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Construction Ideas & Inspiration


‘Donut’ design (thanks to Jesus for sharing this concept & idea with us)

I get excited about experimenting with construction and various ways to make buildings/dwellings.

Our friend Jesus is an awesome ideas person, designer & problem solver and in a conversation some months ago was discussing with us construction ideas and speaking with us about design ideas and Love based principles in Construction. I made up some very basic concept drawings and paper mache initial concept designs to have a look in 3D (these are not to scale) what the ideas may look like.

Below: Concept models of possible layouts and ideas for the ‘Donut’ Design.

Our reason for sharing the concept designs publicly is firstly we felt so excited and inspired by the possibilities and ideas and secondly we are interested if you have any information, ideas, thoughts or inspirations that you desire to share in regards to construction,  please contact us through the ‘contact us’ page (press on link) or via email

We would love to hear about ideas in any areas, including but not limited to: concept development (additional ideas & inspirations you may have from seeing these designs), engineering (taking into consideration the below criteria – bullet points) particularly ideas to do with catastrophes including earthquakes, new and interesting materials that you may know about to use in construction, new power sources & people doing interesting experiments in these areas, waste management etc.

Jesus has discussed and spoke about some areas to look at when designing and creating buildings. Some (this is not an extensive list) of the qualities that we found inspiring are as follows:

  • Research, Planning & mini experimentation is SUPER important
  • Are lovingly designed, functional, economical, long lasting, least environmental impact as possible, made out of materials that creatures don’t want to eat and recycle
  • Standardized, so that they can be put up in all manner of places with similar design and materials used. Or with minimal modifications can be built in all climates and terrains.
  • Take into consideration environmental factors and function both in summer and winter
  • self sufficient
  • Simple – in design, to construct, to live in
  • Micro climates able to be created in the center of the ‘donuts’ to support an entire community with food produce and other essential materials, no matter what the climate or terrain.
  • Are able to withstand extreme weather conditions, natural disasters and earth change events such as: floods, tornado, hurricanes, earthquakes, extreme fires,
  • Can be constructed for reasonable cost out of materials found locally, if not literally on site where possible
  • Can be added one piece at a time
  • energy efficient, everything efficient
  • functional and support those who live in them, physically, in their desires & passions, lifestyle
  • Waste management – everything that is can be goes back into land regeneration

If you do desire to share please keep in mind that if you have ideas and find information it is most helpful to have it summarised and investigated thoroughly before sharing it, with sources sited (so others can find the info easily). Personal ideas & experience are welcomed. If you feel like sharing with us we’d love to hear from you.

“Donut” design:

Each section is individually created (see below) so that they can be made separately and then joined to the next one as needed. So that each new ‘unit’ was built it could be added to eventually form an entire ‘donut’.

Each ‘unit’ would have privacy as it faces away from the other and it would also mean any maintenance or repairs could be carried out by removing sections and replacing them if needed.

Tetrahedron shape could be used as square sides may be more cost effective in the short term.  Edges are square but form a ‘circle’ when all added together next to each other. This would lend itself to the same ideas as the ‘donut’ in making it in parts and able to replace and repair parts without damaging the whole.



this ‘conut’ complex could have a 20km diameter and potentially house 20, 000 people depending on design. It could also be 2 km wide, or as wide or small as suits the requirements

Top view (above) Could build this in sections at different times as needed. could have facilities such as schools and auditoriums. Due to being built in sections each one is able to be removed and repaired if needed without demolishing the entire structure. Potentially could house 20,000 people all with privacy, abundant food and awesome living conditions. This could be 3-4 levels high.


model of apartment/separate living space ideas for individual sections. These are not to scale

‘Donut’ design cross section (below).

