship with God, God is able to share absolute truth. By accepting and living in harmony with God’s Love, the absolute truth becomes a personal experience.

Once individuals within the organisation have experienced absolute truth, to share God’s Truth with those who have yet to experience God’s Truth, God’s Way Ltd engages in experiments and research that demonstrate truth in practical ways. This makes the discovered truth available to all people even if they are yet to develop a relationship with God.

Since God’s Way Ltd seeks and values absolute truth, the organisation is truthful and transparent in dealings with others and within the organisation.

Ethics & Equality

God’s Way Ltd believes that all people are children of God and thus none is more or less important than another. All people are of equal worth to the organisation. Members and volunteers within the organisation will be treated equally and with equal value to those people outside of the organisation.

Ethics is as an expression of human love which includes the desire to love and treat others in the way that reflects equal worth. God’s Way Ltd is ethical in decisions and treatment of people regardless of their belief systems, background, experience, qualifications, or dealings with the organisation.

Ethics and equality also demands that each member of the organisation is willing and desires to perform any task in harmony with love, and share all resources at their disposal to assist the growth of God’s Way on Earth.


Everything that God’s Way Ltd provides is done without monetary charge, and without the implication of emotional or physical obligation on the part of the receiver.

God’s Way Ltd knows that God gives to all people without expectation or demand of anything in return. God’s Way Ltd believes that giving gifts is the basis of loving treatment of others.

The organisation is sustained through the receipt of gifts and provides all systems, products, services and information freely as gifts to the world.

Personal Humility & Self-Responsibility

All members of the organisation continually seek to become more humble and develop their relationship with God.

The organisation and individual members admit to mistakes.

Through actions, words and decisions, self-responsibility is enforced in all members, participants and volunteers.

Self-responsibility is God’s Law-based requirement of self-awareness, to seek truth, love and understanding of all principles of Love and Law, and the loving ownership and expression of one’s will, desire, passion, emotion, attitudes, intentions, thoughts and actions in harmony with God’s Principles and Laws.

Initiative & Innovation

God’s Way Ltd, as individuals and as an organisation, have the courage to take risks and make mistakes. The organisation tries new things in an effort to discover and prove God’s Truth and in order to create in harmony with God’s Way.

God’s Way Ltd wants to create and gift inventions and systems that benefit others. If the organisation does not break new ground and confront current societal paradigms, it cannot achieve its vision.

Economy & Function

God’s Way Ltd uses all available resources economically in order to create efficient function in the organisation. God’s Way Ltd knows that the wise and loving use of resources brings about function and makes abundance available to all people equally.

God’s Way Ltd places equal value upon the resources of time, matter and energy available to the organisation and the resources available to others. God’s Way Ltd never places priority on saving organisation resources if it means that others must use more of theirs, or be left short.

All creations in harmony with God’s Laws have multiple functions. By emulating God’s Approach, God’s Way Ltd can achieve outcomes that are economical and have multiple functional benefits to all creation.

Thoroughness & Good Design

God’s Way Ltd creates lasting functionally effective solutions built on solid foundations. The organisation isn’t interested in quick fixes, facade, or feeding emotional or physical addictions in order to obtain the illusion of success.

God’s Way Ltd takes a methodical, systematic, detailed and comprehensive approach to all tasks. If the organisation isn’t thorough then someone else has to make up for this inefficiency. Since all people are of equal value, no one should have to make up for lack of care on the organisation’s behalf.

Consistency & Predictability

God’s Way creates systems, templates and procedures that are efficient and consistent.

Consistency and predictability saves time and creates the framework for creativity and new discoveries.

Life & Development

God’s Way promotes, nurtures, respects and sustains all life. God’s Creations respond to human influence. Unloving influences cause damage and God’s Way Ltd seeks to permanently prevent and repair such damage.

All living and non-living things are in a state of constant change. God’s Way Ltd promotes, supports, and encourages the positive growth, development and evolution of the organisation, its operations, branches and the world around it. God’s Way Ltd adapts to different environments and situations. The organisation uses the natural processes of decay and decomposition to promote and create new life.

Free Will

Free Will is the God given gift of the ability to be a self-aware being, able to make self-responsible and self-generated decisions and choices, and the ability to have desires which come from self-awareness rather than instinct.

Will is the genuine personal expression of the gift of Free Will. It is driven by the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, actions, allowance of inspiration and response to memories, of the individual. God’s Laws require humans to be individually and collectively responsible in the way they use their will.

God’s Way Ltd respects that every person has been given the gift of choice, self-awareness and self-expression. God’s Way Ltd never attempts to force, control or manipulate (through emotional or physical means) the expression of a person’s will. The organisation may restrict or exclude an individual in cases where the person refuses to take responsibility and causes harm to themselves or another during the operations of the organisation.


God’s Way Ltd responds to desire. The organisation will always attempt to respond to a person or organisation who expresses a desire for God’s Way Ltd services in harmony with the values and vision of the organisation. God’s Way Ltd will never attempt to force services, gifts or anything at all upon a person who has not first expressed a desire to receive it.

God’s Way Ltd also acknowledges that without desire, no change is ever possible. God’s Way Ltd knows that without the desire to change, no individual will ever change. The organisation will never attempt to force another person to have desire because only the individual themselves can generate and sustain their personal desires sufficient to bring about change.

All paid and voluntary staff must have the desire to continually change and grow towards living, learning and acting in harmony with God’s Way before they are engaged by the organisation.

Forgiveness, Kindness, Mercy and Compassion

Forgiveness, kindness, mercy and compassion are gifts that God’s Way Ltd extends and upholds, as individuals and as an organisation. God’s Way Ltd takes actions and makes decisions that reflect the organisation’s commitment to these values.

The capacity for forgiveness, kindness, mercy and compassion is dependent upon desires to love and embrace humility.

Mary Luck
Mary Luck
Managing Director

Author: Mary Luck
Subject: Governance
Date of Submission: 20 July 2018
Location: Wilkesdale, Queensland, Australia
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