Volunteer Experience: Jadda in the Eco System Recovery Programme

In 2018 I successfully completed the God’s Way Volunteer Selection Programme. I feel this has and will be a big turning point in my life. Going from just regularly listening to Divine Truth, to actually being involved in God’s Way projects, has been a big shift.

Cleaning windows and screens

Cleaning windows and screens

Emptying green waste for depositing in holes in the ground

Emptying green waste for depositing in holes in the ground

Working on various God’s Way Ltd projects I’ve been learning so much about how to practically apply the principles of Divine Truth. I’m learning how to love the environment, operate heavy machinery, complete equipment maintenance and about giving gifts of my time, resources and energy in harmony with love. I’ve also been learning quite a lot about myself.

Jadda at work on the Function Centre Caretaker's Resisdence Renovation

Jadda at work on the Function Centre Caretaker’s Resisdence Renovation

Jadda assists Corny to lay roofing at the Function Centre Caretaker's Resisdence

Jadda assists Corny to lay roofing at the Function Centre Caretaker’s Resisdence

One thing that has been highlighted to me is my desire to be insular. It’s something that I’ve really struggled with my entire life, wanting to hide away from people, not sharing my thoughts and opinions and just this overall feeling of embarrassment about being myself. This injury has always affected all of my relationships and friendships. Jesus also mentioned, and I hadn’t really considered it before, that my desire to be insular is getting in the way of me having a strong relationship with God. I feel hopeful of making some positive changes on this though. Being around people, like the God’s Way members and volunteers, who all encourage me to move through these feelings and not honour that fear, really helps.

God’s Way Eco System Recovery Programme – Terrace Project

Currently the main project of the Environment Team that I am a part of is Eco System Recovery on the Function Learning Centre property.

All living things need food, water and shelter to survive and thrive. The projects in the Eco System Recovery Programme aim to re-establish or support God’s Process that automatically provide these three factors (food, water and shelter) to creatures in their natural environments. Our first project in this programme is the Terrace Project.

The main focus of this project is to change the landscape in a specific way so that it will hold as much water as possible on the property. This is done by cutting into the slopes of the property where there is erosion and little to no vegetation regrowth. Using a bulldozer we create a level base with a 1 meter high bank of dirt around it to retain water and prevent run off and erosion. This is the process we call terracing.


Terraces on the Cushnie Function Centre property Terraces on the Cushnie Function Centre property

Once the terraces are complete, we will be seeding each one with native grasses, shrubs and trees. The moisture held in the terrace will encourage natural germination. The inherent ‘intelligence’ within the seeds means that they will germinate when conditions are optimal for their survival. Our theory is that seeds that germinate on their own should have a higher survival rate than seedlings that we plant.

When seeds are germinated in a nursery, the environment and conditions for germination are created and controlled by humans. When such a plant is later moved and planted in a new environment it must deal with the stress of adapting to new conditions which are usually very different to the nursery environment in terms of temperature, moisture levels and sunlight. To ease such a transition seedlings usually need to be watered and protected in some way until they become established.

Working on the Terraces Project

Working on the Terraces Project

God’s Way Ltd believes that these traditional planting methods bypass or reduce the ‘wisdom’* that God has inbuilt into each seed which causes them to respond and germinate in the natural environment when conditions for their survival are optimal. This is why we are simply laying the seeds in the prepared terraces and awaiting their germination without input from our project volunteers. This has the additional benefit that it is far more economical to lay seed in the area we wish to re-vegetate and allow the innate capacity of the seed to germinate when conditions are optimal. This project is a way to test and demonstrate this theory in practice and no doubt we will learn more about these principles as we go on.

In time the new vegetation that germinates in the terraces will provide the food and shelter for local wildlife and kick-start a new eco system. All of God’s Laws are already working to promote growth, healing and regeneration in this area. So the idea is to facilitate and speed up God’s natural processes in harmony with God’s Laws and in the most economical way. Jesus, who designed and leads this project, is always keenly observing how God’s Laws work in the natural world and attempting to support those through environmental initiatives. His approach is to support the repair of structural building blocks or key components of a natural environment (such as water, soil and insects) that will facilitate more rapid regeneration. Projects focussing on efficient water flow and retention, soil repair and support of micro organisms provide vital building blocks for recovery and means that each project continues to work without ongoing human input for many years to come.

Launching the drone to capture footage of the terracing site

Launching the drone to capture footage of the terraces

Personal Reflections

Taking part in the terrace project has been a completely new experience for me. I have never operated big machinery before. It has been a bit stressful learning this new skill and I’ve had a couple of ‘meltdowns’, where I’ve felt so frustrated and inadequate that I have had to literally stop what I was doing and just allow myself to feel. It was mainly driven by just being too hard on myself for not being good at it yet. I’m learning to be patient with myself and just keep getting the hours of practice in and feeling whatever comes up as I go. Mastering the dozer work will just take time and practice.

I have recently been learning from Jesus and Mary about the importance of documentation. Creating material that is based on truth and scientific facts and then making it easily accessible to others has so many lasting benefits and can even bring about worldwide positive change, including enabling other people to replicate our experiments in their local area.

So I’ve decided to make videos about what the environment team is doing, I believe this will help to show just how beneficial doing environmental recovery God’s Way really is. Particularly, I want to show a visual comparison, helping viewers see the land as it is now and then the positive transformation over the next few years. I hope that this will inspire others to try similar practices.

This is the first video I have done and it’s basically just a recap of what we did during one of our work weeks.

Soon I’ll be making other videos that go into detail about the purpose, method and long term vision of this project.

* Wisdom in this context does not infer that the seed or plant has a soul or mind, however that all of God’s natural creations are designed to reproduce and regenerate perfectly when not impacted by human soul condition. In future the God’s Way Ltd branch also hopes to demonstrate how the soul condition and attitudes of people involved in projects impacts upon environmental regeneration and seed planting – but this requires more explanation at another time.

AJ Miller (Jesus)
AJ Miller (Jesus)
God’s Way Visionary & Founding Member
Environment Branch Manager & Auditor
Jesus continues to mentor all God’s Way members and volunteers regarding how to implement and develop projects in harmony with God’s Principles. He provides the vision and design for all current God’s Way initiatives and audits all projects to ensure that they meet with the requirements laid out in the God’s Way Company Constitution.

Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck)
Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck)
Managing Director
Information Sharing Auditor & Editor
Mary is mentoring God’s Way Ltd members in how to write and present information. She spends many hours reading and editing the posts that are published on God’s Way Ltd’s website to ensure they are a truthful, accurate representation of what is happening in the organisation.

Jadda Jessop
Jadda Jessop

Author: Jadda Jessop
Co Author: Mary Luck
Date of Submission: 10 September 2018
Date of Event: August & September 2018
Branch: Environment
Branch Auditor: AJ Miller (Jesus)
Branch Manager: AJ Miller (Jesus)
Programme: Eco System Recovery
Project: Terraces
Location: Wilkesdale, Queensland, Australia

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