  • water storage/sewage underground.
  • covered with hydraulic system that can lift the roof to enable air to flow
  • under cover part is created to be a consistent temperature in order to grow food all year round. Particularly good for very cold environments.
  • This design is a four story ‘donut’ design which would include homes, school, halls, meeting space, areas for creating e.g. making clothes, cooking/kitchen areas, market type areas, creation spaces.
  • Walkways could go all around the inside in order for people to easily get about and enjoy themselves. In this design view faces outwards. Depending on size could face inwards to enjoy the gardens, pools, various other beautiful features.

cross section of ‘donut’ construction idea (not to scale)


Cross section of ideas for ‘donut’ design with retractable dome over middle section for food growing/food forest, natural beauty area and mirco climate. (Not to scale)

2km – 20km or more distance in middle. Could actually build a ‘donut’ around a hill, or encompassing rain forest (see drawing concept below).

Due to the design being made up of sections could make it over time as funds become available and the desire or need for it grows.

Could have earth built up on outsides with grass/plants growing up over it. ‘Donuts’ could have view facing into the hill/forest. or could do it opposite way and have view facing outwards.


build the ‘donut’ around a hill encompassing rain forest. Creating a ‘bio dome’ where many things could grow in a micro climate. (Not to Scale). Part could also have earth over it for strength and durability.

Some Advantages:

  • Can build on any terrain as it can ‘mould’ around hills, through forests etc.
    has great Privacy as each section’s outlook is viewing nothing in front of them, all have a  view, all connected
  • walk ways internally/externally so that it is easy to get around without damaging areas
  • less land taken for housing
  • more economical resources & money wise
  • self contained
  • private while being part of a community
  • self sufficient – food, waste, etc
  • incorporates everything needed with least amount of damage to environment.

Would eventually like to have levitation/vacuum suction devices to get around in instead of cars and roads. Could have communal transport so that everyone didn’t need their own vehicle – e.g. levitation ‘train’ to whizz about around the grounds etc (I don’t know about the higher laws of love or how this works yet, but I love the idea).

Using materials such as earth bricks could mean you do least amount of damage in smallest area as using onsite materials – needs further investigation

Above are some ideas of layout designs (not to scale) and window options. Could have retractable window shutters, and ability to have various ways to help protect the building from earth change events, or extreme weather events. The design would be such that there is very little modifications needed but can be made anywhere in the world. Retractable coverings to shut out light or protect from extreme weather events.

Other ideas:


Above, idea of having a central domed pod in the middle with curved ‘pod’s’ radiating out from the middle. Based on ‘Nissan huts’ idea in Australia. Could also do this with covered shipping containers.

Would suit a family or could have it as four families all with back of pods joining central area where food/kitchen/eating area. (can design all sorts of things)

Rounded shaped buildings (below). Probably strong, but individual. These could have earth over the roof and use aeration ducts through the water storage area to keep them cool and moderate temperature.


God’s Way of Education Introduction.

My Name is Tristan Miller,

I wish to give an impression of who I am, why I really want to be a part of this God’s Way of Education and why people should trust God’s Way of Love to create such a framework to teach and engage children and families.

This is the biggest subject I care about, which I know can be addressed with much more love than it currently is:

At the moment education for our youngsters is missing something. They are not actively learning how to actually treat themselves or others lovingly, nor how to be emotionally responsible for how they feel. There are no current widely recognised lessons for this, no state or federal framework for this sort of education.

It seems to actually be something that families are expected to provide when, at best, parents are often trying to learn about these things in their own lives, at the time.

So when it comes to emotional upheavals and issues of care of ourselves and one another it’s no surprise I’ve personally heard a larger portion of local educational staff and local families tell me that they are confused, fearful and often distraught when they are trying to help a young person who is showing a huge lack in the ability to even be nice to themselves or others in their actions, let alone in their words, thoughts and feelings.

However, I feel sure that this NOT just a local problem.

We need to start teaching not only children but everyone how to communicate honestly, how to create without destroying, how to learn from mistakes and not fear mistakes, and how to lead people with a genuine empathy not how to manipulate.

We need to start teaching how to connect with the loving soul based passions everyone has, how to create an industry on those desires, and then how to lead people in those industries to create services and goods that benefit everybody and harms as little as we can.

But even more pressing we need to teach everyone how to be responsible and caring, especially in heightened or emotionally charged situations or even just why a person benefits when they decide to be responsible or caring.

