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Category: Eco System Recovery

Garden Design: Cushnie Function Centre Caretaker’s Residence

During the Volunteer Selection Project (VSP) held during April 2019, participants contributed to an activity of God’s Way Ltd Environment Branch, which involved preparing an area of the Cushnie Function Centre Caretaker’s property for creating a garden. Positioned between a…

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Volunteer Experience: Jadda in the Eco System Recovery Programme

In 2018 I successfully completed the God’s Way Volunteer Selection Programme. I feel this has and will be a big turning point in my life. Going from just regularly listening to Divine Truth, to actually being involved in God’s Way…

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Project Introduction: Creating a Seed Database

The properties that God’s Way Ltd purchased have been overgrazed and cropped for many years and need to be regenerated and repaired so that they can return, as close as possible, to the pristine natural environments they once were. This…

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Project Introduction: Terrace Project

Hi, My name is Pete Lytton-Hitchins and I am a volunteer within the Eco System Recovery Programme of the God’s Way Environment Branch. The Environment Team has recently commenced a new project within the Eco System Recovery Programme called the…

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Project Summary: Shed Site Rehabilitation

God cleverly designs his creations with the ability to recover from degradation and return, not only to their original state, but beyond this into an improved condition. Due to the emotions, intentions and actions of humans in opposition to God’s…

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Environmental Project: Terracing

Brief overview of post This post is about an environmental project creating terraced areas on a hillside with deep holes to fill with matter in order to hold and retain moisture and encourage abundant self sustaining eco-systems. This post includes…

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