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Technical Training: An Introduction to HTML

The purpose of the God’s Way Ltd Technical Training Programme is to create training resources for a variety of technologies, which can be used within the organisation and shared publicly.

In setting up Divine Truth Pty Ltd, God’s Way Ltd Founding Member AJ Miller (Jesus) has investigated a vast number of technologies to improve the quality, function and economy of various tasks undertaken by the organisation. This includes audio & video recording hardware & editing software, hardware and software solutions for file sharing via a computer network, thorough and reliable backup systems… and much more.

Through experimentation, Jesus selects the most ideal technologies available at the time, and develops his own skills, knowledge and expertise in using them. In recent years, Jesus has begun training directors, members and volunteers of God’s Way Ltd in these ‘best practices’ that he has discovered. He generously shares his knowledge and expertise with others and God’s Way Ltd intends to share this training beyond the organisation as well, so that many more people can learn and benefit.
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Project Update: Experiments with Suppression of Mother of Millions

Mother of Millions Plant

Mother of Millions Plant

From 2018, God’s Way Ltd volunteers have been involved in the removal of the introduced species Mother of Millions on the private property of the God’s Way Ltd Founding Members.

Mother of Millions is an ornamental plant native to Madagascar and classed as a noxious, invasive species in Australia. The plant reproduces prolifically and law requires property owners take measures to control and minimise its spread. Commonly used methods of removal include chemical pesticides and burning, however these add toxicity to the land and destroy large amounts of intelligent life and existing ground cover, which are crucial for environmental recovery. For these reasons, hand weeding has been chosen as the method for removing the plants on this property.

An area of heavy Mother of Millions growth

An area of heavy Mother of Millions growth

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Activity Report: Work Period Beginning October 21, 2019

This post is an overview of the work undertaken by God’s Way Ltd, during the work period October 21st – November 1st, 2019.

Activities for this period include:
  • Visitors to God’s Way Ltd
  • Construction Projects
  • Servicing of Heavy Machinery
  • Terracing Earthworks
  • Sorting of Seed
  • Seeding Terraces
  • Garden Design Experiment
  • Information Sharing
  • Project Design, Planning and Supervision

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Volunteer Selection: Registrations Closing 5th January 2020

Registrations will be closing on the 5th of January 2020 for the next instance of the God’s Way Ltd and Divine Truth Pty Ltd combined volunteer selection project.

This instance of the project will include 14 contact days over a five week period in the Wilkesdale area of Queensland, Australia from the 30th March to 1st May 2020.

The Volunteer Selection Project was created for people who wish to volunteer for either God’s Way Ltd or Divine Truth Pty Ltd. It is designed to assess if participants have a sincere desire to give gifts to the world in harmony with God’s Way; including a desire to humbly address emotions that are out of harmony with Love and with giving gifts.

Completion of this project is compulsory for anyone wishing to become a regular volunteer for either Divine Truth or God’s Way Ltd.

You can read about past project instances here.

If you are interested in attending further details follow
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Function Centre Caretaker’s Residence Renovation: On the Level

This post is a part of a series documenting the renovation of the God’s Way Ltd Function Centre Caretaker’s Residence.

Welcome to the second phase of the Cushnie Function Centre Caretaker’s Residence Renovation Project. With the bulk of the de-construction work having been completed, it was time to move in the forward direction of construction. This started with marking out some of the changes and additions that were to take place to the structure of the building, to make it more functional and improve natural airflow throughout the house.

The works were decided upon by Jesus (AJ Miller), the project manager, in consultation with Cornelius (David Walsh), the on-site manager and carpenter.
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Thank you


God’s Way Ltd directors would like to thank everyone who gives gifts and donations to the organisation. These gifts and donations include but are not limited to: time, effort & resources including finances. All gifts & donations large, small, regular or one off contributions are most appreciated, thank you! Read More

Project Summary: Creation of New Hostel Accommodation

God’s Way Ltd was recently gifted the use of a space that could act as short term accommodation for God’s Way Ltd visitors and volunteers. Two of the company directors, Catherine Spence and Mary Luck, own a 40 acre property in Wilkesdale, Queensland. One of the sheds built on this property was able to be converted to hold a number of bedrooms and a share kitchen. Catherine Spence kindly donated the necessary materials and paid for contractors to complete the work that God’s Way Ltd volunteers and members could not complete themselves.

The existing office shed on the property

The existing office shed on the property

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Project Update: Composite Mix Building Materials

Cactus Used in Construction

Welcome to another update from the Construction Team on the Experimental Building Materials Programme, Composite Mixes Project. The desire for this project is to develop a strong and durable building material, which in part uses waste material instead of wholly mined materials in its creation.

You may have been following this experimental project via previous posts, where we have been endeavouring to replace sand in concrete type products with sawdust as far as is possible, whilst still achieving an end product that can be used in construction.
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Volunteer Experience: Two Journeys Meet by Juliann Cameron

Part One

I recently had the opportunity to be selected as a participant in the Volunteer Selection Programme. I have completed a series of writings to share some of my thoughts and feelings during that time.

In Part One of this post I’ll share some background about the Volunteer Selection Project I was involved in and my reflections in the days leading up to the project and arriving at the venue on my very first day.

In Part Two, I’ll let you know how it all turned out and my lasting impressions of the programme and of the God’s Way Ltd organisation.
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Branch Background: Information Sharing & Divine Truth Records Team

As it becomes established, God’s Way Ltd is benefiting from the skills, resources and years of experience of the Divine Truth organisation.

This post includes background and history of the Divine Truth Records Team and God’s Way Ltd Information Sharing Branch, which support the sharing of Divine Truth teachings and God’s Way projects with the world. The post is written by Mary and includes contributions from former volunteer Barbara McNair (Barb).
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