Thank you


God’s Way Ltd directors would like to thank everyone who gives gifts and donations to the organisation. These gifts and donations include but are not limited to: time, effort & resources including finances. All gifts & donations large, small, regular or one off contributions are most appreciated, thank you!

God’s Way organisation is entirely funded and run by gifts and donations (financially and by volunteered time etc) from individuals who feel passionate about the organisation’s vision, principals and goals as outlined in the company constitution. The directors are grateful for the contributions that people make that help the organisation work towards realising it’s vision and achieving it’s goals.

Currently there is a small team of dedicated individuals who are volunteering their time to work on various projects, many of which are being shared (as time allows) via this blog/website. We hope you are enjoying finding out more about God’s Way and what is happening in the organisation via these blog posts.

God’s Way Ltd members and volunteers love doing what they do and look forward to continuing to share information with you as the organisation grows and expands.

Further reading

More information about God’s Way Ltd company constitution, vision, principles and goals, can be found at the following links:
God’s Way Ltd company constitution
God’s Way Ltd Fundamentals Blog Series


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