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Activity Report: February & March, 2020

Greetings and welcome to the God’s Way Ltd Activity Report covering work periods during February and March 2020.

As usual there has been a hive of activity and what is shared in this post is only a brief overview of the project-based activities during these work periods. Please keep in mind that there are many other things going on simultaneously, such as personal interactions, discoveries, experiences and feedback, which are not always reported but often take up the time of the Founding Members and Directors, and are essential to upholding love and the Company Constitution.

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Activity Report: Work Period Beginning January 13, 2020

Hello & welcome to the God’s Way Ltd Activity Report for the work period January 13th – 24th, 2020.

Since mid-2019, God’s Way organisation has worked on a fortnightly rotation work schedule. This means that most “full time” volunteers work on God’s Way projects for 12 days per month and have 16 days for spiritual development and working on personal projects. The directors and founding members often work longer than the 12 days, depending on what projects are happening at the time. And there are more casual volunteers who give their time for one or two days a week or fortnight.

While this arrangement has worked reasonably well, the directors have recently decided to trial a new work schedule for company volunteers commencing in March 2020.

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Scientific Research: Compelling Evidence in Support of Plant-Based Diet

A scientific journal article published in 2018 contained compelling scientific evidence that eating a plant-based diet, which excludes meat and animal products, is better for the environment.

The study, Reducing food’s environmental impacts through producers and consumers, conducted by Joesph Poore & Thomas Nemecek, gathered data on the environmental impacts of food produced on farms (primary producers of meat, fish, grains, fruit & vegetables), processors (food manufacturers and processing plants), food packaging plants and retailers.

Research Article Abstract

“Food’s environmental impacts are created by millions of diverse producers. To identify solutions that are effective under this heterogeneity, we consolidated data covering five environmental indicators; 38,700 farms; and 1600 processors, packaging types, and retailers. Impact can vary 50-fold among producers of the same product, creating substantial mitigation opportunities. However, mitigation is complicated by trade-offs, multiple ways for producers to achieve low impacts, and interactions throughout the supply chain. Producers have limits on how far they can reduce impacts. Most strikingly, impacts of the lowest-impact animal products typically exceed those of vegetable substitutes, providing new evidence for the importance of dietary change. Cumulatively, our findings support an approach where producers monitor their own impacts, flexibly meet environmental targets by choosing from multiple practices, and communicate their impacts to consumers.”

Joesph Poore & Thomas Nemecek, Reducing food’s environmental impacts through producers and consumers

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Notice Board: Gift – Rose Bushes

God’s Way Ltd Function Centre caretakers property residence is under going renovation and the garden is being re-landscaped.

There are six rose bushes that the directors want removed from the garden (see photos). The rose bushes are being gifted to anyone who would like to dig them up and remove them.

If you would like to remove and transplant the roses in your own garden or remove them for someone else contact the directors (Mary, Catherine or Eloisa) via email or mobile phone.
This is a job that we would like to be done as soon as possible as earth works begin in the second week of February 2020.

If this notice is still up, it means the roses are still available for collection.

Contact details
contact name: Eloisa, Catherine or Mary
email: office@godsway.net

Mobile phone
Eloisa: 0434 112 585
Catherine: 0428 386 861


Activity Report: Work Period Beginning December 9, 2019

This post is an overview of the work undertaken by God’s Way Ltd, during the work period December 9th – 20th, 2019.

Activities for this period include:
  • Director Activities
  • Heavy Machinery Maintenance
  • Dam Earthworks
  • Removal of Fences
  • Safety Equipment Maintenance
  • Cushnie Function Centre Caretaker’s Residence Renovation
  • Terraces Project
  • Garden Design Experiment
  • Blogging
  • Information Sharing
  • Community Green Waste, Rubbish & Recyclables Collection
  • Cleaning
  • Shared Meal

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Function Centre Caretaker’s Residence Renovation: Insulation & External Cladding

Under the direction of Jesus (AJ Miller) and management of David Walsh (Cornelius), the God’s Way Ltd Construction Team has continued work on the Cushnie Function Centre Caretaker’s Residence Renovation Project. During June 2019, God’s Way volunteers insulated the walls and replaced cement board cladding the outside of the house with corrugated steel panels.

Background information and an overview of the renovation can be found in the post Project Introduction: Function Centre Caretaker’s Residence Renovation, and on the Cushnie Function Centre Caretaker’s Residence Learning Centre page (also linked via the Learning Centres menu of this site).
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Notice Board: Free Fencing Materials-Self Removal – No Longer Available

No longer available

There are approx 1800 metres of fencing materials that need to be completely dismantled & removed from the God’s Way Ltd Function Learning Centre Caretakers property in Cushnie, Queensland Australia (photos below).

These materials are yours for free if you are willing to dismantle the fences and take them away promptly.

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Volunteer Selection: Reminder Registrations Close 5th January 2020


This is a reminder that registrations for the Volunteer Selection Programme (VSP) are closing on the 5th of January 2020.

If you would like to be a participant in the next VSP please register your interest at the God’s Way Ltd Eventbrite page before the 5th of January, click here.

The next Selection Programme will commence on Monday, 30th March, 2020.
The project runs for 14 days over five weeks.
Project days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

The dates for the next VSP are:

Week 1, beginning Monday 30th March to Friday 3rd April, 2020
Week 2, beginning Tuesday 14th April to Friday 17th April, 2020
Week 3, beginning Monday 27th April to Friday 1st May, 2020
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Garden Design: Cushnie Function Centre Caretaker’s Residence

During the Volunteer Selection Project (VSP) held during April 2019, participants contributed to an activity of God’s Way Ltd Environment Branch, which involved preparing an area of the Cushnie Function Centre Caretaker’s property for creating a garden. Positioned between a main road and the caretaker’s house, trees and shrubs planted in this garden would eventually form a sound barrier to minimise road noise and encourage birds and insect life. This activity was referred to as the ‘fish scale holes’ as the design Jesus created for the garden bed loosely resembles the overlapping geometry of fish scales.

The activity involved digging and shaping holes with banks and overflows that would capture rain water and when full, overflow into the next hole. More about the process can be found in the post: Volunteer Selection Project: Week 2, April 2019.

The 'fish scale shaped' garden design

The ‘fish scale shaped’ garden design

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Function Centre Caretaker’s Residence Renovation: Making the Changes

Welcome to the next update on the Cushnie Function Centre Caretaker’s Residence Renovation Project.

The Team has begun some construction at last. Renovations are interesting in that you have to remove everything that’s not needed in a de-construction phase, before the constructive creativity that feels like you’re getting somewhere can really begin. It’s kind of like having to go backwards in order to move forwards.

Sounds like a familiar analogy in reference to fixing up one’s own personal emotional life, where there is a need to de-construct sin within the soul in relation to a given subject, before the soul can be developed in the direction of God’s Love & Truth on that subject.
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