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Thank You Jesus & Mary

Hi Everyone,

We would like to acknowledge the time, effort and resources that Jesus is gifting to God’s Way and those involved personally in setting up all aspects of the God’s Way company.

Recently Jesus has been spending a lot of time on the technical aspects of God’s Way, such as setting up servers, back up systems, email addresses, accounts and everything that goes with these. Including training setup & implementing the background tasks and setup work so God’s Way can share easily with the world.


Image from Mary’s blog: https://mary.divinetruth.com/

Jesus has spent weeks preparing these gifts and then training us to use them.

The amount that Jesus does is extraordinary!

My observation is that Jesus and Mary are very understated about the gifts they generously and freely give to the world and often because they just get on and do, rather than talk about what they do, people have no idea how much time, resources, energy and expertise goes into the production and day to day running of their core business – Sharing God’s Truth.

I have been reflecting on gifts and how a true gift is a very precious thing in this world.

Jesus and Mary abundantly give gifts to the world in all manner of ways. I notice that we take the gifts we are given by our brothers and sisters for granted rather than seeing how precious they actually are.


Image from Mary’s blog: https://mary.divinetruth.com/

Jesus is constantly researching and finding better, more efficient ways to do things, he is modifying and upgrading technology & systems so that Divine Truth material is as easy as possible for people to access & use, and that is just the technical side. On the personal level I have experienced both Jesus and Mary give time, Love & Truth to many, many people without any personal gain. They are patient, loving and truthful even with those who do not behave in the same manner. Jesus and Mary always think of others and put much love and consideration into all that they do & share.

We just click on a youtube video and don’t often consider everything that went into planning, creating, producing & outputting it.

I have had the opportunity in the last year to see first hand a snippet of what this soul gets up to and I can assure you the amount Jesus & Mary do every day is huge.

Thank you to Jesus & Mary for mentoring us & all the gifts you give, in particular to God’s Way & us personally to ensure that God’s Way runs as intended.

We would like to acknowledge and thank Jesus for all that he shares & has done and continues to do for God’s Way, as the majority of work done to get the company to where it currently is at, is due to his personal efforts, resources, time and expertise.

Bye For Now,

Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins

Recently at the Cushnie Learning Centre…

The Director’s of God’s Way met with Jesus & Mary and other Members & Friends, for a couple of walkovers on the Cushnie Learning Centre (images below). The purpose of these walkovers was to gain an overview of what needs doing and create a prioritized plan for projects at the Cushnie Learning Centre.

There is much planning to do and we have found we are need of education in many areas.

Thank you

The directors would like to thank Jesus and Mary for their time in mentoring us & others in order to run God’s Way company, beginning to plan projects, and helping us to prioritize the areas we need to up-skill in emotionally, physically & intellectually.

We would also like to thank our volunteers, Members, friends and those who donate to God’s Way for your desire, time, resources and finances. We really appreciate your support, enthusiasm and generosity.

Shed for Removal

There is a shed that we need removed from the Cushnie Learning Centre. We had this up for Tender, but feel that if anyone would like it for free you can have it if you personally remove it.

If you know of anyone who is willing to remove it and would like the materials please contact us at the following email address:


For more information phone Eloisa on 04 3411 2585

Description of what needs to be removed:

Measurements & Details:

  • 15x8m shed with skillion roof and concrete floor
  • Skillion walls falls 4m to 3.6m
  • 75x75mm galvanised steel post construction embedded into concrete
  • 2x 70x35mm steel roof beams on top of each other, welded, lower painted and upper galvanised
  • 125mm roof Z purlin, 11 runs @ 15m, bolted fixing method
  • 100x 50mm hardwood wall purlins, 4 rows around shed, bolted fixing method
  • 25x25mm painted steel bracing
  • 125mm zincalume quad gutters
  • Air-cell insulation 120m²
  • Rear and side wall cladding in corrugated Colorbond (Deep Ocean) 2nd’s sheets
  • Roof clad in corrugated Colorbond (Deep Ocean) 2nd’s sheets
  • Front wall clad in Weathertex painted weather boards with 140mm cover, 3m high, nailed through the face of the boards
  • Upper front wall clad in trimdek profile, clear, poly carbonate sheeting 15m wide 1.3m high
  • Powder coated aluminium windows to front of shed in possibly Cream Colorbond colour, all sliders
  • Sizes: 1680Hx2450mm* x1, 1000Hx1260mm x3, Sliding door 2100Hx1500mm x1
  • Powder coated aluminium windows to rear of shed in Deep Ocean Colobond colour, all sliders
  • Sizes: 2100Hx1200mm* x2           *indicates that windows have a fixed glass section at the bottom and slider section above
  • L shaped kitchen 3000mm long x 1900 with breakfast bar.  Includes sink and flick mixer.  Cupboards in Antique White, bench top in mottled bluish colour.  Long section 600mm wide.  Breakfast bar section 900mm wide.  Pantry 2100H x 600 x 600mm in white with single door and shelves.
  • Carport: Rafters are 200×75 galv. C purlins, 3@5m.  Beams are 150x50mm galv. C purlins, 2@4m. Purlins are 75 x 38 hardwood, 6@3.9m & 6@4.5m. Posts are 100x50mm galv. C purlins 3@3.4m embedded in concrete. Gutter is 125mm zincalume quad gutter @ 8m.
  • Wood fire box, small capacity with single flue. Lower guard section available but not attached.

(Thanks to Corny for these details and the photographs of the shed)


Last week there was rain. The roads become rivers when it rains at the Cushnie Learning Centre. One of the projects we are planning is to fix up all the roads, aiming to keep as much water on the property as we can and stop as much erosion as possible.

Images below: Dams on the Cushnie Learning Centre before and during the rain.

The images (below) on the left are of the same place before the rain. It became a torrent of water. It is a spot that needs some fixing up erosion wise

Bush track before & during the rain

God’s Way of Education Project

A couple of weeks ago Tris & the kids school day consisted of a working bee picking out plastic and returning cardboard to pits on the Cushnie Learning Centre.


Tris met a line of Caterpillars (bag moth species) that followed each other in a line to new destinations.


Until next time,


Free Shed, No Longer Available

Post updated: 20170411         Previous update 20170403

The Shed is no longer available as someone has agreed to dismantle and take it away over the next 6 weeks. Thanks for your interest.


We have a shed that needs to be completely dismantled & removed from Home Creek Loop Road in Cushnie, Queensland Australia (photos below).

