Project Update: Behind the Scenes of the God’s Way Blog

There is a lot of activity going on within the organisation that few people are currently aware of! For this reason, a new project was recently established to assist in sharing these details publicly via the God’s Way Blog. Each member of God’s Way now writes and submits one post for the blog every month (this is encouraged but optional for volunteers). The submission piece can include photos, images and document attachments as well as written text, and can cover any topic related to the organisation.

AJ (Jesus) suggested this idea to the God’s Way directors, pointing out that at the time nothing about what was happening in the organisation was being shared with the world. An interview with Jesus about the background of this project and details about implementing it will be shared on the blog in future.

Once received, written work, photos, images and documents are copied onto a network connected file system setup by Jesus, that is shared by Divine Truth Pty Ltd and God’s Way Ltd. Jesus also designed a filing structure to enable those involved in editing submissions to work on the pieces of writing, while maintaining the original files submitted by each volunteer in a separate, untouched in a folder. Additionally, a backup process run by Jesus backs-up all files to prevent against data loss due to accidental deletion or file corruption.

Mary is currently the primary editor for written work as she is the most skilled writer and is able to feel the personal emotional errors that play out in writing and interfere with the ability of team members to share via clear and engaging writing. Many God’s Way volunteers lack experience in formal writing and have emotional blocks that arise when undertaking this task. Mary is generously mentoring the team in developing writing and editing skills, and providing feedback on individual emotional issues.

Through practice, feedback and humility to releasing the blocking emotions, Mary and the God’s Way Directors hope that the team will develop into great writers who can create posts for the blog independently and with little need for editing by others. However at present, the process from submission of a blog post through to editing and refining the writing into a piece suitable for publishing online can be quite lengthy. A lot of Mary’s time is consumed by the editing process and ensuring that what is posted on the blog is a well presented, truthful and accurate representation of what is happening in the organisation. Often Mary works with the original author of the post, sending the post back with notes for improvement or requests for further information or clarity. The author then makes adjustments and returns the work. At times, Mary may sit with one or more team members to discuss re-occurring difficulties with clear expression and the emotions that are blocking the authors from sharing information about God’s Way Ltd projects and principles clearly.

You might be surprised by the number of steps which take place for each post that gets published on the blog! The flowchart diagram below shows the workflow process:

God’s Way Blog Post Workflow

20180924-0800-0800-comem-gw-shr---Info Share Workflow--en--

The God’s Way Team hope that you are enjoying the variety of information, insights and updates being shared via the blog!

AJ Miller (Jesus)
AJ Miller (Jesus)
God’s Way Visionary & Founding Member
Information Sharing Designer, Manager & Auditor
Jesus continues to mentor all God’s Way members and volunteers regarding how to implement and develop projects in harmony with God’s Principles. He provides the vision and design for all current God’s Way initiatives and audits all projects to ensure that they meet with the requirements laid out in the God’s Way Company Constitution.

Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck)
Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck)
Managing Director
Information Sharing Auditor & Editor
Mary is mentoring God’s Way Ltd members in how to write and present information. She spends many hours reading and editing the posts that are published on God’s Way Ltd’s website to ensure they are a truthful, accurate representation of what is happening in the organisation.

Kate Eckersall
Kate Eckersall

Date of Submission: 19 November 2018
Branch: Information Sharing
Branch Auditor: AJ Miller (Jesus)
Branch Manager: AJ Miller (Jesus)
Location: Wilkesdale, Queensland, Australia

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