Thank You & USD Bank Account Details Change


Our heartfelt thank you to everyone who donates to God’s Way Ltd. Every gift and donation (time, resources, finances) is most appreciated and we are grateful for the donated funds that allow the company to cover basic running costs, projects and general expenses each year. It is such a gift to receive your contributions to both the organisation and to the members and full time volunteers.

Change to God’s Way Ltd’s USA Bank Account Details

For those of you in the United States who donate to God’s Wat Ltd via our USA (Wise) bank account, the account details have changed. If you desire to continue to donate to the organisation please update the USA bank account details on your end so that transfers continue without interruption.

New Wise bank account details can be found on the donate page or by pressing the link here.

Our love and gratitude to you all, the God’s Way Ltd directors

November 2022: Feijoa Flower, Wilkesdale QLD
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