Branch Background: Information Sharing & Divine Truth Records Team

As it becomes established, God’s Way Ltd is benefiting from the skills, resources and years of experience of the Divine Truth organisation.

This post includes background and history of the Divine Truth Records Team and God’s Way Ltd Information Sharing Branch, which support the sharing of Divine Truth teachings and God’s Way projects with the world. The post is written by Mary and includes contributions from former volunteer Barbara McNair (Barb).


Divine Truth & God’s Way Ltd

Firstly, here is some background to help explain the relationship between Divine Truth and God’s Way Organisations, how they support each other, and how the role of a volunteer for both organisations crosses over and interlinks.

Briefly, Divine Truth Pty Ltd is the company created in order to teach and share Divine Truth teachings throughout the world. Divine Truth is owned and operated by Alan John Miller (Jesus) and Mary Suzanne Luck (Mary Magdalene) and all Divine Truth teachings are available for free on the Divine Truth website:

God’s Way is a not for profit company, governed by members and run by a member elected board of directors. The founding members of God’s Way Ltd are Alan John Miller (Jesus) and Mary Suzanne Luck (Mary Magdalene). Jesus and Mary provided crucial input to the God’s Way Ltd directors in the establishment of a clear vision and operational structure for the God’s Way organisation. They continue to assist all members, directors and volunteers in the development of leadership qualities in harmony with love, truth, and morality. It is crucial that directors learn these leadership qualities if God’s Way is to grow and thrive as an organisation.

You can read more about the relationship between the two organisation here: Organisation Background: God’s Way Ltd & Divine Truth Pty Ltd

How the Divine Truth Records Team assists God’s Way Ltd

Formally established in 2009, the Divine Truth Records Team’s primary role was to transcribe Divine Truth seminars and presentations into written format. Currently, volunteers also format and edit other written materials on the website into various formats. Then, where possible, all documents are translated into multiple languages. All the while the team works to ensure that every document remains an accurate reflection of the words spoken at the original event.

While God’s Way Ltd is being established the Records Team is offering these same services to God’s Way.

Using much of the knowledge and many of the procedures that Jesus and others have developed over years in Divine Truth, the members and directors of God’s Way Ltd have begun to establish the Information Sharing Branch. Many of the current processes and procedures in the Divine Truth Records Team will be able to be mirrored by volunteers in the God’s Way Information Sharing Branch. In addition, in the short term while God’s Way Ltd is still in its early stages of development, the Divine Truth Records Team will also provide valuable services directly to God’s Way organisation.

Most of the procedures the Records Team uses and the approach Divine Truth takes to document production will be able to be implemented in the God’s Way Information Sharing Branch.

Divine Truth Records Team

Most of the work of the Records Team is undertaken by two divisions – the Transcribing & Editing Team and the Translating Team. The Transcribing & Editing Team completes twenty different editing stages for each presentation in order to produce transcripts, clips, eBooks, printed booklets and subtitles for videos. On completion of the editing stages, translations into various languages are undertaken by members of the Translation Team. There are currently transcripts in 21 different languages in the Divine Truth International Library.

To ensure efficiency and consistency throughout the various stages of editing, extensive written procedures have been created and refined.

At this time the Records Team is made up of 55 active volunteers, 30 within the Transcribing & Editing Team and 25 within the Translating Team. Volunteers can contribute to more than one editing process and volunteers of the translation team often interchange between the transcribing and translating teams. Having volunteers who are multi-skilled and capable of undertaking multiple edit processes enables the team to maintain a consistent output of documents.

Records Team volunteers come from from all over the world and all work remotely, communicating and submitting work to the team manager via email. These volunteers are people willing to use their time, energy, and personal resources to further the sharing of Divine Truth and God’s Way organisation projects worldwide. Each volunteer plays a part in the team achieving these goals, and many comment that they also enjoy personal rewards from immersing themselves in the text of the Divine Truth teachings as they work on initial transcriptions or subsequent edits of the text.

