Volunteer Selection: Registrations Closing 5th January 2020

Registrations will be closing on the 5th of January 2020 for the next instance of the God’s Way Ltd and Divine Truth Pty Ltd combined volunteer selection project.

This instance of the project will include 14 contact days over a five week period in the Wilkesdale area of Queensland, Australia from the 30th March to 1st May 2020.

The Volunteer Selection Project was created for people who wish to volunteer for either God’s Way Ltd or Divine Truth Pty Ltd. It is designed to assess if participants have a sincere desire to give gifts to the world in harmony with God’s Way; including a desire to humbly address emotions that are out of harmony with Love and with giving gifts.

Completion of this project is compulsory for anyone wishing to become a regular volunteer for either Divine Truth or God’s Way Ltd.

You can read about past project instances here.

If you are interested in attending further details follow


Participants maintaining the cleaning equipment after cleaning shipping containers.

Pre-requisites for the course

Participants must:
1. have a sincere desire to assist in the work of sharing Divine Truth worldwide
2. be available to attend and participate on all the days outlined above
3. be desirous of feedback regarding your emotions and condition in love, especially in relation to your being of service to others
4. be desirous and willing to work on your emotions and condition in love in your own time throughout the duration of the project
5. be aware that you will be removed from the project if certain conditions or requirements are not met
6. place a priority on sharing your personal time, energy and resources towards goals and aspirations of Divine Truth and God’s Way
7. desire and be available to assist Divine Truth and God’s Way Ltd projects after the Selection Project is complete, potentially on a permanent basis.

Dates & Times for this project instance:

Week 1
Wed, 1st April
Thurs, 2nd April
Fri, 3rd April
Sat, 4th April
Sun, 5th April

Week 2
Wed, 15th April
Thurs, 16th April
Fri, 17th April
Sat, 18th April
Sun, 19th April

Week 3
Wed, 29th April
Thurs, 30th April
Fri, 1st May
Sat, 2nd May
Sun, 3rd May


Participants weeding mother of millions for the God’s Way Ltd Invasive Species Project.

In order to complete the project participants are required to attend all 14 days of fully engaged participation and complete a number of homework tasks and assignments.

During the 5 week period of the project all participants are provided with feedback about issues of love that are affecting your input into activities and given the opportunity to work through those issues in your own time.

Project tasks may include anything from the use of computer technology through to heavy manual labour.

You can register your interest to attend here.

Registration is closing Sunday 5th January 2020.


Participants receive feedback on preparing a damaged environmental area to catch water and plant flora.



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