DSCN9973 (1)

Would you like this shed? If yes, please contact us

Measurements & Details:

  • 15x8m shed with skillion roof and concrete floor
  • Skillion walls falls 4m to 3.6m
  • 75x75mm galvanised steel post construction embedded into concrete
  • 2x 70x35mm steel roof beams on top of each other, welded, lower painted and upper galvanised
  • 125mm roof Z purlin, 11 runs @ 15m, bolted fixing method
  • 100x 50mm hardwood wall purlins, 4 rows around shed, bolted fixing method
  • 25x25mm painted steel bracing
  • 125mm zincalume quad gutters
  • Air-cell insulation 120m²
  • Rear and side wall cladding in corrugated Colorbond (Deep Ocean) 2nd’s sheets
  • Roof clad in corrugated Colorbond (Deep Ocean) 2nd’s sheets
  • Front wall clad in Weathertex painted weather boards with 140mm cover, 3m high, nailed through the face of the boards
  • Upper front wall clad in trimdek profile, clear, poly carbonate sheeting 15m wide 1.3m high
  • Powder coated aluminium windows to front of shed in possibly Cream Colorbond colour, all sliders
  • Sizes: 1680Hx2450mm* x1, 1000Hx1260mm x3, Sliding door 2100Hx1500mm x1
  • Powder coated aluminium windows to rear of shed in Deep Ocean Colobond colour, all sliders
  • Sizes: 2100Hx1200mm* x2           *indicates that windows have a fixed glass section at the bottom and slider section above
  • L shaped kitchen 3000mm long x 1900 with breakfast bar.  Includes sink and flick mixer.  Cupboards in Antique White, bench top in mottled bluish colour.  Long section 600mm wide.  Breakfast bar section 900mm wide.  Pantry 2100H x 600 x 600mm in white with single door and shelves.
  • Carport: Rafters are 200×75 galv. C purlins, 3@5m.  Beams are 150x50mm galv. C purlins, 2@4m. Purlins are 75 x 38 hardwood, 6@3.9m & 6@4.5m. Posts are 100x50mm galv. C purlins 3@3.4m embedded in concrete. Gutter is 125mm zincalume quad gutter @ 8m.
  • Wood fire box, small capacity with single flue. Lower guard section available but not attached.

We had it up for tender but now it is yours for free if you are willing to dismantle it and take it away promptly.

If this advertisement is still up, it means it is still available.The shed is no longer available


1.If you are interested in completely removing this shed please call Eloisa on

04 3411 2585 or send an email to the following email address


Please include the following details in the email

  • your name
  • Phone number
  • When you can dismantle and collect the shed

2.The shed needs to be completely dismantled and removed from the site, by you, or someone organised by you as soon as possible.

For more information or to arrange a time to view the shed phone

Eloisa on: 04 3411 2585 

We look forward to hearing from you.


Shed for Removal Cushnie. Thanks Corny for the photo


Environment Issues

Every month or so I will be writing about environment issues on the learning Centre.

Although the Learning Centre has different types of soil, trees, animals and some bird species than I am used to, the degrading of the land is caused by the same things:

  • Timber removed for milling
  • Clearing of regrowth
  • Gully and sheet erosion due to lack of ground cover caused by the above.
  • Rain water running off the property also because of lack of cover
  • Evaporation of water occurring due also to lack of cover
  • Hoofed animals
  • Grazing pressure of above animals
  • Compaction of soil due to introduced animals
  • Drought becoming more frequent e.g. summers warmer winters colder
  • Earth changes

The earth changes are occurring because of our unloving emotions.We are Gods greatest creation and we effect all of the earth’s systems and its creatures.

Nature can and will repair its self, this can take hundreds of years. We wish to help the land to recover by doing it Gods Way just as Jesus and Mary teach:

  • Get enough systems so weeds can grow
  • Retain all weeds
  • Have enough nitrogen in the soil so plants will grow

To do this we need to :

  • Keep all rain that falls on the property by slowing down the run off, grass trees and shrub coverage, dams, swales and holes
  • Soil fill swales, holes and eroded gullies with organic waste matter and use compost worms to filtrate the soil around taking minerals and nitrogen with them.
  • Get intelligence into the soil e.g. seeds have intelligence, they are alive also living creatures, organisms, fungi and mycelium etc

All intelligence needs food, water and a home to live in.

  • Weeds are anything that grows, all weeds have intelligence They repair the soil they grow in, they may be prickly and have thorns, so nothing eats them.
  • After the soil has repaired its self new plants will grow. A seed will only grow if conditions are right.

Recovery organisms both below soil e.g. worms above soil and insects. More organisms live below the soil than above it.

There are different types of soil:

  • Sandy, Rocky and Clay.
  • All of these soils are treated differently, clay holds water longer but it also runs off if dry.
  • Sandy, the water runs through it but if a clay base will retain water longer.

Decomposition: go into a forest and see all the leaf litter on the floor of the forest, this breaks down feeding the trees and under story plants and because of the shade of the trees and under story plants the rain falls gently through the canopy and wind is reduced, everything is the way God created things to work.

This is the way we hope to restore the Learning Centre.

Project Introduction: Volunteer Selection

Notes Along The Way

Summary Information

This programme is designed to help us ASSESS if each individual participant;

Truly has a sincere desire to serve
Has the correct attitudes of service
Has the correct understanding of Divine Truth principles
Has a strong desire to bring their life into harmony with God’s definition of love
Is desirous to correct any unloving behaviour and beliefs
Is able to be educated God’s Way
Is willing to perform any task, from cleaning toilets through to video production and presenting material to the public

In order to participate in this programme you must:

Have a sincere desire to assist in the work of sharing Divine Truth worldwide
Be available to attend and participate one day per week for a minimum of a three month period (in the Wilkesdale area)
Be desirous of feedback regarding your emotions and condition in love, especially in relation to your being of service to…

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20170124 Update & God’s Way Ltd News

Hi Everyone!

Eloisa here with an update on what has been happening since the last post in November 2016.

It has been a busy time for us with lots of different things going on.

God’s Way Property Purchase:

With the generous donations from a couple of people, God’s Way Ltd was able to purchase a property in the Cushnie Shire in Queensland which we are beginning to discuss and create plans for in regards to various projects for the future. For those local to the area, the property purchased has been known as the ‘Cushnie Learning Centre’.

God’s Way Director Update:

Peter has been asked to step down as a director of God’s Way Ltd while he works through some issues that are hindering him being in harmony with the constitution.

He is currently on probation in a volunteer role and we wish him all the best in growing a desire to work through the various issues.

Tristan, Catherine & Eloisa are learning to be effective directors.


God’s Way Ltd directors at the LC

Thank you for the donations to God’s Way Ltd:

We would like to particularly thank a few people who have donated to God’s Way Ltd, we are really grateful for the contributions that you have made and really appreciate the gifts! So far they have enabled us to purchase the property in Cushnie which means we can begin planning and experimenting!

