All the information on this site is a gift for free.

We believe that anyone who wants to learn and find out about new ways of doing things, and anyone who would like to find out about the principles of God’s Truth* ought to have that opportunity free of charge.

We would like to thank you for your donations!

There are a number of ways to donate to God’s Way Ltd.

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Gifts & Donations Table
Account Details
Notes on the Deeds & Declarations

How to Donate

Please note that all gifts and donations are non-refundable.

If you wish to donate to God’s Way here is what to do.


If you desire to give a one off Gift over $1000AUD or a recurring gift you will you will need to read, print, fill out, sign & have witnessed the following Deed and Statutory Declaration. Please note a Gift means that you desire to give in appreciation for no personal gain what so ever :

Gift Deed

Gift Statutory Declaration

These are legal binding documents and need to be filled out for all gifts both monetary and non-monetary. Once you have these forms filled out and signed please send them through to us and we will provide you with a code to put into the reference section in your bank account when transferring the funds.

We ask that if your donations are $1000 or over that you please fill out the statutory declaration.

This is because God’s Way Ltd is completely funded by gifts and donations it needs to be recorded as such on our tax records and provable to the Australian Tax Office.


If you just want to give a donation and not do all the paperwork this is also fine, it will be classed as income and if you can use the following code in the reference field of your bank account that would be most appreciated


The table below will hopefully help you in working out what to do

Gifts & Donations Table.

Gifts & Donations

Type of Gift
Deeds & Declarations to sign
Over $1000 Gift Deed Statutory Declaration Fill in forms, send them & contact for bank code (to place in the reference field)
Under $1000 Bank Code


Recurring Over $1000 Gift Deed Statutory Declaration Fill in forms, send them & contact for bank code
Recurring Under $1000 Bank Code:


Value Over $1000 Gift Deed Statutory Declaration Fill in forms, send them & contact for details or discuss gift
Value Under $1000 contact to discuss
Intellectual Property Gift Deed Statutory Declaration contact to discuss
Member Fee contact Contact
to get your personal code

General Donation bank code GWDONGENERAL
General donations without accompanying gift deeds and statutory declarations are gratefully accepted but are accounted for as income.

By signing these Deeds you will become very aware of how important it is that any donation or gift is a true gift, because if in the future you suddenly want it back we will not be able to give it to you because we may have used it in a project or in other ways we deemed appropriate, details are clearly stated in the Gift Deed of these conditions so it is transparent.

A signed original of these documents will need to be sent to the Secretary of God’s Way Ltd at the following address:

God’s Way Ltd

98 O’Dea Road

Queensland 4610

Any questions or queries please contact one of the directors at

Donations via bank direct bank deposit:(You must have your own bank account)

You will need to log into your own personal bank or setup the transfer with a bank teller. Please use our banking details below.

If you are overseas, and wish to donate directly from your bank account, you will need the additional SWIFT Banking codes and our personal address listed below.

Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Branch: Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia
Account Name: God’s Way Ltd
BSB No: 064418
Account No: 10283982

Reference: GIFT GW (for gifts accompanied by a gift deed & a statutory declaration)

Reference: GWDON (for gifts with no deeds or stat decs)

Recipient Business Name: God’s Way Ltd

Recipient ABN: 30 613 977 567
Recipient Address: 98 ODea Road
Recipient City: Kingaroy
Recipient State: Queensland
Recipient Postal Code: 4610
Recipient Email:

God’s Way Ltd receives your donations immediately
Any amount can be donated
Donations can usually be automated by your bank
We do not store any of your details
We receive all of your donation less bank fees and currency conversion
Process cannot be stopped by a third party

You will need to access your own Transferwise Account and enter the amount you wish to donate.
Extra details you may need:
Recipient Type: Private
Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank Of Australia (CBA)
Swift Code: CTBAAU2S
BSB: 064418
Institution No: 064
Transit No: 418
Account Number: 10283982
Company Name: God’s Way Ltd
Address: 98 ODea Road
City: Kingaroy
State: Queensland
Postal Code: 4610
Recipient Email:
Bank transaction Reference: GWDONGENERAL

or email us for your personalized transaction reference for amounts over $1000 or for recurring gifts

Provider located in many countries including Australia
We receive 99% of your donation
Donate from your bank account or credit card
We receive donations direct to our account
You must create a TransferWise account
TransferWise have approved us as a receiver
Amounts from $17 to $1.5 million USD
We do not store your bank details
More info:

Donations by Personal Cheque: Please make all cheques to: God’s Way Ltd (for accounting purposes). Cheques and correspondence can be sent to:

98 O’Dea Road
Kingaroy, Queensland 4610

Notes on the Deeds & Declarations.

1. The Gift Deed is a once off document that applies to any and all Gifts given to the Organisation by the Gift Giver who executes the Deed.

2. The gift declaration (for gifts UNDER $1000AUD) or Statutory Declaration (for gifts OVER $1000AUD) only needs to be done once if it is a regular payment.

If you fill in the details on the declaration of what you are intending to do, (example below):

“I have on {date} given to God’s Way Limited, currently trading at 98 O’Dea Road, Wilkesdale, QLD, 4608, a gift of $10.00 AUD per week, equaling a total of $520 Australian dollars per annum”.

Then fill out all the other requirements in the declaration, sign and send to

98 O’Dea Road
Kingaroy,Queensland 4610

(or drop it in our letterbox).
We recommend to fill out two of each form, so you have an original copy and we have an original copy.

3. If in future you were to give other gifts, then you would need to fill out another declaration depending on what the gift was. (You would not need to fill out another Gift Deed, because that is done).
So for example If I give a gift of $5 p/week I need to sign a Gift Deed and do a Gift Declaration once.

If I then gave a one off gift of $5000 dollars I would need to fill out a Statutory Declaration and get it signed by a Justice of the Peace or equivalent.

If I then decided to give a tractor worth $30,000 I would need to fill out another Statutory Declaration.

4. If you can reference your donations and gifts as specified in the table above, it makes it very easy for us to track accounting wise.

Contact Persons: Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins (Current Secretary of God’s Way Ltd)
Contact Email:

Any Gifts or Donations specifically for the God’s Way of Education Project please donate in the same way as to God’s Way Ltd – details below. But please use the below reference GIFTGWED. Then we know that what you donate is specifically for God’s Way of Education.
Contact Persons: Tristan Miller or Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins
Contact Email:

Overview of where funds are spent for God’s Way Ltd.

Reference for Donations: (see table above for specific reference codes)

General running costs for the business

General Expenses

Technical Equipment – recording & data storage & technical software

Maintenance, replacing and updating Technical equipment, data storage & software

The funds we receive will get accumulated until there is enough to cover the cost of the next prioritized project.


*We would like to direct you to those who know more than we do in regards to God’s Truth: Jesus & Mary Magdalene; the following link is where you can find out more first hand: You may desire to donate to Jesus and Mary who are the source and inspiration of much of the information shared on this site.

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