Volunteer Selection: Registration For April/May 2020 Now Open


It has been lovely to hear from those of you who have expressed your desire to participate in the next Volunteer Selection Programme (VSP).

The next Selection Programme will commence next year in 2020.
The project runs for 14 days over five weeks.
Project days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

The dates for the next VSP are:

Week 1, beginning Wednesday 1st April to Sunday 5th April, 2020
Week 2, beginning Wednesday 15th April to Sunday 19th April, 2020
Week 3, beginning Wednesday 29th April to Sunday 3rd May, 2020

You can register for the 2020 Volunteer Selection Programme at the God’s Way Ltd Eventbrite page, click here.

Registering for the event does not mean you are automatically accepted to the programme. Faciliators will advise if you have been accepted at least 8 weeks before the programme begins so that potential participants can make the necessary arrangements to attend.

Previously there had been some plans to hold a Volunteer Selection Programme at the end of 2019 however these have been cancelled as both the mentors and facilitators of the programme are heavily involved in other high priority projects and training within God’s Way Ltd and Divine Truth Pty Ltd organisations at this time.

For those of you who are new to the God’s Way Ltd website and have not heard about the VSP before, brief information about the project and links to further information are included below.

Brief information about the programme and links to further reading

The Volunteer Selection programme came about at the suggestion of Jesus It is designed to assess the sincerity of each participant of the programme in their desire to live and grow in harmony with God’s Principles and the God’s Way Ltd Constitution. When proposing the idea to the company directors, Jesus pointed out that it was more time efficient to assess these qualities in a number of people all at once, rather than have individual people (who said that they had such a desire) begin volunteering and being trained within God’s Way Ltd, each requiring one on one feedback and supervision from existing God’s Way Ltd members, only to find that many of these people may not have been sincere in their aspirations and intentions. This would waste a large amount of time within the organisation.

Once the suggestion was accepted by the company directors, Jesus and Mary then created the structure and clearly defined the aims and objectives of the programme. They then guided the facilitators, Tristan Miller and Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins, through every element of creating the necessary schedule, documentation and arranging the logistics for each instance of the project that has thus far been implemented. They trained and worked closely with Tristan and Eloisa to come up with a variety of activities that rapidly assess the attitudes, desires, intentions and motivations of participants of the programme.

The programme is a trial or a test period designed to identify permanent, passionate and desirous individuals who specifically desire to give to Divine Truth and/or God’s Way organisations and share God’s Truth with the world. The duration of the programme is 14 contact days over five weeks (the contact time of the programme is revised from time to time to fit in with the God’s Way Ltd work schedule).

You could say that the Volunteer Selection Programme is like a job interview (with practical activities) designed to assess participants desire to give gifts to the world and bring their lives into harmony with God’s Way. These qualities are requirements, set out in the God’s Way Ltd constitution, of all members and volunteers of God’s Way Ltd. The programme also provides an opportunity for participants to experience what volunteering for Diving Truth and God’s Way organisations is actually like. The structure of the VSP rapidly exposes the attitudes of an individual in a variety of situations, activities and interactions with others, and the directors and participants themselves can quickly see if a participant has a genuine desire to volunteer for the organisations or not. The end goal of the programme is to find individuals who desire to join a team of dedicated people who are:

    • Working towards a common goal
    • Living God’s Way
    • Sharing God’s Truth with the world
    • Creating love-based change in the world through example
    • Engaging, creating and sharing many different God’s Way Ltd projects with the world
    • Create opportunities for true education for themselves and others

    Participants who are found to be unsuitable to become volunteers during the programme are given specific feedback as to why this is the case and are encouraged to work through the soul based injuries that prevent them becoming a volunteer. They are welcome to attend a future selection programme once they begin to sincerely work through the issues exposed in the programme.

    For information about how to get involved in God’s Way organisation go to the ‘get involved tab’ at the top of the website, link here.

    Links to posts about activities during past volunteer selection programmes can be found by typing ‘volunteer selection’ into the search function on the website or pressing on this link.

    God’s Way Ltd mentors, facilitators and volunteers really enjoy being involved in the Volunteer Selection Programme and getting to know those who participate. The team is looking forward to running the next programme in 2020.

    Until next time, best wishes from the Volunteer Selection Team

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