Humanity needed this framework of education a while ago.

The issue is that it will need at least one of us who has had the passion for it, the drive to do it, and the goal to disseminate it worldwide. It would be even better with a team. It would even be better as a worldwide educational goal.

The catch is that person or group will also need to know all about this kind of love to be able teach it effectively.

Those of us who want to do this, know for a fact that we do not currently have the knowledge to make this a success. We don’t know all about love, not in our hearts.

However, we do feel and wish to show recorded proof that we can learn all about this love by having an emotionally based relationship with God. Like a child has with their parent.

We feel that in this kind of relationship God would be able to teach us.

This is based on faith and logic that if God is real and is the creator of the universe then, like how we try and teach our children, God wishes to teach us. This is something that all those who are involved in creating or implementing this framework and these projects will first need to experiment with themselves.

To iterate: this is not a religious order or church we are creating. We have come to see that everyone can have a PERSONAL relationship with god, and those of us who wish to create this type of education feel it is absolutely necessary to grow this relationship with everything we have and hopefully we will have solid recorded proof that shows real and quantifiable results that this relationship works the way we think it will.

If anyone who reads this wishes to investigate this kind of relationship with God, then I suggest checking out www.divinetruth.com

It is a choice that can only be made by an individual and it will also be a choice all parents and children who get involved have the opportunity to make.

If a family or child wishes to just learn about their own personal love and emotional responsibility and the benefits of these instead then we will teach them that.

So this is why it will be called God’s Way of Education.

This is not only our ideal, but the main push for us to create an education framework based on teaching people about love.

What we wish to do is implement three projects:

  • We wish to create example schools around the world that teach love and emotional responsibility in all parts of a growing person’s life.

Our plan is to create a space where Children learn the academic information that they would usually learn but with an emphasis on how to be emotionally responsible for themselves, emotionally responsible with others and how to lead others in an emotionally responsible way. Part of this will be lessons on how to connect to their soul passion’s, then planning and creating projects based on these passions. The process of creating such a school will be documented and recorded. We plan to teach the option of an education directly from God or the option of an education based on loving principles.

  • We wish to create a program plan for Parent’s to teach and create a more loving and emotionally responsible space at home for themselves and their children.

We plan to show both the emotional and academic benefits of implementing a loving education at home. We plan to create step-by-step assistance and video seminars for Parents. We also will be creating documentation and recordings to show how these have worked with other families who wished to experiment with this process themselves.

  • We wish to create a program plan for Schools which wish to duplicate the results that happen at the example school we create.

We plan to consult with schools who wish to implement the God’s Way of Education framework that will be shown in the first two projects.

This is going to take time, energy, and a whole lot of experimentation.

Those involved directly so far are not perfect in the love I have already described and that includes myself. We wish to take action and grow that knowledge. We are going to be asking for guidance and personal feedback from the current two teachers of Divine Truth on this planet, Alan John Miller and Mary Luck, as much as we possibly can.

I am not saying they will always endorse us or that we have their seal of approval. We will make mistakes ourselves but are going to uphold correcting ourselves at any opportune moment.

We will be under the same constitution as God’s Way of Love organisation. This constitution is a set of legal requirement for how these organisations will be run, and are very specific about how all those involved will be required to correct ourselves in love, with love. These documents will be shown publicly soon. This is to ensure that all those taking part will be applying the principles in the constitution, rectifying any issue that they have with the principles or  not being a part of the creation.

If none of us adhere to the constitution then we will not go forward and this will be an experiment that others with more passion, love, truth and education may take up at a later time.

God’s Way of Love will be only accepting donations, for those like myself who wish to put all our time in the organizations growth it will probably be our only income, we will not be taking out loans, nor will we be getting any income or products through advertising deals. These donations will be used in furthering these projects and others that the organisation choose to implement under the constitution.

We will be very honest about what we are trying to accomplish, with the general public, any and all people involved in these projects, and local councils.

We will not have all the answers at the start and these projects may drastically change over the coming years. A part of the experimentation is finding out what works, what needs to be fine-tuned and what needs to be abandoned. As we work on our own personal relationships with God we hope to show that this process can happen with ease and with speed.

