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Volunteering for God’s Way

If you feel passionate about the teachings of Divine Truth and living God’s Way, and desire to give gifts to the world, you may be interested in becoming a volunteer for Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations.

To become a volunteer, the organisations require individuals to participate in a Volunteer Selection Project. This is an opportunity to see if you sincerely desire to volunteer your time to the organisations, and for the organisations to assess your attitude and desire to do things God’s Way. We provide a lot of specialist training to volunteers and we want to be sure that we don’t waste your or our own time and efforts if there is not a sincere desire to serve.

Participants who pass the Volunteer Selection Programme are required to participate in further Volunteer Training Programmes. Once an individual has volunteered their time to Divine Truth and/or God’s Way organisation for six months, they may be eligible to become a Probation Member of God’s Way Ltd. Becoming a member of God’s Way Ltd is based on the desire of the individual who will be accepted at the discretion of the directors and founding members of the organisation.

Register to participate in the next Volunteer Selection Project

Registrations for Selection Project instance 4.0 close January, 2020.

Volunteer Selection Project 4.0

Start Date: Wednesday 1st, April 2020

End Date: Sunday 3rd, May 2020

Click here to register on the God’s Way Ltd Eventbrite page.

About the programme

The Volunteer Selection Programme is a trial or a test period designed to identify permanent, passionate and desirous individuals who desire to give to Divine Truth and/or God’s Way organisations and share God’s Truth with the world.

Divine Truth & God’s Way organisations are planning to run two Volunteer Selection Projects each year (depending on applicant numbers).

To register your interest to participate in a Volunteer Selection Project click here and register your details on the Eventbrite page.

Please note that registering your interest does not automatically secure you a place in the next Selection Project. Once there is a full group (at least 30 participants) you will be notified if you have been accepted as a participant or not. If you are accepted as a participant we will email the details and per-requisites of the next project to you.

Below are links to documents for people to read who are interested in participating in a Volunteer Selection Project.

Information for people interested in attending a Volunteer Selection Project

Documents are provided to participants to give an overview about what to expect when attending a Volunteer Selection Project.

If you are weighing up if you want to attend a Volunteer Selection Project you may want to read the following documents. All successful applicants are required to read the documents before attending a Volunteer Selection Project.

The following documents are from the Participant Preparation Pack and apply to every project instance. If you have been accepted to participate in a Selection Project please check your acceptance email for specific details.

Programme Overview for Participants

Appendix 1-Programme Objectives

Appendix 2-Upholding Love & Truth

Participant Questionnaire & Medical Information

Deeds & Forms

All successful applicants will need to access the following deeds and forms. The deeds and forms need to be read, printed, signed, and witnessed. Please scan them and send them to, and bring the originals with you on the first day of the project.

God’s Way Gift Deed

God’s Way Participant Deed

Tris and participants empty the scraps

Tris and participants empty the scraps

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