History of the Records Team

Since Jesus commenced teaching Divine Truth publicly he understood the benefit of creating audio and visual recordings of his teaching. Such recordings allow for many people, aside from those present at the live event, to benefit from the material presented and for those who were present to revisit what he said time and again. As he likes to joke, it lessens the need for him to repeat himself as often.

In addition to realising the value of recording events, he also understood the power and potential of creating written material, including completing accurate transcripts of what was taught and discussed at teaching events. This led him to personally complete the very first transcriptions available on the Divine Truth website. Following his lead, a number of other independent individuals also took on the task from time to time.

Then in November 2009, a small group of relatively recent listeners to Divine Truth met at a private home on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. It was suggested at this meeting to form a team dedicated to creating written and printed formats of this life-changing information.

At that time, it was proposed that the initial transcribing process be outsourced, and the subsequent editing stages could then be undertaken by a team of local volunteers, as the team grew through personal desires. A small team was formed to investigate, coordinate and manage the process. The team quickly found that outsourcing the transcription was not efficient or cost effective and this idea was abandoned. Also, the desire faded in some of the original team, so it was two volunteers that quietly and diligently ploughed on for several years before others with the same passion came forward to join the team.

Between 2009 and 2011 the team grew from just a handful of people to a group numbering up to twenty.

In 2012 there was an influx of more skilled and passionate volunteers joining the team to participate in both the transcribing and translating processes. It was with some of these new, skilled volunteers that more of the editing stages requiring certain skill sets could be undertaken. The end products from the team were now becoming much more presentable and professional in content and appearance.

In 2014 Jesus programmed built-in macros that could be used with the document templates (templates which were also created by Jesus).

A Macro is a sequence of computer code commands used to automate repetitive actions, that would otherwise need to be completed manually by the person operating the computer.

These macros allowed editors to automate with a click of a button various painstaking processes that previously took many hours to complete. Much of the work of formatting transcribed text could now be done automatically instead of being completed manually. The team now had significant momentum. During this time and in the subsequent years, the team was able to present hundreds of transcripts, eBooks and printed booklets sharing Divine Truth messages and lessons with the world.

2017 was a year for consolidation, as the team’s work flow changed due to growth and future visions for the spreading of Divine Truth and incorporating the anticipated future activities of God’s Way Ltd. The editing processes needed revising and expanding with considerably more detail and clarification. Much computer programming was undertaken by Jesus and then later under the direction of Jesus, by Kate Eckersall, to enable the automation of several of the editing stages, mainly for the production of subtitles, clips, eBooks and printed booklets. It was during this year that the team’s editing stages for each transcript went from seven to twenty. Each stage in the process requires a particular review and edit to be completed by a single individual.

Records Team Workflow

Records Team Workflow

In order to maintain efficiency and regular output, many changes were made to how the team functioned, and a training programme was developed to educate volunteers on all the new processes. This education programme not only served the existing team of volunteers well, but it continues to be a beneficial resource for new volunteers wishing to join the team.

2018 was a year for applying the new procedures to previously produced documentation and newly delivered material. These changes have taken some time to implement, and the Records Team have now completed initial transcripts for all Divine Truth presentations that are currently published on the Divine Truth website and YouTube channels. Changes in the team and the need for some members to take on new roles requiring training and skill development has lead to some delays in completing the later stages of transcript editing, but in time there will be a lot of new documents appearing on the Divine Truth website.

Mission & Vision Statements

As the Records Team grew it was decided that team members would benefit from clear explanation of the team’s objectives and approach to tasks. Therefore Mission and Vision statements for the Records Team were developed.

