God’s Way Ltd Constitution, Deeds & Documents

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20170524 God’s Way Constitution Revision 3.1



The Constitution is the basis of everything we do or are planning to do. It applies to anyone who has a desire to be involved in God’s Way Ltd, volunteer and/or help out in anyway, with any project including the God’s Way of Education Project.

For those of you who have expressed an interest in knowing more, volunteering, helping out and/or being involved in God’s Way Ltd, or think you might like to be now or sometime in the future, we suggest and strongly recommend that you read and understand the Constitution.

You are required to read and understand the Constitution before we will accept any volunteering or participation from you personally.

We suggest reading it a number of times and feeling about it, as there are a lot of things contained within it that take time to reflect upon and absorb.

Another suggestion is reading the Organisation Objects or Objectives section in the Constitution and feeling about what areas stand out to you. This can help you with potentially uncovering some of your passions and desires and finding areas of personal interest. It is also helpful as it can help identify where you may need to gain personal skills and extra education.

Thank to Jesus who has written, modified and put months of effort into creating the constitution.

Gift Deed, Gift Statutory Declaration & Gift Declaration:

Please read all of the following information.

Press on the links below for the Gift Deed, Gift Statutory Declaration and Gift Declaration. You will need to fill in the areas indicated to personalise the declaration and gift amount, instructions below in what you will need to do with these and things to take into consideration.


Please note that before you donate to God’s Way Ltd that you will need to print, read, sign and have witnessed a Gift Deed – all gift givers will need to do this. Then you will need to fill in either a Gift Statutory Declaration (for gifts over $1000.00 AUD this will need to be signed and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace) or a Gift Declaration (for gifts of under $1000.00 AUD) also read, print, have witnessed and sign.

Details for the Declarations:

You need to read the document and can then either change the details yourself so they are personalised, fill  the parts indicated with your name, address, occupation, date, gift amount, or item and value to be included and then print, sign and get witnessed a Gift Statutory Declaration  or a Gift Declaration  and then for it to be signed and witnessed and sent to God’s Way Ltd before you make the donation.

We can also send you a personalised Declaration if you give us your details, name, home address, occupation, gift monetary amount, or item & it’s monetary value and desired donation amount. (You can scan and send them through electronically and then send the original, but we must have an original of the documents you sign)

A signed original of these documents will need to be sent to the Secretary of God’s Way Ltd  at the following address:

God’s Way Ltd

Attention: Secretary

98 O’Dea Road


Queensland, 4610


Any questions or queries please contact one of the directors at admin@godsway.net

Please note that all gifts and donations are non-refundable.

We cannot accept your donations until we receive a signed & witnessed  Gift Deed and a Gift Statutory Declaration or Gift Declaration because God’s Way Ltd is completely funded by gifts and donations it needs to be recorded as such on our tax records and provable to the Australian Tax Office. Thus the Gift Deed, Gift Statutory Declaration and Gift Declaration and necessary.

Also by signing these deeds you will become aware of how important it is that any donation or gift is a true gift, because if in the future you suddenly want it back we will not be able to give it to you because we may have used it in a project or in other ways we deemed appropriate, details are clearly stated in the Gift Deed of these conditions so it is transparent.

We encourage you to only give what you truly desire to give from your heart and if you do not have that desire to give unconditionally don’t donate or give gifts.

Notes on the Deeds & Declarations:

1. The Gift Deed is a once off document that applies to any and all Gifts given to the Organisation by the Gift Giver who executes the Deed.

2. The gift declaration or Statutory Declaration only needs to be done once if it is a regular payment. If you fill in the details on the declaration of what you are intending to do, (example below):
“I have on {date} given to God’s Way Limited, currently trading at 98 O’Dea Road, Wilkesdale, QLD, 4608, a gift of  $10.00 AUD per week, equaling a total of $520 Australian dollars per annum”.

Then fill out all the other requirements in the declaration, sign and send to 98 ODea Rd, Kingaroy, 4610 (or drop it in our letterbox).
We recommend to fill out two of each form, so you have an original copy and we have an original copy.

3. If in future you were to give other gifts, then you would need to fill out another declaration depending on what the gift was. (You would not need to fill out another Gift Deed, because that is done).
So for example If I give a gift of $5 p/week I need to sign a Gift Deed and do a Gift Declaration once. If I then gave a one off gift of $5000 dollars I would need to fill out a Statutory Declaration and get it signed by a Justice of the Peace or equivalent. If I then decided to give a tractor worth $30,000 I would need to fill out another Statutory Declaration.

4.  If you can  reference your donations GWDON (without statutory declaration) or GIFTGW (with Statutory Declaration) it makes it very easy for us to track accounting wise.

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