This is something I really want to see started in this world and so I thought, “why not at least start the process”. I had actually planned to just work part time so I had time to start an initial planning phase.

But Eloisa and Pete have been instrumental in providing a starting point for me, where I can now do this full time, so I can put more energy into this and removing my own blocks to a personal relationship with God and I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity they are giving me. That they wish to work with me in creating this is just amazing and I am flummoxed by the support shown.

I also cannot stress enough how beneficial AJ and Mary’s input has been so far. Not only for this but for my life. The fact that they are planning on putting time aside for continued personal help is such a big gift.


I am working with Eloisa, Pete and their three children on the start-up school, currently being run out of a home they are generously letting me use privately as well.

I am working with Eloisa and Pete on a framework for initial interviews with parents and then children, so that the school and the family can assess which issues of love that will need to be worked through. One of our big goals is to have a series of lessons for each and every emotional issue that may plague a family, so that families who are watching may choose to experiment and implement in their own lives.

Lastly I am working on a plan detailing what the example school staffing and goals may look like at this time.

This will be published on the internet.

To Contact us about God’s Way of Education please use the following email address:


God’s Way of Education

Hi and Welcome to this exciting section of the Discovery Learning Centre Blog, the ‘Gods Way of Education Page (can be accessed from the home page on the left hand tab of this blog).

This is the place to come if you are interested in Education and Learning about Love from God’s Perspective, particularly in regards to ‘parents’*, children, teaching & education systems.

Archie people 2

by Archie 2015

If you are interested to know more, these are the ways to get in touch:

  1. Via the ‘contact us’ page on this website
  2. Check out the Left hand tab labelled God’s Way of Education on the left hand side of this blog
  3. Or contact Eloisa Or Tristan at: education@godsway.net

So who are ‘we’?

Presently the collaborators include:

Tristan Miller

Eloisa & Peter Lytton-Hitchins

Izabella, Charlie & Archie Lytton-Hitchins

Mentors: Jesus & Mary Magdalene

We would like to welcome Tristan as a contributor to the blog/website and let you know that he will be contributing posts from time to time here to do with his passions and desires and the projects we are collaborating on. We hope you enjoy getting to know him!

You’ll be hearing more from Tris personally soon.

We look forward to this project expanding and collaborating with more people who are passionate and desirous to be involved in the future.

What is God’s Way of Education all about?

We feel that God’s Way of Education is about how we can grow a personal relationship with God and learn directly from God about everything (it makes sense to connect to the highest source of all knowledge).

We desire to learn God’s Way of educating and replicating an education system, for adults & children, based on Principle’s of God’s truth that can be shared with the world. We would like take create programs for families and schools that currently exist, as well as implementing them in future schools & education systems (including eventually universities & higher education). It is a system based on Love (God’s version), learning the Truth about Natural Love (Humans can develop on their own) & Divine Love (God’s Love).

As you can read we have big aspirations, smile.

We have heaps to learn about how God does things rather than the world’s way. We are learning and growing ourselves so this project will reflect that and we are sure there will be many discoveries and changes as we discover more about Love & God’s Truth.

About this page, including an introduction to some of our Ideas, Aspirations & intentions: 

We will be posting information, ideas, experiments and findings on this page.

This page will be all about what we learn about how God educates us, how education takes place in the spirit world, Education itself, education of parents, children, teachers, educators, adults, and probably a whole heap more stuff that we discover or are interested in about education too.

We will be setting up a website in the future, but presently that requires us educating ourselves further in how to do that and in gathering and documenting various information and data to share with you in regards to Parents, children, education in relation to Principle’s of God’s Truth.

Due to this having never been done on Earth before there are various trial and error aspects we are encountering and we have so much to learn. It could be some months before information is shared publicly, but when we get the time and have exciting experiences and findings we sure will be sharing.

Presently we are in experiencing and experimenting mode and that takes time and efforts on our part, and due to ‘doing’ we don’t always have the time to write a blog or website entry about it. Also we don’t want to share things that are insincere and so we need to experiment and experience them for ourselves so we know for sure that what we are talking about is true and works and it not just being a ‘good idea’.

