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The Structure of God’s Way Limited

This post will explain the structure of the God’s Way organisation and introduce a new way of using the website to find out about activities and projects that are underway.

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Information Sharing Project: Introduction

Hello! We’d like to introduce you to a God’s Way Information Sharing Project. God’s Way directors and members will be publishing regular updates on this website to share what is happening behind the scenes, information on the Branches, Programmes and…

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Volunteer Selection Programme: Register Your Interest

Hello Everyone! The first Divine Truth and God’s Way volunteer selection programme has just been completed. Tristan and I really enjoyed running the programme and getting to know those who participated. This post is to let you know we are…

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Volunteer Selection Programme

Originally posted on Notes Along The Way:
Summary Information This programme is designed to help us ASSESS if each individual participant; Truly has a sincere desire to serve Has the correct attitudes of service Has the correct understanding of Divine…

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20170124 Update & God’s Way Ltd News

Hi Everyone! Eloisa here with an update on what has been happening since the last post in November 2016. It has been a busy time for us with lots of different things going on. God’s Way Property Purchase: With the…

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God’s Way Ltd – An Introduction

***20161218 Updated We are really excited to announce that God’s Way Ltd has been set up and incorporated. We would like to introduce you to the current Members and Directors of God’s Way Ltd Current Directors: Catherine Spence, Tristan Miller,…

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