We wanted to thank various people, businesses and organisations for non-monetary gifts and donations that are just as valuable, such as greenwaste, cardboard, hay etc that help to create soil. For volunteered time that helps  to complete various jobs that needed doing, and other physical gifts that contribute to the running of the company and projects. We appreciate the effort of your time, resources & decomposable waste!

November Assistance Groups – Understanding God’s Loving Laws:

Jesus and Mary shared, presented and gave the gift & opportunity to participate in another Assistance Group in November.

It was a huge effort and from their own admission only a mere stroking of the surface of the subject matter.

It was an opportunity to see love in action and I now have an opportunity to experiment, investigate and apply the information and see what happens next.

Thank you to Jesus & Mary for the gift of the groups and opportunity to learn new things. And to Lena and Igor for your time, instruction and training in regards to filming, recording and set up and dismantling equipment during the group.

Thank you for the Donations:

Thank you to all of you who donated towards my time during the days that I helped out with the filming in the first Assistance Group. I am so grateful for your donations and they covered most of my accommodation costs for the group.

It is such a gift to have the opportunity to learn new skills in filming while listening to God’s Truth (snippets between concentration) and to receive donations for doing something that I really enjoy!

Overseas Guests & Training:

After the Assistance Group we had some overseas guests stay at the Learning Centre late November to late January, who were involved in some education and training with Jesus & Mary.

The visitors helped us in discovering how things are currently working at the Learning Centre (such as solar, privacy or lack of it) and what things need to be added in order for it to run more smoothly.

Jesus and Mary offer so many learning opportunities. Including the experiences provided at the Assistance Groups and over the last months. Thanks J&M & also to Lena for directing us and sharing knowledge in regards to the post production process.

I have a far greater appreciation for Jesus’s efforts and skills and how much time he spends in creating all of the information and material he gifts and shares freely with the world!

Editing Audio alone is time consuming and needs much practice and skill. There are so many processes and so much that goes into each video.

Current things happening @ the Centre:

Tristan will be moving to the Centre in the next few weeks (early February 2017) and we have plans to create permanent accommodation for Tristan & Catherine to live there in the next couple of years. Tristan and Catherine will be the caretakers of the property for the duration of their residence until we find permanent Managers for the Centre.

We are grateful to the local produce stores in Kingaroy for their green waste & cardboard bales which is currently going into the swales at the Centre to create soil and food for all the intelligent life in & on the land.

We would like to thank the local produce stores for the gift of these donations as these are our main source of matter for soil creation.  We are always on the look out for donated matter that is easily broken down.

It is quite extraordinary what ‘scraps’ can do in a relatively short amount of time. The amount of insect life is multiplying. The hungry creatures due to it being so dry get some extra food and the plants also enjoy the moisture and decomposing scraps. We can’t get enough of it and it would be great to be able to do this on a huge scale!

People Staying on the Centre:

We have had various inquiries about others staying and living at the Centre and we want to be clear about the intention and the purpose of the Learning Centre.

  • It is not a community.
  • It is not a camping facility.
  • People staying there will be invited and residing there for a specific purpose.

There has been a lot of damage done to the land at the Centre over many years and we would like to limit further damage as much as possible. We feel that both physical actions, attitudes and emotions affect the environment and take all of these things into consideration for people staying at the Centre.

In the future we would like to have specific accommodations nearby so that people can visit, engage in projects and learning on the Centre for periods of time and then they can go and share what they learn with the world. Currently we do NOT have this option available. It is an aspiration and will be dependent on desire and donations in the coming years.

This means that if you are coming to any programmes or helping out with projects in the near future that you will need to arrange your own accommodation off site


The Centre is a place of Education and Learning.

We aspire for it to be a place that is an example of Principle’s of God’s Truth Demonstrated on Earth.

Projects & experiments that are undertaken are scientifically validated and cover every imaginable subject matter, which are then documented and can be shared with the world.

A library of physical and electronic data and information collated from all the experiments done on site and around the world to be shared with all humanity.

A library of spiritual and scientific information including experiments done demonstrating God’s Truths.

Our intention is to use some smaller properties to begin various experiments on and when they are tried and tested take them to the Learning Centre.

It is a place that in future people may temporarily stay at in order to learn spiritually, physically, emotionally, and have an experience of living God’s Way. But there is work to be done for each of those involved to do this personally before it will be able to be demonstrated consistently and properly.

Our future aspiration is to attract permanent Managers/Caretakers for the Centre, a team of people to document and record projects, many teams of people involved in various areas such as environmental projects, education projects, the Example school project, scientific validators and many others. Not all of the people involved in these projects will live on the Centre, but our desire is to have various forms of accommodation available off site for short or longer term stays.

We are looking for volunteers with the right attitude who desire to serve & share God’s Truth with the world and do things in harmony with God’s Way on a permanent basis. There is a Volunteers Induction Programme anticipated to begin in 2017 (more info can be found at the following link) which will be the first step in becoming a Volunteer. (Due to a lot of other commitments the planning is taking a little longer than anticipated).

God’s Way of Education Project:

In early January 2017, Tristan and I did an introductory presentation to a small group of people who had expressed some interest in the project.

We want to thank those who helped us out:

Jesus – for training in audio and video production and how to give a presentation

Lena – for audio and general set up advice

Nicky – for being on Audience camera

Courtney & David – for being our mic runners

Pete – for cleaning and helping to organise the venue

Participants for coming along and creating an audience

There is so much information to for the God’s Way of Education Project just in the introduction and overview that Tris and I have decided to do some filmed recordings to break it all down and go into more detail.

These will commence later in February and we look forward to using some new editing skills (Thanks Jesus & Lena!) to get these up onto YouTube so you can hear our ideas, aspirations and discoveries so far for the overall Project, including the Example School, Adult/Parenting Education Programme & Existing School Consulting programme.

It was a learning experience and quite fun to do the presentation. On reflection we had too much information for the four hour time period. We learned a lot including how much organization, planning, time and thought goes into a presentations and the skills needed for trouble shooting (live) that are needed. We have a whole new appreciation for those who run these events regularly and for the post production side of things also!

So there has been quite a bit going on and that is only the external events. There is a heap going on for each of us personally but this can wait for another post on our personal blog sites!

Until next time, all the best


God’s Way Ltd – An Introduction

***20161218 Updated

We are really excited to announce that God’s Way Ltd has been set up and incorporated.

We would like to introduce you to the current Members and Directors of God’s Way Ltd

Current Directors:

Catherine Spence, Tristan Miller, Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins

(Responsible for the day to day running of the God’s Way Ltd & Education Centre):

Founding Members:

Jesus & Mary Magdalene (photo can be seen bottom left in images below)

(Oversee & uphold the core principles, objectives & values. Have the final say in all matters to do with the company and are gifting their time in mentoring & educating a team of people in how to live God’s Way, as well as freely educating & sharing large amounts of information with the worldwide community on the benefits and how to have a personal relationship with God among other projects):

Original Members:

Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins (photo bottom right),  Catherine Spence (photo top left).

