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God’s Way Education: Family Experiment Specialised Home stay

***This post was updated on the 2nd September 2017, to be more transparent about some of the emotional dynamics being played out within the family Introduction The following post includes a breakdown of the family experiment we undertook over a…

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Self Reflective Parenting – Part 2:

Sourced from personal Notes dated 20140617 A snippet of what I found out personally about how I feel about ‘parenting’ and some of my experiences and discoveries during that process… My life now in comparison to five years ago is…

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God’s Way of Education

Hi and Welcome to this exciting section of the Discovery Learning Centre Blog, the ‘Gods Way of Education’ Page (can be accessed from the home page on the left hand tab of this blog). This is the place to come…

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Volcano Experiment

We had an exciting morning experimenting with kitchen ingredients to simulate larva in a volcano. It was heaps of fun and the kids really enjoyed it, trying it several more times after the initial eruption. Below is everything you need to…

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