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Volunteer Experience: Two Journeys Meet by Juliann Cameron

Part One

I recently had the opportunity to be selected as a participant in the Volunteer Selection Programme. I have completed a series of writings to share some of my thoughts and feelings during that time.

In Part One of this post I’ll share some background about the Volunteer Selection Project I was involved in and my reflections in the days leading up to the project and arriving at the venue on my very first day.

In Part Two, I’ll let you know how it all turned out and my lasting impressions of the programme and of the God’s Way Ltd organisation.
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Branch Background: Information Sharing & Divine Truth Records Team

As it becomes established, God’s Way Ltd is benefiting from the skills, resources and years of experience of the Divine Truth organisation.

This post includes background and history of the Divine Truth Records Team and God’s Way Ltd Information Sharing Branch, which support the sharing of Divine Truth teachings and God’s Way projects with the world. The post is written by Mary and includes contributions from former volunteer Barbara McNair (Barb).
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Project Update: Composite Mix Building Materials

Inspiration from God’s Creations

Welcome to another stage of the Composite Mix Building Materials Project, in which we are experimenting using natural and/or recycled products, such as sawdust from timber mill processing, with an intention to create new strong and durable building materials.

This post will describe experiments that the Gods Way Ltd Composite Mix Materials project leader, Cornelius, was inspired to create by observations he made in nature. These occurrences in nature are in harmony with properties or principals that the team would like to uphold or harness in their new building material.

It is undisputed that God is the Master creator, creating things such as planets, solar systems, universes, plants, animals and of course the pinnacle of God’s creation, the human soul.

It could be agreed that those creations are a little more advanced than our Composite Mix project.
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Project Update: Composite Mix Building Materials

Experiment Summary: April 19 2018

Hi again from the Construction Branch team! Its time to update you about the Composite Mix Building Materials project.

If you wish to get a more detailed overview of this project, please read the post: Programme Introduction: Building Materials Experiments

A summary of the first day of this experiment can be found here: Composite Mix Building Materials Experiment Summary: April 18 2018

In this post you will find:
  • Experiment mix reminder
  • Experiment mistakes
  • Information about each experiment
  • Measurements used in each experiment
  • Results for each experiment (including links to Test Batch notes)
  • Photos of each experiment (throughout the post)
  • Conclusions

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Programme Introduction: Information Technology

God’s Way Information Technology Programme involves using computer systems and technology to optimise the production, storage and sharing of information relating to God’s Truth. This post will describe some activities of the Information Technology Programme, and God’s Loving Principles behind them.

The foundations for this programme have been developed by AJ Miller (Jesus) over the course of many years, and implemented within the Divine Truth organisation. Jesus previously operated a business within the Information Technology (IT) industry, and he has a vast and broad knowledge of all aspects of IT, including computer hardware, electronics, networking, programming, database, various operating systems, server administration, security, file system management, analysis, design, technical documentation and user training. The expertise, knowledge and skills that Jesus freely provides to the Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations is invaluable.
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Volunteer Selection: Registration For April/May 2020 Now Open


It has been lovely to hear from those of you who have expressed your desire to participate in the next Volunteer Selection Programme (VSP).

The next Selection Programme will commence next year in 2020.
The project runs for 14 days over five weeks.
Project days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

The dates for the next VSP are:

Week 1, beginning Wednesday 1st April to Sunday 5th April, 2020
Week 2, beginning Wednesday 15th April to Sunday 19th April, 2020
Week 3, beginning Wednesday 29th April to Sunday 3rd May, 2020

You can register for the 2020 Volunteer Selection Programme at the God’s Way Ltd Eventbrite page, click here.

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Project Update: Composite Mix Building Materials

Experiment Summary: April 18 2018

Hi Everyone,

God’s Way organisation wishes to start sharing information about the experiments that the Construction Branch has conducted in the Composite Mixes Project. The plan is to update you consistently by summarizing the experiment method, results and the motivations and desires of the team that affected the experiments. If you wish to get a more detailed overview of this project please follow this link to read the introductory post Programme Introduction: Building Materials Experiments.

In this post you will find:
  • Brief project introduction
  • General experiment information
  • Specific information about each experiment
  • Results and observations for each experiment (including links to test batch notes)
  • Photos for each experiment (throughout the post)

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Volunteer Experience: Jadda in the Eco System Recovery Programme

In 2018 I successfully completed the God’s Way Volunteer Selection Programme. I feel this has and will be a big turning point in my life. Going from just regularly listening to Divine Truth, to actually being involved in God’s Way projects, has been a big shift.

Cleaning windows and screens

Cleaning windows and screens

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Project Update: Behind the Scenes of the God’s Way Blog

There is a lot of activity going on within the organisation that few people are currently aware of! For this reason, a new project was recently established to assist in sharing these details publicly via the God’s Way Blog. Each member of God’s Way now writes and submits one post for the blog every month (this is encouraged but optional for volunteers). The submission piece can include photos, images and document attachments as well as written text, and can cover any topic related to the organisation.

AJ (Jesus) suggested this idea to the God’s Way directors, pointing out that at the time nothing about what was happening in the organisation was being shared with the world. An interview with Jesus about the background of this project and details about implementing it will be shared on the blog in future.
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Project Introduction: Creating a Seed Database

The properties that God’s Way Ltd purchased have been overgrazed and cropped for many years and need to be regenerated and repaired so that they can return, as close as possible, to the pristine natural environments they once were. This means to return the land to how it was before mankind began grazing, cropping, forestry and removing other native vegetation. In order to do this God’s Way Ltd will use various methods to foster the new and re-growth of native trees, shrubs, vines and grasses.

The best way of finding out the vegetation needed to restore the properties was to gather as much information as possible about Australian flora and order this logically into a database.
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