We will share our ideas from time to time and when we do, we hope to follow up with evidence, experiences and ways that you can implement the same principles to create positive change in your lives if you so desire.

We will always state if we do not know something, when it is an experiment or a trial  and when we have made a discovery that we are certain in our hearts about. These last experiences (the ones we feel God’s Truth about) I feel will be able to be replicated and so we will share the principles and process so others can try it too.

From the experiences that each of us have had over the last years we know that consistency is essential & if parents/guardians of children educate themselves and release emotionally any beliefs/belief systems, feelings, emotions, desires, expectations, demands etc out of harmony with love from God’s perspective this has a hugely positive impact on the child/ren in their care.

We have experienced that the greatest impact on a child’s learning comes from the emotional injuries (negative impact) or lack of them (positive impact) in the environment a child grows up in. So we believe if we as the parents/guardians, teachers, educators and adults can release emotionally the issues that impact negatively on themselves & others including a child then the child has the opportunity to more easily release the inherited injuries and emotions and be free of them which we hypothesize will have a huge impact on them in all kinds of positive ways.

We are excited about experimenting and documenting this process so that there will be information and studies that people can refer to in the future to show that this is possible, how to actually do it, step by step and where the experiences, ideas, mistakes and various other aspects of the learning that takes place is shared and documented.

We hope you enjoy what is shared here and it provides you at the very least with something to ponder and potentially try out for yourself if you so desire.

If you are interested and experimenting personally with Principle’s of God’s Truth, particularly in the education sector and with children, we encourage you to scientifically document the process including what you do, how you do it and the changes that occur over time. We’d love to hear your experiences, you can contact us through the previously mentioned methods at the top of this post.


Back Ground to ‘how it all came about’:

In 2014 Jesus & Mary** were visiting Peter and I in Kentucky, NSW. They mentioned that Tristan was very interested in learning & sharing about how God Educates us. They suggested that Tristan might be interested in catching up and discussing ideas with us as we both had similar desires.

So in November 2014 Tristan came to visit us in Kentucky, NSW.

We got SUPER excited, particularly when discussing about discovering how God educates us and how education takes place in the spirit world. We are excited about how we can learn from God personally, share what we learn and potentially replicate how God educates us in all school & education systems on Earth. We would like to set up desire based education centres where Love based education becomes reality.

Over the past few years Pete and I had decided to make some changes in our lives. We want to get to a point that we can share God’s Truth that we have experienced with the world as our full time business. In December 2015 we moved to Tingoora, Queensland, Australia as there are a number of people we desire to collaborate with and learn from in the area.

Jesus spoke to us about an idea he had had about how we all might really jump into our Education desire. It was a really great idea and I am excited to report we are doing it.

Peter and I have some funds from selling the farm which have enabled us to currently donate enough funds and a house to use for Tristan so he can collaborate with us & pursue this passion full time.

Our aim over the next while is to each work through our money injuries so that we can attract enough funds to abundantly cover our passions and desires and enough funds to cover our day to day living expenses. The projects that we are planning on doing involve attracting funds before they can be created.

We have set up a time table were the children remain in state school for their academic learning and go to ‘Tristan’s School’ a couple of days a week to learn about Principle’s of God’s truth. The focus being on Lessons of Love for us (adults) & the children.

We began the first intensive on June the 3rd, 2016 and have continued each week since then. The kids are excited about some aspects and hugely challenged by others – particularly their addictions being challenged. This is a perfect reflection of where we -parents – are at (exactly the same feelings), which is the beauty of the process. Children reflect their environment particularly parents PERFECTLY! God has made a truly awesome process which encourages us to learn to Love, and learn all about Love.

This creates lots of opportunities and we have quite a few reasons for doing this. For example: Each Lesson of Love will become part of the future curriculum for a school we would like to set up. We are all trailing and testing how to implement the Lessons of Love in the best ways possible and learning love lessons ourselves along the way.