Mission Statement

  • To uphold the integrity of the spoken words of those sharing Divine Truth with the world
  • To utilise as many different mediums as possible to share Divine Truth with the world
  • To freely provide these Truths to any seeking heart

Vision Statement

The objectives of the Records Team are to:

  • Transcribe all media files from Divine Truth into written format (The Records Team have also commenced providing this service to God’s Way Ltd)
  • Translate all material on the into different languages
  • Transcribe/translate any other non-copyrighted Divine Truth, God’s Way and Spiritual material

Transcribing and translating the material enables the information to be available and used in different ways. For example:

  • Subtitles can be created for all media files
  • Books in electronic and printed format can be created
  • Search features can be developed to enable people to find information easily
  • A secure written record of Divine Truth material exists

The benefit of creating subtitles, transcripts and books is that an opportunity exists for the following groups of people to access the Divine Truth teachings and God’s Way projects:

  • People who do not speak English (over 6 billion people)
  • People who do not have electricity (approximately 1.5 billion people)
  • People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (approximately 70 million people)

Leadership and Management of the Records Team

Jesus was the first person to ever transcribe a Divine Truth presentation and it has always been his vision to create books and other written materials that share the message of Divine Truth. His vision has guided the development of the Records Team processes and procedures and he envisions an even wider scope for the team’s functions and tasks in the future than what they currently undertake.

Jesus created all of the templates for the team’s documents, programmed the automation of various tasks (assisted more recently by Kate Eckersall, under the direction of Jesus), provides direction about management of team members, refines and finally approves the team workflow and procedures, maintains computing hardware and software and keeps back-up copies of all Records Team data.

Jesus also directly manages the Records Team leader. This role was filled for many years by Barbara McNair. Barb was removed from this role in 2018 but both Divine Truth and God’s Way Ltd organisations, their members and volunteers, are appreciative of the dedication and work she contributed to implementing many of the team’s crucial procedures and managing the many thousands of documents that are received and distributed in this role. Kate, a God’s Way Ltd member and Divine Truth volunteer, has recently taken over as Records Team leader. She is passionate about creating standards and systems for the collection and management of data (including transcripts and translations), that can be used across both organisations.

Records Team Leader’s Duties

  • Day to day management of Transcription & Translation Teams
  • Manage & coordinate the flow of documents from transcription to final edit
  • Manage & coordinate the flow of documents for translation and sub-titling
  • Maintain diagram library, tracking of documents, and special projects
  • Maintain up to date procedures for transcription and translation documents
  • Provide certain specific training to team members

The Records Team Leader works closely with Jesus and Mary who guide and approve changes to procedures and team changes.

What Lies Ahead

In future The Records Team is sure to take on many more projects; the team never finishes a project before discussions begin on new possibilities and ideas for the next one. At the moment the team have a significant backlog of some tasks due to the fact that most projects are very time consuming.

A lot happens within the Records Team is unseen and at the moment there are a core handful of volunteers that are passionate about the aims of the team and they produce 80 percent of the team’s overall outcomes.

God’s Way Ltd can now begin to benefit from the solid procedures and quality volunteers from within the Divine Truth organisation, as it begins to establish its Information Sharing Branch.

AJ Miller (Jesus)
AJ Miller (Jesus)
God’s Way Visionary & Founding Member
Information Sharing Designer, Manager & Auditor
Jesus continues to mentor all God’s Way members and volunteers regarding how to implement and develop projects in harmony with God’s Principles. He provides the vision and design for all current God’s Way initiatives and audits all projects to ensure that they meet with the requirements laid out in the God’s Way Company Constitution.

Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck)
Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck)
Managing Director
Information Sharing Auditor & Editor
Mary is mentoring God’s Way Ltd members in how to write and present information. She spends many hours reading and editing the posts that are published on God’s Way Ltd’s website to ensure they are a truthful, accurate representation of what is happening in the organisation.

Barbara McNair
Barbara McNair

Author: Mary Luck
Co-Author: Barbara McNair
Date of submission: 27 June 2018
Branch: Information Sharing
Branch Auditor: AJ Miller (Jesus)
Branch Manager: AJ Miller (Jesus)
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