Technical Training: An Introduction to HTML

The purpose of the God’s Way Ltd Technical Training Programme is to create training resources for a variety of technologies, which can be used within the organisation and shared publicly.

In setting up Divine Truth Pty Ltd, God’s Way Ltd Founding Member AJ Miller (Jesus) has investigated a vast number of technologies to improve the quality, function and economy of various tasks undertaken by the organisation. This includes audio & video recording hardware & editing software, hardware and software solutions for file sharing via a computer network, thorough and reliable backup systems… and much more.

Through experimentation, Jesus selects the most ideal technologies available at the time, and develops his own skills, knowledge and expertise in using them. In recent years, Jesus has begun training directors, members and volunteers of God’s Way Ltd in these ‘best practices’ that he has discovered. He generously shares his knowledge and expertise with others and God’s Way Ltd intends to share this training beyond the organisation as well, so that many more people can learn and benefit.

HTML is a technology that Jesus feels will be a suitable foundation for computer systems that God’s Way Ltd intends to create (and share), to assist with its day-to-day operations. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the standard coding language for displaying documents in a web browser (such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari). HTML is used to structure information and inform the browser how to display content such as text, images, links, lists and tables.

When combined with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), HTML becomes a powerful framework for quick, easy and consistent formatting of information to suit different purposes. For example, text and photos summarising work undertaken on God’s Way Ltd projects during a given period could be presented as a post on the blog, as a document for A4 printing or as a formal report. Each format typically uses different font styles, font sizes, page layout and ways of presenting information. Applying formatting manually takes time and is prone to human error, but HTML and CSS code could be developed to allow various presentation formats to be produced in an instant.

Add JavaScript (a computer programming language) to the mix and these technologies can be used together to create computer applications (apps) for mobile and desktop devices.

The technologies HTML, CSS and JavaScript have a number of beneficial features, including:

  • They can be used freely and don’t require licensing, which is in harmony with God’s Way of sharing gifts generously
  • They can be used for a variety of purposes such as: formatting documentation, building websites, formatting posts for a blog and creating apps. This in in harmony with God’s Principle of multi-functionality
  • They are simple and easy to learn
  • They produce files which are very small in size and therefore require minimal disk space and other computer system resources to store and run. (In computing the term ‘lightweight’ is used to describe technologies with these kinds of features). This greatly reduces initial and ongoing costs of using the technologies
  • The software and hardware required to code and use them is not specialised, and is already installed on the majority of computers. They are a coded in simple, text-based formats that can be created using any text editor (such as Notepad or Sublime) and viewed in an internet browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari)

Late in 2018, Kate offered God’s Way Ltd volunteers the opportunity to learn the basics of HTML.

Interactive HTML Training Session

Interactive HTML Training Session

The introductory presentation and resources used during this session are linked below, for anyone interested in getting started with HTML. Training for CSS, JavaScript, other programming languages and computer-based processes may follow later!


Click here to download for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later (.ppsx file extension)
Click here to download for Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 (.pps file extension)

Training Resource Bundle

Zip file package containing training resources and exercises referenced in the PowerPoint Presentation.

Click here to download

Title: Technical Training: An Introduction to HTML
Date of Submission: 21 June 2019
Programme: Technical Training
Programme Manager: AJ Miller (Jesus)
Post Contributors: Kate Eckersall, Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins, Mary Luck

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