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God’s Way Fundamentals: Fundamental Facts

This is the third part of the “Fundamentals” series explaining the Vision and Fundamental Facts, Principles and Values that determine the model and methods for all operations of the God’s Way Ltd organisation. As I explained in my last post,…

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God’s Way Fundamentals: Vision

In my last post I promised to share more about the core principles that guide God’s Way Ltd. operations. In this, the “Fundamentals” series of posts, I’ll use excerpts from the God’s Way Ltd. business plan to explain the Vision,…

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God’s Way Fundamentals: Introducing our Way of doing “business”

Hi everyone, As the current Managing Director for God’s Way Ltd I have been writing a business plan for the organisation. God’s Way Ltd’s approach to “business” is unique in that the board of directors, all members and all volunteers are…

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The Structure of God’s Way Limited

This post will explain the structure of the God’s Way organisation and introduce a new way of using the website to find out about activities and projects that are underway.

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God’s Way Ltd – An Introduction

***20161218 Updated We are really excited to announce that God’s Way Ltd has been set up and incorporated. We would like to introduce you to the current Members and Directors of God’s Way Ltd Current Directors: Catherine Spence, Tristan Miller,…

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