(Aspiring and growing soul condition to do what the Founding Members are currently doing)

Succession Members:

Tristan Miller (photo top right)

(Aspiring and growing soul condition to do what the Founding Members are currently doing)

A little about God’s Way Ltd:

God’s Way Ltd is an Australian Public Company limited by Guarantee which means that it has Members rather than shareholders. It has been set up this way as to ensure the longevity and existence of the company in perpetuity. This is so no matter what happens that the company has the potential to continue to share God’s Truth with the world. Everything God’s Way Ltd does is a gift given free of charge because everyone involved in the organisation believes God’s Truth should be accessible to everyone and given freely.

God’s Way Ltd has been set up to provide a vehicle to demonstrate Principle’s of God’s Truth in action being practically applied on Earth and to scientifically document the process and experiments involved with doing this, so they can be shared with the world.

A goal of God’s Way Ltd is to set up a corporation that could become a government. It’s purpose is to be a mini to medium scale illustration of how God governs, demonstrated on a small location on Earth. So when visitors come to that location they can see an example of God’s government in action that can be scaled from micro to universal.

For example from a household – an individual, a couple, a family; to a corporation involving a collective group, right through to demonstrating the potential of how countries and world wide government systems could operate God’s Way by engaging the same Principles and scaling up or down.

In order to reach this goal there is much that needs to be learned at a soul level by the individuals involved and those who desire to be involved. A few of these include (there are quite a number, so just mentioning a few):

  • Desiring and understanding God’s Love
  • Desiring and understanding God’s Truth
  • Understanding how God’s Love and Truth impact upon governing and order (and many other principles. See Assistance Group 3 presented by Jesus & Mary when it is published on the following website divinetruth.com )
  • Apply Principle’s of God’s Truth in our own life – this will bring us closer to God in the process
  • Apply Principle’s of God’s Truth on larger scales
  • Emotionally understand the Principles
  • Learning how God runs the universe so that we can run our little universe (family & own self) the way God runs his universe. When we do this we can apply it to larger scale projects.

God’s Way Ltd is a company that is to be completely funded by donation and gifts from people who sincerely desire to give them. Which means that  God’s Way Ltd will only be doing projects that it has the funds, energy, resources and time to do. God’s Way Ltd will share its desires and intentions for projects it desires to undertake, but the projects will not go ahead until they are researched, immaculately planned and the necessary funds and potential volunteers time and skilled labour, if needed are available to complete the project/s being undertaken.

The intention is to record and document every project that is undertaken and the company will own all Intellectual Property that is generated so that it is freely available to all of humanity in perpetuity rather than being ‘lost’ or ‘controlled’ by individuals who may not share our intentions on this matter.

God’s Way Ltd is in the process of purchasing some land to set up an Education Centre that demonstrates Principles of God’s Truth on Earth and aspires to govern as God does.

The Education Centre is an experiment and intended to be a mini example of how the world could be run if it was based on Principles of God’s Truth  (the success of the experiment is based upon those involved and how desirous and truthfully they apply Principle’s of God’s Truth in their personal lives, we will see how it unfolds!)

The intention of having an Learning/Education Centre is so that there is a vehicle to experiment, educate ourselves and others who sincerely desire to live God’s Way to come and learn the skills and knowledge and possibly experience first hand what living God’s Way means in a real sense for a short period of time and then go and share that with the world.

God’s Way Ltd anticipates that this Learning/Education Centre will be one of many and that all the ‘mistakes’ (learning experiences) and successes will be documented so that in the future others desiring to set up Education Centres based on the same Principles will be able to do so with ease and in a standardised manner so that there are many Education Centres worldwide all sharing God’s Truth and how to Love & truly live God’s Way.

It is the intention of those behind the Company to gather data and a library of information on experiments with Principle’s of God’s Truth on every subject you can possibly think of and on subjects that humankind has not yet discovered; To produce Intellectual Property and information that is freely shared with the entire world on how to live in harmony with Principles of God’s Truth and the practical application of these Principles.

God’s Way Ltd would like to thank Jesus & Mary for sharing their knowledge, passion and long term goals with us which have been instrumental in igniting a desire to create and run with this project.

Those involved with God’s Way Ltd would not have conceived of the scope of this idea or what it really means to have an Education Centre if it was not for them sharing God’s Truth with the world and their direction and guidance. They are one inspiring couple!! Those involved in the organisation are grateful for the personal & general feedback and information they share so freely as without this we would not have had such opportunity for growth, discovery and seeing the potential & benefits of God’s Way!

Thanks to Jesus in particular for his time, efforts and expertise in setting up this company, sharing his knowledge and the way Love would do things which has been quite different at time to what we would have normally done in our current soul condition (there is so much exciting learning to do!). The Constitution, Deeds and Documents were written and refined by Jesus and initially took many months to write and then the refining process took many more months to get them so good.

Jesus spent time explaining the concepts and reasons behind what is contained in the constitution, legal jargon & basics like grammar and formatting, among other things, to those of us who didn’t understand these things. He has fitted this in along with all of the other commitments and gifts he has been generating and sharing with the world. So a massive thank you!!

Areas as volunteers we are currently focusing on:

  • For those involved with this project, we need to gain a lot of personal education so we have the skills – spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally required to run the company as we aspire to run it
  • We need education in many areas, including how to set up an independent website for God’s Way Ltd that will have all information and access to everything that we do in one place. Currently this blog is the vehicle to share information until we get that up and running.
  • Research and Planning for projects and ways of doing things on the Education Centre God’s Way. Sincerely work through emotional issues as to why we don’t do this already.
  • Finding people who can join the team long term, who have the right attitude, desire, passion for God, God’s Truth, desire to love and share with the world (among other things) so that we can do all the things we desire to do on the scale we desire to do it.

Those involved in God’s Way organisation will be engaging projects personally while working on growing & refining our soul condition in a loving positive direction; Growing a personal relationship with God, and learning as much as possible in the areas each person involved in God’s Way Ltd currently lack education, which is vital for personal growth.

In the long term God’s Way Ltd hopes to attract like minded, passionate, desirous people with the right attitude to help carry out all the expanding plans we have. It is amazing what one person can do, imagine what a team of like minded people with a heartfelt desire to love, with a passionate desire for God’s Truth, all aspiring and working towards the same goals could achieve…


There are many exciting possibilities and potentials and I just wanted to introduce you to the company and a snippet of what is currently going on.

