The organisation is made up of a variety of Branches, each focused upon a particular field of human endeavour, enquiry or experience. For example, Environment Branch, Human Life Branch and Construction Branch.

Programmes within each Branch break down the field of interest into more specific topics. For example, current Programmes existing under the Environment Branch are: Eco System Recovery Programme, Introduced Species Programme and Wildlife Habitat Programme.

Projects are the practical tasks and activities carried out within each Programme. Projects demonstrate principles in action and generate information and scientific data relating to the topic of the Programme. Creating such resources to be able to share freely with the world is the core business of God’s Way Ltd!

As an example, the Projects currently existing within the Eco System Recovery Programme of the Environment Branch of God’s Way Ltd are: Terraces Project and Shed Site Rehabilitation Project.

Environment Branch

Eco System Recovery Programme

Terraces Project
Shed Site Rehabilitation Project

Many Programmes are likely to continue indefinitely, as more and more advanced information relating to the Programme’s field of focus will become available as those involved in the organisation grow and progress in a relationship with God. A Project runs over a shorter time frame by comparison but may still span many weeks, months or years. A Project may be a one off occurrence or be repeated and developed over time through many different instances or implementations of the Project.

This structure of Branches, Programmes and Projects is reflected in the navigation menu of the God’s Way website:

You can click on each level of this menu to visit an information page about the Branch, Programme or Project. Though content is presently still under development, God’s Way plans to have details appearing on these pages in time.

The Branches, Programmes & Projects listed in the menu are those which are already active, and these will expand in number and diversity as the organisation grows.

Current Branches

External Services Branches

Human Life
Special Projects

Internal Services Branches

Volunteers & Members
Information Sharing
Legal & Finance

Company Structure

Organisational Structure

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