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God’s Way Fundamentals: Values

This is the final part in the “Fundamentals” series of posts explaining the Vision and Fundamental Facts, Principles and Values of the God’s Way Ltd organisation.

By nature of the organisation’s constitution and selection processes for members and volunteers, every individual within the organisation shares a common vision and values.
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Programme Introduction: Building Materials Experiments

One of the many and varied programmes that the God’s Way Ltd Construction Branch is setting out to achieve is the discovery and use of alternative and new building materials. The programme, directed by Jesus (AJ Miller) and managed by David Walsh (Cornelius), involves experimenting to create new building materials that can be used in building and construction. God’s Way Ltd is looking for new materials to build volunteer accommodation, a function centre, and to create materials that will benefit the world.

Experimentation will be required to develop alternatives to existing building materials, which may be completely new to construction and until now untested.

This post outlines the goals of the Building Materials Experiments Programme, and introduces the first experiment that God’s Way Ltd is conducting using industry byproducts/waste products to make a new building material. This specific set of experiments will involve mixing a variety of composite products together by hand and is thus called the Composite Mixes Project.
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Volunteer Selection Project: Week 3, May 2019

The third God’s Way Ltd Volunteer Selection Project was completed on Friday 10th May. The organisation welcomes 5 new volunteers, and one new member. The participants were delightful in their enthusiasm and excitement at completing the project and God’s Way Ltd current members and volunteers look forward to working with the new volunteers.

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Volunteer Selection Project: Week 2, April 2019

IMG_4227The majority of week 2 of the Volunteer Selection Programme (VSP) was spent at the God’s Way Ltd Function Learning Centre Caretakers property.

The main focus this week was on an environmental recovery project. The activity consisted of preparing an area of land to plant seeds and or seedlings later in the year.

The project consisted of digging holes and moving earth to make swales (banks or mounds) with the purpose to capture water and or slow down and retain as much water as possible in the area when it rains. Currently the soil is dry and any rain fall runs off into surrounding paddocks.

The project was created by Jesus (AJ Miller) with the holes designed in a fish scale sequence meaning that when one hole is full of water it is designed to overflow into the next hole so the water runs down hill from one hole to the next during a large rain event. Read More

Volunteer Selection Project: Week 1, April 2019

The third Volunteer Selection Project commenced on the 8th April 2019.

Background information

The Volunteer Selection Programme was the idea & design of  Jesus (Alan John Miller) and Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck) (the mentors of the programme). Jesus and Mary created the structure of the programme and have worked closely with the facilitators, Tristan Miller and Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins to come up with a variety of activities to rapidly assess the attitudes, desires, intentions and motivations of individuals who desire to volunteer for Divine Truth and God’s Way Ltd organisations.

The programme is a trial or a test period designed to identify permanent, passionate and desirous individuals who specifically desire to give to Divine Truth and/or God’s Way organisations. The duration of the programme is 14 contact days over five weeks.

The programme is like a job interview (with practical activities) to assess participants desire to give gifts to the world and bring their lives into harmony with God’s Way. It is also an opportunity for participants to experience what volunteering for Diving Truth and God’s Way organisations is actually like. The end goal of the programme is to find individuals who desire to join a team of dedicated people who are:

  • Working towards a common goal
  • Living God’s Way
  • Sharing God’s Truth with the world
  • Creating love-based change in the world through example
  • Engaging, creating and sharing many different God’s Way Ltd projects with the world
  • Create opportunities for true education for themselves and others

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Update: December 2018

Hi Everyone!

It has been a busy few months in God’s Way organisation since the last update. With a new year almost upon us it is a good opportunity to review some (not all) of the projects and events that have happened this year.

Firstly God’s Way Ltd thanks all its donors and gift givers large and small. Every contribution is greatly appreciated and contributes to company running costs, projects and activities that are designed, created and implemented by God’s Way Ltd members and volunteers.

Thank you!

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Organisation Background: God’s Way Ltd & Divine Truth Pty Ltd

Visitors to this site may be aware of the Divine Truth Pty Ltd organisation, and this post will describe how God’s Way Ltd and Divine Truth Pty Ltd are related, and how the two organisations differ.
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