In the mean time we suggest reading the constitution if you are interested as this will give you a very good insight into the objectives and principles of the company.

Link to the God’s Way Ltd constitution

This document is the guiding document for everything done with God’s Way Ltd. The individuals involved in God’s Way Ltd are constantly re visiting the constitution in order to find out how to proceed when they are uncertain, and find out the places they still need to understand it’s contents in their soul’s rather than their minds.

If you would like to contact God’s Way Ltd, please do so at:


or through the contact us page which can be found in the menu bar at the top of this blog

If you do desire to donate to God’s Way Ltd you will need to read, sign and have witnessed a Gift Deed and either a Statutory Gift Declaration (for gifts over $1000.00 AUD) or a Gift Declaration (for gifts below $1000.00 AUD).


The Directors (God’s Way Ltd)

*** Update 20161218

The change to this post is that Peter has been removed as a director of God’s Way Ltd. We wish him all the best working through some personal issues that are in disharmony with the God’s Way Ltd constitution at this time.

Self Reflective Parenting – Part 2:

Sourced from personal Notes dated 20140617

A snippet of what I found out personally about how I feel about ‘parenting’ and some of my experiences and discoveries during that process…


My life now in comparison to five years ago is different in a few areas, especially in regards to children. I am happier, less tired, have actually experienced joy. I am able to do things I want to do at times. I enjoy hanging out with the kids. I want to. It doesn’t feel like such a chore. I am desiring more and more to teach them to look after themselves rather than being ‘mummy dependent’. I can hold a conversation with someone, our house is not a total mess all of the time now, the kids wash their own dishes – still needs work. They dress themselves, make their own lunches and breakfasts. We go shopping and it takes half an hour and the kids help – it used to take sometimes two hours and we were the family that everyone wanted to avoid. By owning my emotions, desiring God’s truth about me, becoming truthful with myself and how I feel and what was really going on for me, my life changed in a positive direction!

I feel it is important to find out how I truly feel about things, then I have something real to work with.

I have been ‘out of body’/’not present’/disassociated* (in order to avoid painful feelings) and told myself a lot of ‘stories’ over my life in order to avoid feeling how I really feel. The questions found in ‘Self Reflective Parenting -Part 1′ click here to take you to link,


  • Do I want to change? be honest

  • Do I want to love as God loves?
 If not why not?


I have found useful in helping me to see things I have been resistive** to feeling or even intellectually seeing. With some honest self reflection, the deeper the better, I often find out things about myself that previously I did not see.

Example: For a long time I had a whole ‘façade’*** view of parenting which I spouted out about, with comments about how amazing children are and parenting is. How great my mum and dad had been to me. What an awesome childhood I had. How ‘natural’ motherhood was, how amazing being pregnant was. Along with peoples’ perceptions of me: ‘You’ll make such a great mum Eloisa’, ‘you’ll be so fun’, ‘I wish I was your child…’etc. Wow did I want to believe them because inside I felt completely different.

I had a lot of feelings that felt terrible inside of me, that I actually was aware of but didn’t say when people said these things, like: ‘You have no idea what I am like on the inside”, ‘I feel so terrified of harming people and I am afraid of harming a baby’, ‘I feel helpless when a child cries and will do anything to try and make them okay’, ‘I feel totally inadequate and unprepared to be a parent. ’‘How am I going to cope’. ‘what if it doesn’t come naturally?’ ‘how am I going to protect a child?’, ‘What if a child dies?’ What if I do it wrong? ’What if…’, ‘What if…’, ‘What if…?’ I often felt ‘I need my mum’.

I had so many fears and terrors which ruled me when I was honest with myself, but I skipped over them, didn’t mention them, pushed them aside, minimized them and if I did ever say them allowed others dismissed them quickly and I felt that maybe I was just being ‘silly’. No-one else seemed as worried and terrified as I was so what was my problem?

When I got real with myself and admitted how I really felt it felt pretty confronting & yucky:

  • I wanted children so that I feel loved, I want them to love me. 

  • I want to control them and boss them and make them ‘perfect’ so my mum and dad will 
think how wonderful I am 

  • I haven’t felt I’ve been very good at anything in my life, like my siblings, so maybe I can 
be a good mum (though inside I already felt terrible and like this would never be. My mum has feelings SHE is the ‘best mum in all the world’ and that had been drummed into me – so how could I ever be better than the ‘best’ I didn’t have a chance. I thought ‘maybe I could be okay and at least get her approval.’ 

  • I felt totally abandoned and like I was nothing when our babies were born as everyone gave the children attention and demanded love from the baby and I no longer felt I mattered. I had gotten so much attention for just being pregnant and it was lovely for one who felt so terrible about herself – an addiction. 

  • I didn’t find motherhood ‘natural’, I didn’t feel like I was natural at nurturing and I didn’t trust my own feelings, I wanted my mother’s/women’s approval something chronic. I did what I thought mum/women would approve of. This was terrible for both the babies and myself because I went against my own feelings and I harmed our children emotionally in the process doing things I didn’t feel were right but which got me approval from mum, mother in law, step – mum and dad to a certain degree. 

What I feel and wish I had done, wish I had known about in caring for a tiny child, is to let them cry but don’t punish them, they are expressing the sadness and grief and unhealed emotions, anger, shame all sorts that their parents are suppressing & denying and the general environment around them is suppressing. I encourage you to Love children as God loves**** and feel your own pain for yourself, by yourself & with God in a self responsible manner*****. Your pain is your pain & your responsibility, not your child’s responsibility. I wanted someone else to feel my pain for me. So it fell on our children to do so through my demand and lack of ethics & lack of personal responsibility.

If I had not been so self absorbed and I had wanted to Love for real, I could have felt my own stuff rather than avoiding it and forcing it onto the children and my environment. I was in denial, projecting – gushing – my emotions outwards at the world and everyone in it. I didn’t want to know myself and I wanted others to take away my pain or feel it for me. I can see now, this is very damaging to children, partner, and those around me.

I suggest to feel about how you feel when your child/ren is distressed, angry, scared, just feeling or being emotional. Instead of trying to ‘calm them down’, pacify them with food or entertainment (which will create addictions in the end), Allow them to feel how they feel. Allow yourself to feel how you feel, allow yourself to really feel the feelings you have about what is going on and have the courage to feel what the emotional causes are without blaming the children or others.

When you are owning and feeling your emotions and they are the real thing you truly feel in that moment, that is the time that you are doing the least amount of damage to children and other souls. I noticed when I hit on the true emotion our children would stop acting up/out, stop demanding etc and completely change from ‘out of control’ while I was in denial or ‘out of body’, to quietly and contentedly playing when I was owning my emotions. It was incredible to experience.

