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Volunteer Selection Registrations Closing

Registrations will soon be closing for the next instance of the God’s Way Ltd and Divine Truth Pty Ltd combined volunteer selection project.

This instance of the project will include 14 contact days over a five week period in the Wilkesdale area of Queensland, Australia.

The Volunteer Selection Project was created for people who wish to volunteer for either God’ s Way Ltd or Divine Truth Pty Ltd. It is designed to assess if participants have a sincere desire to give gifts to the world in harmony with God’s Way; including a desire to humbly address emotions that are out of harmony with Love and with giving gifts.

Completion of this project is compulsory for anyone wishing to become a regular volunteer for either Divine Truth or God’s Way Ltd.

You can read about past project instances here.

If you are interested in attending further details follow

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Member Experience: DT & GW Production Report Winter 2018

Welcome to the First Divine Truth Studio Production Report.

This is Lena here. In these production reports I will be sharing about topics and presentations that were delivered at the Divine Truth studio, personal experiences and reflections about those presentations, as well as the lessons learnt during the training and volunteering for the Divine Truth production team.

This post shares of the activities we got up to in June, July & August at the Divine Truth studio. You will read some details about the activities of the Divine Truth Production Team, including some of the training God’s Way Ltd members are receiving in all aspects of video and audio production.

I volunteer at the Divine Truth (DT) studio as the video and audio editor and live video switch operator. I am also a member of God’s Way organisation. I work closely with another volunteer Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins, and together we assist Jesus & Mary with recording Divine Truth material.

June, July & August were productive and full of activities at the DT studio. We completed several types of training, recorded multiple themed discussions, three mediumship sessions and started a new feedback session. If we were to add up the length of the video footage from these presentations it would equal 26 hours, plus 1.5 hours for God’s Way Ltd material.
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God’s Way Fundamentals: Principles

By nature of the God’s Way constitution and the selection processes for members and volunteers, every individual within the organisation shares a common vision and values. Fundamental Facts, Principles and Values guide God’s Way Ltd and determine the model and methods for business operations.

So far in the “Fundamentals” series, I’ve explained God’s Way Ltd’s Vision, and Fundamental Facts. Today I’ll outline the Fundamental Principles.
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Project Summary: Shed Site Rehabilitation

God cleverly designs his creations with the ability to recover from degradation and return, not only to their original state, but beyond this into an improved condition.

Due to the emotions, intentions and actions of humans in opposition to God’s Laws, environmental degradation of the earth has occurred over many years.

The aim of the God’s Way organisation’s Eco System Recovery Programme is to demonstrate how to recover natural environments into the state that God created and intended for them. To do this, the Programme seeks to discover the innate intelligence and methods for recovery that God has built into his environmental creations. Projects within the Programme will support and encourage the process of restoration that God has designed and educate people about the emotional causes within humanity that created the damage in the first place.

The Shed Site Rehab Project involved recovery of a site which had once had a shed built on it, to demonstrate how to rehabilitate an area of dry, damaged land. Activities in this project not only returned the site to the condition it was in before the shed was constructed (sparse vegetation on an arid slope) but was able to improve the land beyond that condition into an area which, by providing water, food and shelter, will now be able to support many forms of life including insects, birds, animals, plants and the growth of large trees.
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God’s Way Fundamentals: Fundamental Facts

This is the third part of the “Fundamentals” series explaining the Vision and Fundamental Facts, Principles and Values that determine the model and methods for all operations of the God’s Way Ltd organisation.

As I explained in my last post, every individual within the organisation shares a common vision and values. Informing this vision are the Fundamental Facts, Principles and Values accepted by God’s Way Ltd.

To understand the way that the organisation operates and makes decisions it is essential to understand these “Fundamentals”. Due to the nature of these “Fundamentals”, every system within the organisation will operate in a way that is unique to other organisations.

The first aspect of the “Fundamentals” are the Fundamental Facts.
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Director Profile: Catherine Spence

In 2016 I became one of the first directors and an original member of God’s Way organisation.

Despite having lived 72 years and having had many experiences and a range of occupations, I honestly feel that nothing in my previous life prepared me to be a director.

When God’s Way Ltd was founded I thought that our main mission would be to establish an Environmental Learning Centre focused on conservation and restoration of the natural environment. I really didn’t know much about how to run an organisation in harmony with God’s Principles, or what being a Director would entail. Even after reading the beautiful Constitution of God’s Way I still didn’t even fully realise what it was all about.

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Project Summary: Community Green Waste

The Waste Management Programme within God’s Way Ltd seeks to understand and replicate God’s systems for waste management. In contrast to many of the methods of production currently undertaken by humans, God’s systems manage waste produced during the process of creation in a way that does not burden the environment, but in fact promotes life and supports further creation.

Developed within the Waste Management Programme, the Community Green Waste Disposal Project is a God’s Way Ltd initiative that collects organic waste from local green grocer businesses on a weekly basis. The waste is unloaded into swales and deep trenches which have been created on land owned by God’s Way Ltd.

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God’s Way Fundamentals: Vision

In my last post I promised to share more about the core principles that guide God’s Way Ltd. operations. In this, the “Fundamentals” series of posts, I’ll use excerpts from the God’s Way Ltd. business plan to explain the Vision, Fundamental Facts, Principles and Values of the organisation.

The God’s Way Company Constitution and God’s Way selection processes for members and volunteers, ensures that every individual within the organisation shares a common vision and values.
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Volunteer Experience: Amaia Ruiz Lopez


My name is Amaia Ruiz Lopez and I am from a small village named Bera, situated in the north of Spain.

I completed the God’s Way Volunteer Selection Project in March 2018.
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God’s Way Fundamentals: Introducing our Way of doing “business”

Hi everyone,

As the current Managing Director for God’s Way Ltd I have been writing a business plan for the organisation. God’s Way Ltd’s approach to “business” is unique in that the board of directors, all members and all volunteers are bound by the Constitution to uphold God’s Principles in everything that they do. Read More