Green Waste Collection

Project Description

The Community Green Waste Collection Project is a God’s Way Ltd initiative that collects organic waste from local green grocer businesses on a weekly basis. The waste is unloaded into swales and deep trenches which have been created on land owned by God’s Way Ltd.

The benefits of this project are multifold and include the following:

  • The free service assists grocery retailers in the safe, legal and responsible disposal of fruit and vegetables that are no longer fresh for sale.
  • The decomposition of this matter promotes environmental rehabilitation by attracting insects and microbes, and leeching nutrients into the surrounding soil to support new and existing plants, which in turn create habitats for birds and animals.
  • This process reuses a waste product that would otherwise be disposed via methods such as burning or burial in landfill. Burning and landfill provide no environmental benefit and create problems such as sanitation issues, toxicity and greenhouse gas emission.
  • The flow on environmental effects of this project can be measured and documented over time. Information about the entire process is then able to be shared with others who wish to reproduce the project themselves, and benefit their community and environment in a similar way.


20180109 Community Green Waste Disposal Project Summary


20180905 Project Summary: Community Green Waste

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