Children are such a gift******. When we understand what is really going on, you understand just what an amazing gift they really are, because you can see ‘oh, here I am refusing to feel how I feel again’, Or ‘something is going on for me or my partner or both of us because our children are reflecting back to us disharmony of some kind. Lets find out what that is’. You have an immediate feedback system that is obvious and undeniable.

After a time when I had realized some of my own individual issues and the children were less influenced when I was on my own, I noticed that whenever Pete and I would be together things ‘ramped up’ or got more intense. We realized over some time that when Pete and I were together there was a lot of feelings we were in denial about between each other and because we were not willing to feel them the children reflected them to us, where as when we were on our own the dynamic was different.

I encourage you to stop blame children, see that anything that is happening in your life is an opportunity for YOU to learn about love. Anything that is going on for the children in your life is as an opportunity for YOU to learn something about yourself and refine yourself in Love from God’s perspective.

Contrary to popular belief ‘being strong’ is actually a place where you are self responsibly 100% emotional.

If I had my time again I would hope I would let the children express their emotions freely, particularly if they are fed, changed and have had their physical needs taken care of. I would take the time to just sit nearby, so they know I am near and work out what was going on for me, allow myself to feel my distress, my helplessness, the overwhelming feelings that are exposed and grow the passionate desire to feel all the things I felt as I felt them. Having children is an opportunity to learn so many things, including humility and how to truly love as God loves us. This takes us growing a passionate desire to love, and to know what is really going on from God’s perspective rather than our own, consistency, personal honesty, humility, taking action in a positive direction and faith in the process God has perfectly designed. All these qualities you can develop if you so desire.

Self reflection questions to let yourself feel about:
 Parenting and children 

Be honest with yourself about how you really feel and why you had children.

Everything you are suppressing will be reflected to you by children & the environment, children are perfect reflectors

  • How do I truly feel about being a parent? (all aspects)
  • How do I truly feel about children? (all aspects)
  • In regards to the Law of attraction, children’s behaviour etc, ask:
  • What is my part in this?
  • Am I being impacted by this behaviour? If I am then there is something for me to look at 
and to heal from Love’s perspective
  • How did God intend parenting/child rearing and childhood and children to be? (check out the 
FAQ’s of Jesus and Mary) I don’t know this myself for certain yet, so can’t speak from experience, but you can find out from the following sources
  • Divine Truth Website: divinetruth.com 

  • Divine Truth FAQ’s: 
  • Divine Truth YouTube Channel


  • Often we allow kids to get away with a lot more than we would let ourselves or other adults get away with behaving in the same way ( look at why & your beliefs around this)
. OR We often treat children much more harshly than we do ourselves or other adults or a combination of both or different subjects.
  • Example: We think it’s totally okay to assault children when we’d never do that to an adult. Smacking a child, hitting them, aggressively and angrily yelling at them etc and we justify it as ‘discipline’. This is far out of harmony with God’s love and how God treats us. 
Violence towards anyone is violence and it is unkind, hurtful and comes from a desire in yourself to harm others rather than feel your own pain.

I suggest feeling your own pain as it comes up and as you feel it. When we put things off they just get bigger and worse. God made us to feel and we are perfectly equipped to do so. We may not have the confidence or desire in ourselves and if this is the case we need to grow the aspiration to do so if we are really going to love.


*’Out of Body’: I label it this because this is what it feels like. It feels like your body is walking around doing things and you am not there, not present, not feeling or really aware of what is really happening around you. It feels like I have vacated and ‘gone’, or watching a ‘movie’ of your life rather than living and participating in it. Sometimes I couldn’t remember how I got to places, I had total blanks where I just was not there.. That is what it feels for those around you also. They can’t feel you anymore and they are not sure where you are. For children this is very unsettling and scary because they can’t feel you. I had experiences where the children would cling to other women’s legs when I was out of body because they couldn’t feel me anymore.

** Resistive: this is a feeling of resistance to what is going on. It feels exactly like that, pushing against something. It is a refusal to feel something and can be an angry feeling, a fear based feeling but generally has some anger to it because it is a refusal to feel. Sometimes emotional resistance is so strong it feels solid. It is immovable. It feels like: – imagine arms crossed, feet planted ‘I’m not going to and you can’t make me’ feeling. There is no surrender or softening in that place, no room to find out new things or feel the things that are there in the first place. When someone is resistive there is not much you can really do until they get out of that place.

*** Façade: something we make up for ourselves and or others to present to them because we feel that what we really feel or think or what is truly is underneath is not good enough or we fear sharing our real self, real feelings, real thoughts etc. It is like the façade on a building, it looks pretty but you get in behind it and it is totally different to what is being presented.

****(you’ll need to do some personal research on this)

*****you might need to research how to do this too- I recommend God’s Way as taught by Jesus & Mary, information can be found on their website as the only way that creates real, permanent Loving change

****** Children are always a gift and it does trouble me that we treat them so badly. I still have grief and guilt that I choose to sin rather than deal with my emotional pain personally and responsibly. Though children are perfect reflectors and can help us see so much about ourselves, it is not their responsibility to do this. IF we really loved we would be dealing with issues before others were affected by them, or if we didn’t recognize this we would definitely be doing so as soon as they were reflected to us. What I notice is that there is a tendency to ‘put things off’ and this goes often for parents who justify, minimize, dismiss, ignore or blame the child for the way they are feeling rather than just allowing themselves to be honest and feel what they feel.


Self Reflective Parenting – Part 1

I ‘re-discovered’ an outline from some years ago (20140617) that I wrote up in regards to a presentation on parenting I would like to give. I feel really passionate about improving myself as a parent and I thought that others may find the notes useful.

The purpose is to encourage self reflection and self discovery in regards to parenting.

I am excited to share my experiences in regards to experimenting with becoming a loving ‘parent’ from God’s perspective.

I am finding that sincerely engaging God’s Way is the fastest way to change the family dynamic in a loving and lasting way! I know this for certain and recommend God’s Way (more info at the links below) wholeheartedly!

I suggest checking out Jesus & Mary’s website: Divinetruth.com for detailed information as this is what my experiments are based on. Also while a relationship with God is developing, or is non existent, depending on where you are at, the resources Jesus & Mary have and are sharing are very inspiring & helpful in opening one up to and beginning an investigation of understanding in a lot of areas, particularly the Truth about God!!

Quote: We have to seek for Truth if we are ever going to find it. – Jesus

Part 1

Introduction: Why look at parenting?

There is so much information on parenting out there, (much of it based on punishment and reward), yet often it doesn’t work or it promises ‘quick fixes’ that don’t work long term and don’t actually find or deal with the reason/s why events happen & issues occur between adults & kids (kids & kids, adults & adults) in the first place.

