Cushnie Caretaker’s Residence

In May 2018, a 100 acre rural property in Cushnie, Queensland, Australia came up for sale. The property has a small (84 square metre) steel framed house on it and is located adjacent to the God’s Way Ltd Cushnie Function Centre. Catherine Spence entered discussions with Jesus (AJ Miller) and the God’s Way Ltd Directors to see if the property would be of benefit to God’s Way Ltd future plans, then decided to purchase this property and gifted joint ownership of the property to God’s Way Ltd.

The existing house on the property will become a residence for caretaker(s) of the adjoining Function Centre while projects are being undertaken there, and may also be used for short term visitors. The caretaker in residence will be a God’s Way Ltd member/members or volunteer(s) who has an established desire to live in harmony with the God’s Way Ltd Constitution and a passion for God’s Way Ltd projects.

The land on which the Caretakers Residence is built has a lot of potential benefits to God’s Way Ltd’s future plans and goals. For example, it is located in a creek line that is often flooded during the wet season and has a catchment dam that is full almost all year round. Having a reliable water supply will benefit many of the God’s Way Ltd projects. Since the property adjoins the Function Learning Centre, the water can be easily shared between both properties.

God’s Way Ltd also has the aim to be able to grow food for members, volunteers and members of the community and to demonstrate new and innovative techniques for food production in harmony with God’s Laws. At this stage, the directors intend that the Caretaker’s property could be used to do this.

So in many ways, the house on the property was not the major consideration when the Caretaker’s Residence was purchased.

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