It is an opportunity to work on issues between adults and children and document the results of how the emotions of parents affect children, emotionally, physically, spiritually etc. This will aid us in the future to share with other parents the Lessons in Love that we learn and set up a parenting program and education opportunity for adults that will run along side the kids education program. We feel that it is imperative for parents to grow an aspiration to Love if they truly want to change, truly desire to Love children & potentially be involved with the future school.

We are audio recording everything we do presently and will be video recording as much as possible in the coming months, along with written information. We hope to document many things, including how parent’s releasing their personal addictions, demands, expectations and unloving emotions (sin) assist children in a positive manner and creates the quickest behavioural changes & enables unencumbered learning. We have had some experiences with this already and know that positive change is possible, we now need to document it properly.

There are a lot of variables, but we feel if we can keep the long term goals in mind and keep working through the issues and resistances that keep us from doing so,  this is going to be a super awesome venture for all involved!


To God for creating us, for creating the ultimate education system there is, for the most incredible gifts & designing awesome playgrounds for learning! Among every other super cool thing God does which we have yet to discover. There is just so much to thank God about.

We would like to thank Tristan for his passion and enthusiasm for this project and his desire to collaborate with us in order to begin putting this desire into action.

We would also like to thank Jesus & Mary Magdalene who have given and give us regular time in mentoring us about all kinds of things including this desire.

Finally we would like to Thank our spirit friends for all their help & guidance regarding this project and our lives in general!

You’ll be hearing more from us soon!

Love Eloisa & Peter

* Please take into consideration that God is our true parent and that our earthly parents are our brothers and sisters. If we truly felt this in our hearts we would treat children very differently than we currently do.

** When Jesus & Mary share about the spirit world and how God does things it is so inspiring and so amazing. Some things are so super cool that we stay excited for ages just chatting about them!

Hayfest & Wildlife boxes for the Cushnie LC


20160709 spider web early morning Cushnie LC

We spent a beautiful winter morning at the Cushnie Learning Centre yesterday putting up another lot of wildlife boxes. It is really beautiful to head out in the early morning, there are all sorts of beautiful nature phenomenons & creations to observe and discover.

Wildlife boxes:

Once again thanks to the Griffiths for having us on the property and to all those who helped out with the installation – Denise, Wayne, Ange, Rob, Paul, Pete. Thank you to Clarrie a man in spirit who is excited about the project and suggests various sites to Wayne along the way.

We are enjoying spending time getting to know the property, learning about wildlife and habitat and getting to know the volunteers involved a little more.

We would like to thank Raj for putting us in contact with Malcolm from Wondai who had a heap of hay that needed to be removed from the recent car rally. Their committee gave the bales free of charge and thanks to Peter L-H who paid the transport costs ($1500) to get it to the Learning Centre.

Mark (the truck driver) transported a hundred and thirteen 600kg bales (3 truck loads, 68 tons of hay ) to the Learning Centre for mulch. Thanks to Pete for unloading and spreading the hay when it was delivered. Pete and the loader have been super busy over the last week.

We are all really grateful for these gifts, thanks to all involved.

What Is Divine Truth?

What is Divine Truth?

(Click on link above.)

I discovered this on my  Mary’s blog ‘Notes Along The Way’ today and feel it is a clear, concise and well articulated overview of what Divine Truth is and is not.

A great source for anyone who has never heard of Divine Truth and is interested in an overview of Divine Truth.

Thanks Jesus and Mary for sharing so openly and for being really clear!


Prayer For Divine Love


My Father, Who is in Heaven , I recognise that You are All Holy and Loving and Merciful, and that I am Your child, and not the subservient, sinful, and depraved creature that false teachers would have me believe.

I know that I am the greatest of Your creations, and the most wonderful of all Your Handiworks, and the object of Your Great Soul’s Love and Tenderest Care.

I know that Your Will is that I become at-one with You and partake of Your Great Love which You have bestowed upon me through Your Mercy and Desire that I become, in truth, Your child through Love, and not through the sacrifice and death of any of Your Creatures.