I have been experimenting with Principles of God’s Truth or Divine Truth as presented by my friends, Jesus and Mary Magdalene and these do work and do have lasting positive effects, some immediate, all long term and lasting – when you fully engage the principles involved with your soul rather than your mind. Taking an action without a soul change is not going to be lasting change – ever. ‘Trying is lying’ (as Mary says) – I know, I have tried.

Making positive change will take sincere desire, effort on your part, feeling emotions and a passionate desire and longing to love as God loves- which you will need to grow a desire to do. You can do it with God or without God. I’ve heard with God is faster. This approach is not an overnight fix, it is a life long adventure and a way of life/living – that works. Once a change is made in your soul, it is an forever change on that particular subject.

An exciting change for me is how I feel inside myself and about myself. It seems as my opinion of myself actually grows for real, my life becomes more enjoyable. It makes a wonderful change and I feel more desire to love and get to know others without effort. I haven’t had to ‘try’ and it hasn’t been ‘hard’ when I have made real changes. Things seemed to ‘just happen’ quite smoothly.

I feel excited to have found a way that works and is improving my life in every area – including my relationships with my partner, kids and everyone in my environment in a real way!

Quote: Your soul condition determines your happiness in your life… it determines what you attract in your life to yourself and it determines how rapidly you grow…. It determines what accidents you have, what sicknesses you get, and what love life you have. It determines everything about your life. – Jesus

Please feel free to ask questions at any time by emailing me or going to the ‘Contact us’ page and if you are uncertain about any terminology I use please let me know and I will explain.

I would like to share with you some of my personal experiences of engaging God’s Laws and Principles of God’s Truth and the super positive affects they have had in my life with my relationship with children. I want to share these as I’ve found them to be positively life changing! Being honest with myself about how I feel has in some cases made everything instantly better, and even intellectual realisations have helped me understand what’s going on rather than feeling totally helpless. Ignorance is not bliss.

I will be sharing only about things that I have actually experienced.
There are many things I do not know yet and many areas I have yet to have experiences in.

When I speak about God, much of it is based on Divine Truth and what I have heard from Jesus and Mary, I am experimenting for myself at the moment. I don’t know a lot about God myself yet. I am excited about what I am discovering.

I am beginning to see that being a parent is a gift – an opportunity to learn about love, God’s Laws, Gods way of loving. I’ve heard that, the reason God had children is because she had a desire to love them. That is it.

If we do not have a pure desire to love our kids – we need to look at why. Having children is an opportunity for each of us to learn how to love in a pure way. To give to a child in a loving way rather than addiction, neediness, demand, expectation etc.

The unhealed emotions in your soul creates the behaviours your children reflects to you and you attracted the perfect personality (of the child) to expose and heal the error in your soul. If we are humble having children can teach us so much about love.

The process I am engaging is about me. Dealing with my unloving behaviour. In dealing with my stuff first it automatically creates change in the children without having to say a thing. To really love we need to begin by looking at ourselves. We need to take personal responsibility for our actions, feelings, emotions and thoughts and look truthfully at what our soul created and attracted. It is examining through God’s Laws: the Law of attraction the behaviour your child is reflecting to you. Children are not ‘bad’ or trying to be. They are often acting out behaviour and sometimes they have no idea why they are doing what they are doing. They are not calculating (when they are small) they have to learn to be manipulative from their environment. You might feel they are manipulative but they are actually just reflecting something in you and/or being influenced by spirits to do something. As they get older the behaviours & feelings you allowed, encouraged or modelled to them become habits, addictions, normalized and children then act out of these rather than their ‘real self’ – nature and personality God designed.

Quote: ‘Every problem external to me has an internal reflection in myself’ – Jesus

I feel we need to take more self responsibility as parents and rather than blaming innocent children and damaging them by being unloving we need to have courage and humility to see and feel our own pain and the damage from our childhoods and be prepared to feel in order to change and heal the injuries fully without involving children in the process.

Actively choosing to harm a person, taking our pain out or on (our) children or suppressing them from feeling because we personally don’t want to feel is unloving. Our sadness, the rage we have, any emotion we personally have, is not because of a child, they didn’t create it in us. Our parents and/or childhood environment did, as did theirs before them, so if we’re going to be angry it needs to be with the people/person responsible. Not an innocent child

We need to be honest with how we feel, take personal responsibility and take it to God, if you do need to express it, express it to the person/s responsible not someone else and not at someone else.

Truth is powerful!
 Shared with a genuine feeling of love it is life changing!

There is no justification for unloving or harmful behaviour – so find out why you want to act on the unloving behaviour especially towards children, so you can truly change it. This is going to take self reflection and sincere desire to look at yourself ‘warts and all’.

We need to look at why we are willing to harm children, especially those in our care, or ‘our’ children. (For me I have a feeling I own them and they should do what I tell them. I feel I have a right and I justify that I do it because I ‘love’ them. But actually when I have examined my feelings closely I am not often in harmony with what God sees as ‘right’ and loving. I am very much out of harmony on many subjects and the treatment of children is one of these areas).

I feel that what most parents view as love is actually addiction. It is about what they can ‘get’ emotionally from a child not what they can give, and parenting doesn’t involve much unconditional love.

I have noticed, Violence begets violence, or creates terror which creates violence or allows violence in the end. Me being angry, the kids learn to be angry too and they learn thorugh my modelling that it is acceptable – they act it out towards each other. E.G. hitting each other. I don’t like it when they do this, but it is happening and I need to look inside myself as to why as well as taking loving action (restraining – more on this to come) and talking to the kids about violence and how it is out of harmony with love.

Self Reflection Exercise. Ask yourself:

  • Do I want to change? be honest

  • Do I want to love as God loves?
 If not why not?

Be honesty about how you really feel about these things, really reflect on these questions emotionally, then things can change. If you are not honest with yourself nothing will change.

Often things you want to avoid or fear end up happening – this is the law of attraction at work to expose the unhealed emotion and to give you an opportunity to feel about it and heal it so you never do it again…

If you heal the causal reason you’re doing something in the first place rather than continuously deal with the effects lasting, positive change happens. (The causal reason being the real, emotional reason that drives you to do what you do, feel how you feel, think how you think etc)  .

Now is the perfect time to feel and engage a process of growth and change to heal and become more loving. There is no point putting things off because they only get worse. I know from experience… So experiment with your feelings, address any issue right now, in the moment. Now is the perfect time.

I encourage you to try something different, try feeling or at least being truthful with yourself about how you feel, truly, inside. Stop blaming, own your stuff and experiment!

Start with where you are at.

