God’s Way Ltd 2019 Annual Report

Directors’ Message – Extract from God’s Way Ltd 2019 Annual Report

One of God’s Way Ltd’s aims is to discover and demonstrate effective methods in harmony with God’s Laws; which can be employed by any willing and passionate person, in order to repair the degradation of the natural environment, produce nutritious food, and to build loving relationships with self, God and others, free from addiction, greed and violence.

While the organisation would pursue this aim under any circumstance, crises such as climate change and the related social and economic pressures will soon necessitate humans seeking out new ways to inhabit the Earth and repair these issues.

The only effective and lasting solutions will be those in harmony with God’s Laws; methods which address the causes of these grave problems rather than focussing solely on their effects. This will involve, not only regeneration of the natural environment, but that people embrace significant individual and societal changes in harmony with love, truth, ethics and morality.

While God’s Way Ltd is still in its early years, the board remains passionate, working towards the ultimate vision that God’s Way can become a proficient sharer of quality information, tested methods, and truths in harmony with God’s Laws, thus providing the solutions that humankind requires.

This year, building on the work in previous years of incorporating and understanding how to run the company, and gaining skills in how to manage teams, the board – still largely led and mentored by Jesus (AJ Miller) – was able to focus on building key infrastructure necessary for future growth. This included:

  • Construction of various accommodation facilities
  • Large scale environmental recovery – while still in its infancy, God’s Way Ltd has already accrued large tracts of badly damaged land (988 acres in total) on which it has begun to implement recovery projects
  • Consistent improvements to data management procedures
  • Ongoing volunteer selection and management

Throughout the year a consistent limitation to completion of projects and commencement of new ones was the small number of volunteers within the organisation committed to the Gods’ Way Ltd Vision. Resources such as finance and materials were often available but having too few workers delayed or restricted project works.

However despite these challenges, significant works have been completed in 2019. And over the coming year, more needs to be done to improve the efficiency and speed with which updates and data gathered from current projects is shared publicly.

The board remains grateful to Jesus for his enormous input, leadership and expertise which he shares freely; enabling projects to commence and continue. Jesus continues to be the key creator and manager of God’s Way Ltd projects and works hard to bring them to fruition. Once all members and volunteers develop levels of passion and desire for the Vision of God’s Way Ltd similar to Jesus’ the company will expand rapidly.

As a company, our aspiration is to not only deliver practical solutions to physical problems but also to provide a lived example of the happiness, harmony and effectiveness that can be achieved when a group of individuals embrace a relationship with God, desiring to love all people and all creation. The board continues to value this aim and is grateful to contributors and donors and our mentor, Jesus, who all enable the opportunity to achieve it to exist.

God's Way Ltd Directors

God’s Way Ltd Directors

Follow the link below to read more of the 2019 Annual Report.
God’s Way Ltd 2019 Annual Report

Title: God’s Way Ltd 2019 Annual Report
Date of Submission: 29 November 2019
Date of Event: November 2018 – November 2019
Post Contributors: Mary Luck (Managing Director)

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