I pray that You will open up my soul to the inflowing of Your Love, and that then will come to me Your Holy Spirit to bring into my soul this, Your Divine Love, in great abundance, until my soul is transformed into the very essence of Yourself; and that there will come to me faith – such faith as will cause me to realize that I truly am your child and one with You in very substance, and not in image only.

Let me have such faith, as will cause me to know that You are my Father, and the bestower of every good and perfect gift, and that, only I myself, can prevent Your Love from changing me from the mortal to the immortal.

Let me never cease to realise that Your Love is waiting for each and all of us, and, that when I come to You, in faith and earnest aspiration, Your Love will never be withheld from me.

Keep me in the shadow of Your Love every hour and moment of my life, and help me to overcome all the temptations of the flesh, and the influence of the powers of the evil ones who so constantly surround me and endeavour to turn my thoughts away from You to the pleasures and allurements of this world.

I thank you for Your Love and the privilege of receiving it, and I believe that You are my Father – the Loving Father who smiles upon me in my weakness, and is always ready to help me and take me into Your Arms of Love.

I pray this with all the earnestness and sincere longings of my soul, and, trusting in Your Love, give You all the glory and honour and love that my finite soul can give.


God’s Way of Love Learning Centres

God’s Way Of Love Learning Centres
1.The God’s Way Of Love organisation worldwide will focus on accomplishing and practicing the following Ideals;
1.1.To demonstrate Divine Love, Divine Truth, God’s Laws, and Humility in action and practical application based upon the following principles;
1.1.1. “Seek first God’s Love, and all other things will be added to you”
1.1.2. “God’s Truth will set you free”  
1.1.3. “Do to others what you would like them to do to you” 
1.1.4. “The humble shall inherit the earth”
2.The God’s Way Of Love organisation will achieve the Ideals by;
2.1.Creating locations on the earth called “God’s Way Of Love Learning Centres” which demonstrate in practice how the Ideals affect;
2.1.1. Day to day life;  
2.1.2. The environment in which we live; and
2.1.3. The relationships that we have with individuals and groups, and with all other elements of the environment.
2.2.Inspiring and motivating people to;
2.2.1. Discover the Ideals;
2.2.2. Desire to live in harmony with the Ideals; and
2.2.3. Passionately gift and share the Ideals with others.
3.God’s Way Of Love Learning Centres will create;
3.1.Projects and programmes that support the development of the overall Achievements and Ideals, which shall be called “Learning Projects”;
3.1.1. Any government, institution, organisation, or individual who wishes to support the overall Ideals in a voluntary manner are invited to share and participate in the learning projects; and
3.1.2. Participation in the projects can be in the form of contributions of resources, knowledge, effort, or finances, as long as such contributions are given as a gift without expectations of return.
3.2.Teams or groups of people who will voluntarily share in the creation and delivery of the “Learning Projects”, for the purpose of their own development and gifting their time, energy and resources to others. These teams of volunteers shall be called “Learning Teams”;
3.2.1. Any individual who wishes to support the overall Ideals in a voluntary manner is invited to share and participate in the learning teams; and
3.2.2. Participation in learning teams can be in the form of contributions of resources, knowledge, effort, or finances, as long as such contributions are given as a gift without expectations of return, and the individual has a strong desire to personally live the Ideals.
3.3.All initiatives of the God’s Way Of Love Learning Centres will be created for the purpose of giving gifts to the earth, the environment, people in the community and the world, without profit.
4.The benefits of the God’s Way Of Love Learning Centres will be;
4.1. The development of a respectful, loving, self-sustaining human society living in integrity;
4.2. The development of loving, truthful, humble, physically and emotionally healthy individuals who support and enjoy the human society;
4.3.The development of a balanced eco-system in which all organisms live in harmony and support positively the earth and its long term future sustainability;
4.4. The development of systems which are scientifically proven to physically and emotionally heal individuals and all elements of the society, and work in harmony with and create a balanced physical environment; and
4.5.To create cohesion within the community by encouraging loving relationships and cooperation between all people without prejudice to age, ethnicity, experience, education; spiritual beliefs, political persuasions, economic wealth or any other background.