Investigate and feel, grow a passionate desire to feel everything…

Quote: Every time I avoid an emotion inside of myself and avoid the responsibility of feeling it (them) then we project those outwards onto the universe and we damage other people in the universe. When we feel them inside of ourselves then we can grow. – Jesus



2016 Kingaroy Qld

Construction Ideas & Inspiration


‘Donut’ design (thanks to Jesus for sharing this concept & idea with us)

I get excited about experimenting with construction and various ways to make buildings/dwellings.

Our friend Jesus is an awesome ideas person, designer & problem solver and in a conversation some months ago was discussing with us construction ideas and speaking with us about design ideas and Love based principles in Construction. I made up some very basic concept drawings and paper mache initial concept designs to have a look in 3D (these are not to scale) what the ideas may look like.

Below: Concept models of possible layouts and ideas for the ‘Donut’ Design.

Our reason for sharing the concept designs publicly is firstly we felt so excited and inspired by the possibilities and ideas and secondly we are interested if you have any information, ideas, thoughts or inspirations that you desire to share in regards to construction,  please contact us through the ‘contact us’ page (press on link) or via email

We would love to hear about ideas in any areas, including but not limited to: concept development (additional ideas & inspirations you may have from seeing these designs), engineering (taking into consideration the below criteria – bullet points) particularly ideas to do with catastrophes including earthquakes, new and interesting materials that you may know about to use in construction, new power sources & people doing interesting experiments in these areas, waste management etc.

Jesus has discussed and spoke about some areas to look at when designing and creating buildings. Some (this is not an extensive list) of the qualities that we found inspiring are as follows:

  • Research, Planning & mini experimentation is SUPER important
  • Are lovingly designed, functional, economical, long lasting, least environmental impact as possible, made out of materials that creatures don’t want to eat and recycle
  • Standardized, so that they can be put up in all manner of places with similar design and materials used. Or with minimal modifications can be built in all climates and terrains.
  • Take into consideration environmental factors and function both in summer and winter
  • self sufficient
  • Simple – in design, to construct, to live in
  • Micro climates able to be created in the center of the ‘donuts’ to support an entire community with food produce and other essential materials, no matter what the climate or terrain.
  • Are able to withstand extreme weather conditions, natural disasters and earth change events such as: floods, tornado, hurricanes, earthquakes, extreme fires,
  • Can be constructed for reasonable cost out of materials found locally, if not literally on site where possible
  • Can be added one piece at a time
  • energy efficient, everything efficient
  • functional and support those who live in them, physically, in their desires & passions, lifestyle
  • Waste management – everything that is can be goes back into land regeneration

If you do desire to share please keep in mind that if you have ideas and find information it is most helpful to have it summarised and investigated thoroughly before sharing it, with sources sited (so others can find the info easily). Personal ideas & experience are welcomed. If you feel like sharing with us we’d love to hear from you.

“Donut” design:

Each section is individually created (see below) so that they can be made separately and then joined to the next one as needed. So that each new ‘unit’ was built it could be added to eventually form an entire ‘donut’.

Each ‘unit’ would have privacy as it faces away from the other and it would also mean any maintenance or repairs could be carried out by removing sections and replacing them if needed.

Tetrahedron shape could be used as square sides may be more cost effective in the short term.  Edges are square but form a ‘circle’ when all added together next to each other. This would lend itself to the same ideas as the ‘donut’ in making it in parts and able to replace and repair parts without damaging the whole.



this ‘conut’ complex could have a 20km diameter and potentially house 20, 000 people depending on design. It could also be 2 km wide, or as wide or small as suits the requirements

Top view (above) Could build this in sections at different times as needed. could have facilities such as schools and auditoriums. Due to being built in sections each one is able to be removed and repaired if needed without demolishing the entire structure. Potentially could house 20,000 people all with privacy, abundant food and awesome living conditions. This could be 3-4 levels high.


model of apartment/separate living space ideas for individual sections. These are not to scale

‘Donut’ design cross section (below).

  • water storage/sewage underground.
  • covered with hydraulic system that can lift the roof to enable air to flow
  • under cover part is created to be a consistent temperature in order to grow food all year round. Particularly good for very cold environments.
  • This design is a four story ‘donut’ design which would include homes, school, halls, meeting space, areas for creating e.g. making clothes, cooking/kitchen areas, market type areas, creation spaces.
  • Walkways could go all around the inside in order for people to easily get about and enjoy themselves. In this design view faces outwards. Depending on size could face inwards to enjoy the gardens, pools, various other beautiful features.

cross section of ‘donut’ construction idea (not to scale)


Cross section of ideas for ‘donut’ design with retractable dome over middle section for food growing/food forest, natural beauty area and mirco climate. (Not to scale)

2km – 20km or more distance in middle. Could actually build a ‘donut’ around a hill, or encompassing rain forest (see drawing concept below).

Due to the design being made up of sections could make it over time as funds become available and the desire or need for it grows.

Could have earth built up on outsides with grass/plants growing up over it. ‘Donuts’ could have view facing into the hill/forest. or could do it opposite way and have view facing outwards.


build the ‘donut’ around a hill encompassing rain forest. Creating a ‘bio dome’ where many things could grow in a micro climate. (Not to Scale). Part could also have earth over it for strength and durability.

Some Advantages:

  • Can build on any terrain as it can ‘mould’ around hills, through forests etc.
    has great Privacy as each section’s outlook is viewing nothing in front of them, all have a  view, all connected
  • walk ways internally/externally so that it is easy to get around without damaging areas
  • less land taken for housing
  • more economical resources & money wise
  • self contained
  • private while being part of a community
  • self sufficient – food, waste, etc
  • incorporates everything needed with least amount of damage to environment.

Would eventually like to have levitation/vacuum suction devices to get around in instead of cars and roads. Could have communal transport so that everyone didn’t need their own vehicle – e.g. levitation ‘train’ to whizz about around the grounds etc (I don’t know about the higher laws of love or how this works yet, but I love the idea).

Using materials such as earth bricks could mean you do least amount of damage in smallest area as using onsite materials – needs further investigation

Above are some ideas of layout designs (not to scale) and window options. Could have retractable window shutters, and ability to have various ways to help protect the building from earth change events, or extreme weather events. The design would be such that there is very little modifications needed but can be made anywhere in the world. Retractable coverings to shut out light or protect from extreme weather events.

Other ideas:


Above, idea of having a central domed pod in the middle with curved ‘pod’s’ radiating out from the middle. Based on ‘Nissan huts’ idea in Australia. Could also do this with covered shipping containers.

Would suit a family or could have it as four families all with back of pods joining central area where food/kitchen/eating area. (can design all sorts of things)

Rounded shaped buildings (below). Probably strong, but individual. These could have earth over the roof and use aeration ducts through the water storage area to keep them cool and moderate temperature.