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Activity Report: Work Period Beginning January 13, 2020

Hello & welcome to the God’s Way Ltd Activity Report for the work period January 13th – 24th, 2020. Since mid-2019, God’s Way organisation has worked on a fortnightly rotation work schedule. This means that most “full time” volunteers work…

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Activity Report: Work Period Beginning December 9, 2019

This post is an overview of the work undertaken by God’s Way Ltd, during the work period December 9th – 20th, 2019. Activities for this period include: Director Activities Heavy Machinery Maintenance Dam Earthworks Removal of Fences Safety Equipment Maintenance…

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Update: June 2018

Welcome! This update is an overview of what has been happening in God’s Way organisation over the past months. This year the directors want to share more regularly about all aspects of the organisation and the projects we are planning and/or have underway as there are many exciting things happening. In this post you will […]

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Update: February 2018

Hi Everyone! This is a brief update of what has been happening with God’s Way over the past months.

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