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Volunteer Selection Project: What’s it All About?

***Post updated 31st March 2018

Hi Everyone!

We welcomed 12 participants to the March intake of the Divine Truth and God’s Way Volunteer Selection Project yesterday (Thursday, 15th March). Tristan and I are looking forward to the next 9 weeks, learning lots and getting to know the participants. Read More

Update: February 2018

Hi Everyone!

This is a brief update of what has been happening with God’s Way over the past months. Read More

Volunteer Selection Programme: Register Your Interest

Hello Everyone!

The first Divine Truth and God’s Way volunteer selection programme has just been completed. Tristan and I really enjoyed running the programme and getting to know those who participated.

This post is to let you know we are running more volunteer selection programmes, the second one is planned to begin March 2018 (dates yet to be confirmed). To register your interest to participate in the next programme go to the God’s Way Eventbrite page (link here) Read More

Environmental Project: Terracing


After terracing

Brief overview of post

This post is about an environmental project creating terraced areas on a hillside with deep holes to fill with matter in order to hold and retain moisture and encourage abundant self sustaining eco-systems. This post includes a breakdown of the process, principles, method and ingredients required to undertake similar projects. Read More

Parent Experiment


The following is post is about two experiments I was involved in.

The first experiment was a family experiment between Pete and myself.

The second was a parenting experiment to discover the addictions I have created between myself and the kids, and to challenge addictions in myself and the children during the month. Read More

God’s Way Education: Family Experiment Specialised Home stay

***This post was updated on the 2nd September 2017, to be more transparent about some of the emotional dynamics being played out within the family


The following post includes a breakdown of the family experiment we undertook over a month, the purpose, aims and some benefits. It explains the who, what, where, when and why, some of our findings, personal feedback and participant reflections, followed by possibilities for the experiment and where we are headed now with the God’s Way of Education Programme and follow up experiments. Read More

Trenches & Holes


top and lower trench. Drone photo courtesy of Legor Productions

updated 20170712

note: if you click on any image it will expand so you can view close up

Recently we partook in a project creating large trenches on a couple of properties. Read More

Update: July 2017

Thank you’s

We would like to thank Jesus for all the technological work and training over a large variety of areas that he is doing for God’s Way and gifting to myself and others.

The amount of research and comparing products, function, economy, prices, performance etc of all kinds of technology options for God’s Way data storage is amazing. And not only did Jesus do the research he also educated others, shared and compared everything he had learned with so that the best informed choice about things could be made. Read More

Looking to the Future: June Newsletter

Notes Along The Way

After a big year of creating, presenting and editing new Divine Truth material in 2016, 2017 has become a year for us to focus on the reviewing and updating the systems and procedures that will be required for the future growth and expansion of Divine Truth.

Despite our seeming quiet on the world wide web, Jesus and I (especially Jesus) have had a very busy 6 months. Jesus has been doing a lot of behind the scenes work essential for our future goals and desires in a number of areas.

The projects he has been researching and developing will mean that we can expand the number and type of online methods we use to share Divine Truth with the world, as well as ensuring that the data we create is reliably stored and can be readily used for a variety of purposes including database creation, subtitling videos, translation, and other…

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God’s Way Admin Update

Hi Everyone!

We would like to inform you of some changes to God’s Way email addresses and bank account details, see details below.

New updated Contact Details:

Please use the following email addresses if you want to contact God’s Way.

Contact Details

General Enquiries office@godsway.net
Gift Enquiries
God’s Way of Education Enquiries education@godsway.net

Changes to Gifts & Donations page:

Updated bank account details & email addresses

Any gifts that are not accompanied by a Gift Deed & Gift Statutory Declaration can still be received by God’s Way, but are classified as income and cannot be accounted for as gifts.

We would like to thank all those who have made gifts and donations to God’s Way, we are grateful!