We would like to thank you for your donations to and support of those who volunteer their time. Your financial support assists them to continue using their time to assist God’s Way.

Everyone who is involved in God’s Way gives a gift of their time for free.

All Members, Directors & Volunteers do not get paid for what they do.

Everyone involved in God’s Way Ltd gives the gift of their time and personal resources free of charge because they feel passionate about the intention of the company to demonstrate and share the gift of God’s Truth with the World.
Some of our volunteers do not have any other source of income aside from donations. Without volunteer assistance, God’s Way would not exist. By clicking on the link of the person below, you will be taken to their own website or blog giving you details about how to support them financially.

We would like to thank you for the donations!

To Donate to:

Jesus & Mary Magdalene press this link

Catherine Spence press this link

Tristan Miller press this link

Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins press this link

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