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Category: Introduced Species

Activity Report: June & July, 2020

Welcome to the June and July, 2020, Activity Report. Updates for this period: Gratitude Director & Founding Member Activities Environment Branch Terrace Project Seed Project: Germination Experiments Introduced Species Experiment Path Maintenance Experiment Plant & Machinery Branch Heavy Machinery Maintenance…

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Project Update: Experiments with Suppression of Mother of Millions

Mother of Millions Plant From 2018, God’s Way Ltd volunteers have been involved in the removal of the introduced species Mother of Millions on the private property of the God’s Way Ltd Founding Members. Mother of Millions is an ornamental…

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Volunteer Selection Project: Day 3 Mother of Millions Removal

Welcome to the update for Day 3 on the Volunteer Selection Project! Post overview Introduction Day 3 overview & timing What is Mother of Millions Purpose of the activity Method (God’s Way is testing to remove and dispose of Mother…

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